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Nice site but quite repetitive!

Advantagescan make $10 quickly, payments made weekly, keeps me busy!

Disadvantageswriting reviews can be repetitive and boring, only in US dollars via paypal

"Slicethepie.com is a website which users are able to listen to music of different genres and write reviews on them and the quality, and for each review you earn a small fee. It's no get rich quick scheme, but since I have scaled down my hours at work due to my daughter starting school, it gives me a nice little hobby to do between 9am-3.15pm a few days a week in between watching Jeremy Kyle shout at people and me doing household work lol! === Using ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JamieJCO


Grab a Slice.

AdvantagesSome great music, money, addictive.

DisadvantagesSome really bad music.

"-------------- What is it? -------------- Slicethepie.com is a site dedicated to helping new bands get discovered, and also helping users of the site earn a few pounds, by listening to and rating artist's music. At heart the idea is great, and the site is really enjoyable to use. You sign up and you instantly become a "Scout". You look through various "Scout Rooms" and rate some of the music that is featured in that room. -------------- Signing ..." Read review

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slicethepie get your opinions across and influence new music

AdvantagesLearn about new music and earn some pennies at the same time.

DisadvantagesYou will be reviewing every song you hear in your head when not on the computer.

"I have been a member of Slicethepie for about 5 years I think. I first noticed them after reading someone's comments about them on the moneysavingexpert web site. 'Be like Simon Cowell and become a music scout' or something like that. Well after joining up, which was simply a case of giving name and email and a password I seem to remember, I quickly discovered that this is not really like 'being Simon Cowell' in as much as you must give your own ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marina321


Slicethepie Rocks!

AdvantagesMusic, Reviews, Write Music Reviews, New Music, New musicians

DisadvantagesA few occassional site glitches but it all works again and site admin listen to members

"I was watching TV one evening and this site was mentionned as one of the ways to make money online and there was a short snippet by someone who had used the site and had earned a bit of money from it. I was rather intrigued because I am a music fan and the thought of getting to listen to music, new tracks and artists, write reviews on the tracks and earn a few bob doing it was interesting and I had to check it out!:) I googled the site up and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2laurenthor...


Love music and writing reviews then Slicethepie is for you Review with images

AdvantagesEarn so extra money listening to music and giving your opinion

DisadvantagesThis site does have technical problems from time to time

"If you like listening to music and like earning a little extra money writing reviews online then Slicethepie is the site for you,as this website allows you to earn some cash whilst reviewing music tracks. It is very simple you listen to a song then when it has finished you write down your opinion,you will be paid more money the longer and more descriptive your review is,this is a fantastic site to pick up a little extra cash and a way for musicians ..." Read review

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Pie In the Sky

AdvantagesInteresting website design, pays straight to Paypal, the referral feature

DisadvantagesReally bad music as standard, can take a really long time until you can withdraw

"SliceThePie is a website based in Berkshire where musicians pay to have their music reviewed by the public. Despite being based in England they pay reviewers (i.e. us) in $$, presumably because it's cheaper than the GBP. SliceThePie has a unique site configuration where reviewers enter "the scout room" as the default page, where you can listen to music, write a review and rate it after at least 90 seconds. The review is then evaluated by a computer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5danniell


get your slice of the music industry

Advantagesearn money


"I joined slice the pie a few months ago after hearing about it from a friend. slice the pie is a music site that allows new bands to play there music on there, to submitt your music to them all you need to do is make 3 songs then submit them, it doesnt cost you anything and if your songs are good enough you could end up with £15.000 to record your song profesionally and get it in the charts. After you have submitted your music to them it will ..." Read review

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may not be worth the effort

Advantagesearn money just for listening and rating new music, up to 10p per track, alot of music

Disadvantagesmust rate atleast 50 songs to earn any money, points system is strange, cannot select music genres

"slicethepie.com is a unique site that is free to join, It pays you for reviewing other people's music. These are new artists, that you can rate and invest in. If you invest, and they make it, you can even get a piece of the profits. (also if you are an artist, it's still free to join, and you can put your music on the site to be rated, and perhaps even invested in. I have not used it for this purpose however). This review will mostly be centred ..." Read review

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Community Level 1scmk55


Slice of the pie but a whole lot of fun

AdvantagesFun, find new music, make money,

Disadvantagestakes a while to get your rank up, low pay

"This is a fun site, but due to the recent popularity, it has made some changes for the worse. I have been a scout (one who rates the music) for over a year, and it really has changed a lot. The payment pyramid has decreased in value, and now if you are a 1 or 2 star scout, you receive vouchers which can only be used to finance artists. The whole idea of this website is to showcase artists that are trying to make it in the music industry. You enter ..." Read review

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Have your cash pie and eat it

AdvantagesIt works

Disadvantagesits not quick

"THE WEBSITE ____________ Basically slicethepie is a website where you listen to a song, type your music review and get paid. There are different levels of payment but for each review you can make between $0.02 and $0.20 depending on the length and quality of your review. It is an american website but users can join from all over the world. The website pays out only through Paypal in US$ but then Paypal converts it into your national currency. HOW ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MaestroRage


An innovative idea that pays the user!

AdvantagesGood scheme, easy work

Disadvantageshorrible songs fill the arenas, a good amount of time necessary to get good return

"The concept behind Slice The Pie is amazing. It is trumpeted around as being one of the most innovative ideas for music listeners and bands alike. Offering payment for fans to listen and give reviews to music, artists can really be exposed with their tracks to a significant number of listeners. The idea behind it is to find up to 20 deserving artists out of 1000, and award one of them $30,000 (or 15,000 pounds). That doesn't mean the other 19 won't ..." Read review

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Community Level 1olijt08



AdvantagesPotential to make fairly reasonable money, gives artists the opportunity to record own song, different

DisadvantagesSome of the music is poor, can't select preferred genre

"Slice the pie is one of the newest and most innovative sites available on the net. The concept of the site is very simple budding musicians who would like to record a track but may not otherwise get the recognition can upload their songs onto the site. The general public can then listen to the music and rate it out of 10. The musicians with the highest ratings each month are then entered into a head to head for the chance to win funding of 15000 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wornoutmum...


A slice of the music industry

AdvantagesEarn money reviewing

DisadvantagesSome of the music is terrible

"Slice the pie is a relatively new site that offers musicians the opportunity to raise funding, and offers music fans the opportunity to become a music scout; to discover and become involved in the newest and most successful musicians this site has to offer. ===Musicians,=== This site offers Musicians from all genres of music the opportunity to raise £15,000, enough to record and promote their first album, but In order to secure this funding each ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sparksteroyd


Help yourself to a slice!

AdvantagesEarn money, payment through paypal, great new music, long term investment

DisadvantagesCan be a bit slow at times, trouble submitting reviews and logging in

"Slicethepie is an innovative new website and also a finance company aimed at both unsigned musicians and bands, fans and investors. The site aims to pull music fans and artists together in an independent movement to cut out the traditional record company route. Artists and bands join up for free, upload three of their best tracks, and build their own profile page. They then enter their tracks into an arena. Once submissions to the arena are closed, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Liddybean


A musicians and music lovers playground

AdvantagesFree, earn money for your opinion, have your music praised

DisadvantagesHaving your music slated

"...have been a member of Slicethepie.com since August 2007 as an artist as well as a scout. It is a great way to see how my music is perceived by others and I have earnt a bob or two I must say. I will warn musicians however, that it is not all praise, and to be prepared to have their music slated and thrown to the lions sometimes. There are some scouts that are rude and insulting about music, no matter how good it is. A musician must have a tough skin ..." Read review

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