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Community Level 2jcduk


Can you see what I see?

AdvantagesGlass options at reasonable prices

DisadvantagesCan be difficult to figure out if something will suit you.

"I went and had my eyes tested recently and afterwards went through the usual attempt to find some glasses that were nice, but didn't blow my finances. I was being recommended thin len's for my prescription type (short sighted, -325/-275) and the cost of these before I even had a chance to choose the frame meant I'd be spending in the mid £100's. Looking at frames, I was adding anything from £70-£160 more for the one's I liked. I left the optician ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blueberry1


SelectSpecs £6 glasses including lenses - excellent value

AdvantagesVery affordable, seem to be reasonable quality, prescription is correct

DisadvantagesDelivery time of several weeks

"I had read online that SelectSpecs.com sold ultra low cost glasses (£6 including lenses, scratch resistant coating etc.) and decided that this was cheap enough to buy on a whim. I have now bought two pairs of budget glasses (£6 plus £3.50 p&p) on separate occasions, and knew that if there was anything wrong with the order, it would not be worth sending them back, so I knew it was a gamble. Website, in my opinion, is nice and clean, not over-designed, ..." Read review

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Disadvantageshorrible quality, horrible customer service, no refunds or returns, no phone contact, long respons

"I ordered glasses from this company, and when they arrived, the lenses were bulky and unflattering. They were nothing like the extra money I paid to get ultra-thinned, double-aspheric lenses. I have worn glasses since the third grade, I know what quality lenses are. My prescription is not the best; however, I am well aware of how thin or thick they come. These lenses were ridiculously thick, despite the company's claims that they were 1.74 index. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pizzaface



AdvantagesGreat prices,good selection,great customer service.

DisadvantagesNone i can think of.

"I think this is a good company i have had two pairs from them and delighted with both,semi rimless with all added extras like anti reflective coating,anti scratch,uv protection for £20.00,great.All the way through your order you are kept informed by email about what the status of your order is and if you have any questions they are quick to answer them.I would have no hesitation in recommending them as my experience with them has been total satisfaction.My ..." Read review

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View their marketing and all enthusiastic reviews with scepticism

AdvantagesOn balance, absolutely none at all - and be prepared to wait for it.

DisadvantagesAny price advantage is outweighed by bad service.

"I strongly recommend that anyone considering doing business with this company takes great care before placing an order. The web site and prices are very seductive but I am left £60 down with nothing to show for it. However, if you must risk it, please bear in mind the following from my personal experience. The people I dealt with were not experts – and certainly not in the art of customer relations. They only administer an automated ordering system ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ianSankey


Absolute pain- buyer beware

AdvantagesDirt Cheap.....

DisadvantagesLong wait, dishonestly states where they're based, no support.... no order.

"Having broken my glasses finding Select Specs seemed too good to be true - UK based, great prices, orders 'completed' within 7-10 days. Well... it was too good to be true. When they say completed, they in fact mean it takes 2 weeks before they've assembled the glasses (what my local optician does in a couple of hours). And, despite what they say on the site, they assemble and dispatch from Hong Kong, they seem just to have a PO BOX in Kent. So, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davsor2001


Buying from Selectspecs is the best decision I ever made!

AdvantagesGood selection of frames, great price saving, good quality.

DisadvantagesHave to do any final fitting adjustments yourself; possible slightly longer wait.

"I ordered rear surface varifocals a few weeks ago from this site. I have to admit being nervous about it, but it was the only way I was going to get new prescription glasses at a price I could afford, so decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did! They took a little longer than usual (about 3 weeks) to make my glasses as they had had a higher than usual number of orders due to some special deals they were offering. I received an email on Friday 18/6 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ar6739


You get what you pay for but the free extra's are great

AdvantagesThe Price and the free extra's

Disadvantagessometimes there could be a delay

"I bought a pair of sunglasses a few months ago, they cost me £35, I could have got the frames else where for a similar price but would have had to get the persciption lenses made up. having a stong perscription and eye problems at the moment it was costing me a fortune doing this so I tried selectspecs. The specs came from Hong Kong which is slightly different from where the web site said but I didn't mind. Espically when you look at one thing, these ..." Read review

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Community Level 1honest_sha...



AdvantagesGood selection of frames

DisadvantagesThey take your money and don't send you anything back

"From the moment I placed my order to now, I have had nothing but trouble. Every frame I have selected seems to be out of stock and then I get an email back (eventually) telling me that this is the case. I have ordered three pairs of expensive glasses and up til now I have received nothing! It has already been a month and I am regretting ordering from this company. When they emailed me, though they provided a landline number for both the UK and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wesser




DisadvantagesFraudsters, took my payment, provided fake tracking number, never sent the order.

"I ordered a pair of specs from this website a month ago. The website leads you to believe the specs are coming from the UK but a week after paying, I was told they would be posted from HongKong!! When I ordered, I paid for insured & registered post - I still haven't received anything from SelectSpecs (apart from a FAKE tracking number!) and they are now ignoring all forms of contact. My advice to anyone who reads this would be to stay well clear ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dc128



AdvantagesCheap nothing else!

DisadvantagesVery poor quality frames, will not last long, glasses not made correctly.

"My order for two pairs of distance glasses took a month to arrive & when they finally did arrive I was immensely disappointed with the quality. The quality of both the frames & lenses were very poor, but the frames in particular were comical in both appearance and construction, the arms were so stiff I thought they were going to break when I first tried to open them! In addition to these disappointments selectspecs had made my glasses incorrectly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1m0jo


Honest appraisal; problems at first, resolved, glasses arrived Review with images

AdvantagesNice specs, perfect frames, well packed!

DisadvantagesExtra price for premium case, very difficult to get a responce when things go wrong.

"UPDATED: Glasses now here!!! ----ORIGIONAL TEXT---- AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Found some D&G glasses was chuffed to bits as they were slightly cheaper than i'd seen elsewhere and really stylish. With the good bits out the way now the bad: Placed my order, waited a week, having not heard anything other than my confirmation email i checked my online account to check order status. No evidence of any order. No problem i thought i'll just call ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jo_coomes


Amazing - Very Pleased

AdvantagesTrackable order, beautiful glasses, friendly staff, contactable via fax

DisadvantagesYou can't call anyone and it can be a while to wait before emails are picked up

"I don't usually bother to write reviews but I thought my experience with selectspecs was worth sharing. I've never ordered my prescription glasses online before but having received mine in the post today, I definitely will do again with selectspecs. I ordered a pair of wayfarer style ysl frames and was originally notified via email/on my account to say they were on backorder of 3-5 weeks. I wanted them so I confirmed that I'd like to proceed, the ..." Read review

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Great Tom Ford specs, great prices!

AdvantagesGenuine Tom Ford specs for a great price

DisadvantagesTook about 2,5 weeks to arrive

"Bought a pair of Tom Ford specs on the website with strong prescription. I paid half of the price compared to my local specs shop so I was pretty worried that it would be fake specs or something. Also because I read some reviews of buyers who didn't receive the specs they ordered etc. Delivery took a little over two and a half weeks but I live in Holland and they had to send it to me from the UK so I was OK with that. Received my specs yesterday and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pique


Long delivery times + Model size was wrong


Disadvantageslong delivery times - receiving wrong models or sizes

"Definitely an unsatisfying experience for me. After ordering a simple pair of eyeglasses with regular lenses it took selectspecs around a month to deliver. Once I received the package I found out they sent a different size than the one I ordered. I had to return the glasses (obviously paying out of my own pocket). I'm now waiting for a new delivery. I'll update if and when it comes. On the upside I paid around 75 euro, which is definitely cheap... ..." Read review

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