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Community Level 5DavidJWest


NAPSTERs Replacement

AdvantagesMusic downloads

DisadvantagesNot as good as Napster

"As you may have heard Napster are in the process of a legal battle which may result in them being closed down. The site is not available as I write this review and as a big fan of the service Napster provided I am very upset. I wish them well in their battle against the greed and might of the music industry but thought like minded Napster-philes may be interested in this site. Scour.com is another internet based 'share' facility where you can ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rowemg


Napster like file transfer

Advantageslots of free files

Disadvantagesdownloads don't resume, could be shut down soon

"Scour Exchange is a very similar program to the much publicised Napster. Basically it allows you to sahre files (not just music either) with other internet users. You login to scour exchanges and it allows you to search across the shared drives worldwide for the item you want. This system is also under attack from the music industry so it may well disappear like Napster is about to. Scour is fairly good and allows a number of search options so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1barkley


Good for when Napster goes down

AdvantagesLoads of files available (apparently), easy to use

DisadvantagesCancelled Transfers, Hard to find exact files sometimes

"Scour.com allows you to search the Web for image, movie, audio files, but the main attraction to Scour.com for me is Scour Exchange. Scour Exchange is an application very much like Napster (if you're unfamiliar with Napster, Scour Exchange basically lets you share your files with others on the Scour network, and likewise you have access to everyone else's, obviously you can specify which files to share, if any, but if you choose not to share anything ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Matt_Igoe


So no Napster what next?

AdvantagesVideo downloads too

Disadvantagestime to down load files

"SO napster is going to get closed - well highly likely anyway so what next. Scour is a program not disimilar to Napster, which allows you todownload music files in the MP3 format a compressed format for you PC 1 min of music is approx. 1MB of space, this has sudunly become a craze to download music for free much to the annoyance of the music companies who say it is damaging sales. You have access to hundreds of thousands of songs which people have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Daleroxxu


A world of media at your fingertips.

AdvantagesFree music and videos, YEY !!!!

DisadvantagesNapster has more content available to its users that Scour does.

"Scour was set up to allow its users to share Audio, Video and Picture files, many people will be familure with such a concept with the Napster program being so succesful. Here is how Scour compares to Napster: 1) Scour allows you to share more than just MP3 files. Other types of audio files as well as video and pictures may be shared. This is particularly usefull for anyone searching pornography or music videos. 2) With far more people using ..." Read review

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Community Level 2y9833137


A better napster


DisadvantagesNone really

"Scour.com allows you to download scourexchange. This program is much like napster music community but has several advantages over it's rival. Firstly it does not have the american government trying to shut it down! More importantly scourexchange allows the transfer of video files as well as audio files. it also allows the user to search the community or the web. i find scourexchange to have faster transfer rates than napster and tend to get better ..." Read review

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