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Community Level 3lil_lisa86


Snappy indeed!

Advantagescheap prints, fast delivery


"...I received an email from snapfish.co.uk asking me to join up, and offering me 10 free prints. I just deleted it thinking it was just another company after my money. However, a few days later, I received an email from my boyfriend saying that he had joined snapfish.co.uk and that I should do too. This is when I took a closer look at it. i also couldn't find anywhere where it said that you had to buy more photos off them once you had received your free ..." Read review

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Community Level 3ShellyQ1975



AdvantagesExcellent Quality, Quick Delivery, Good Variety of Gifts

DisadvantagesA little bit pricey, but worth it.

"Don't you just love the DIGITAL AGE. Being able to upload photos in seconds and getting someone else to do all the work for you. This is what I call REAL SERVICE. I came across Snapfish when looking on the Jessops Website. I had just come back from Las Vegas (Great holiday by the way), and wanted to get some photos printed off. Jessops were offering a Special Offer of 20 FREE Prints when you sign up to Snapfish. I immediately signed up and took ..." Read review

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Snapfish - Excellent personalised Photo Gifts

Advantagesquick, easy to use website

Disadvantagespostage can be a bit expensive

"A few weeks ago with the run up to fathers day I was wondering what to buy dad and my dad in law for presents, they are not the easiest of people to buy for but I knew that they would love a photo of my son! **Snapfish** www.snapfish.co.uk Snap fish is an online digital photo service where you can upload your photos and have them printed or create personalised gifts. Creating an account is very easy and simple to do it will just take a ..." Read review

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Snapfish.co.uk Review with images

AdvantagesModerately cheap, excellent quality, reasonably fast postage that arrived right on time

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...my delight at having used snapfish.co.uk I signed up to receive deals and emails by the company to my email address, and I'd say weekly or at bi-weekly I am met with an abundance of deals, especially around holidays like Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day. This makes it much more attractive to frequently use snapfish, not that its overtly expensive, but every little helps. I would definitely recommend snapfish.co.uk as it is an ..." Read review

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Community Level 4milly234


Snap up some prints at Snapfish!

Advantagesgood, lots of offers

Disadvantagescan be confusing

"I decided to use snapfish a few months ago when I got an offer packet of biscuits which offered a free mug code (you only had to pay 99p). Imade an account and logged on through quidco and ordered the mug and also ordered some photos after they again, offered me a very generous offer. The mug was supposed to cost £7.99 and in my opinion it isn't really worth that but it was a steal for just the postage and it really put a smile on my daddys face ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MBailey


A True Deal

AdvantagesGreat Special Offer


"I found out about Snapfish when a friend sent me a link to www.aluminet.com/photos.html and I followed the link. The advert claimed that you got 20 free photos with no minimum order. I went to the site to find out what the catch was. There wasn't one. All you have to do is sign up and upload your photos free of charge. Then, you will be credited with 20 free 4"*6" prints (you get an option at the end to change these dimensions slightly to suit ..." Read review

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Community Level 5soutram


Snapfish is a easy way to get you pics developed

AdvantagesThey do unique gifts as well as just pictures


"I was originally told about Snapfish by a family member as I was always saying that I never get the photos on my digital camera developed. I went and had a look at the site & signed up straight away & it gave me 20 free prints, its a brilliant idea, you can upload you pictures into various folders & then pick which ones you want developed, how big you want them: 6 x 4 - 9p each, 7 x 5 - 19p each, 8 x 6 - 40p each, 10 x 8 - £1.20p each, 12 x 8 - £1.20p ..." Read review

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Community Level 2smoochy


Snapfish...don't let this one get through the net!

AdvantagesCheap delivery, high quality prints, pick up from store, express orders

DisadvantagesNot a huge selection of print sizes

"...money." ****************************** Website *********************** ******* The home page at Snapfish.co.uk is very bright and inviting. Eeeek I forgot my password….I guess that's the blonde in me! Anyways yes I did indeed forget my password and when I tried a few times with the wrong one I got some nasty SQL errors. To go back just use the back button on the browser as the error 504(I think) page was not very helpful. Well I told ..." Read review

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Community Level 1curlymurphy


Get snapping and get on snapfish.co.uk

AdvantagesEasy to use, good quality photos

DisadvantagesOther retailers can be cheaper

"As my slow brick of a phone (Review on N95 - Clever Little Thing) takes excellent pictures I have become somewhat of a budding photographer. No, but it's always on hand to take those "wish I had my camera with me" moments and beautiful scenery and funny photos with friends and family and it wasn't long before I saw I needed to get a bulk of snaps printed. Living in the countryside with no photo kiosks nearby and Boots charging a fair price but demanding ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kerpots


Snappy snapfish.co.uk Review with images

AdvantagesCheap and easy to use

DisadvantagesNon as yet!

"I discovered this website two weeks ago, I've signed up, placed my first order and am really pleased with the outcome. What am I talking about...Snapfish.co.uk - it's an online digital photo processing service, which gives you an account where you can store an unlimited amount photos, which means you can then share these photos with friends and family straight from your pc, and if they really like the pics, they can also register and order photos ..." Read review

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Snapfish - user friendly but with a significant limitation.

AdvantagesFast efficient service. Clear crisp prints.

DisadvantagesI could not find a way to crop images individually, once they were uploaded.

"I took advantage of an offer: 40 free prints ....I just had to pay postage. I decided to get additional prints of some scans I'd taken of existing enprints. The uploading process was relatively fast and simple to do. It was easy to see the images that Snapfish considered to be of low quality but they still allowed you to have thse images printed. (I liked this aspect as some other leading photoprinters apply a 'nanny' approach and will not ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stompgal_87


Excellent photography website

AdvantagesWide variety of products, cheap photograph prints

DisadvantagesNot being able to select delivery for multiple addresses in one transaction.

"I have only been a member of Snapfish since last Christmas and I heard of the website on The Gadget Show after they voted Snapfish photo calendars the best. I ordered one myself half price, I received it a week later and I was very pleased with the result. After ordering the calendar, I have also started ordering other products from Snapfish such as standard 6 x 4 prints, collage posters, collage mugs, collage prints, a collage mousemat and photo ..." Read review

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Community Level 1youknowbest


Snapping The Fish



"SNAPFISH! for those who do not know what it is, it is a website which lets you upload pictures and share with loved and known ones all over the world. also it is used to print pictures so that you could keep the memory in your house for as long as you want. it is easy to use and took me about ten minutes to realise what to do. you upload your pictures then mark all the ones you want them to print. then when you decide which pictures you want you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1niteshsinh...

Quick review of snapfish.co.uk

"I am this product for a long time. My computer got affected with viruses once and had to clean it. It saved my personal photographs as they were with Snapfish. Hewlett-Packard is promoting this websites for storing your snapped memories. Easy to log-in and easy to upload your pictures. You can upload and share your pictures with anyone by adding them in the friend's list. Upload multiple pictures in one go and you need to wait and watch them loading. Try using it and you will love it. This website is made for online storage for pictures and ordering prints. It fulfill your needs. Free to use and save your pictures. START USING IT NOW. EXPERIENCE THE BEST.

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Community Level 1AllWall

Quick review of snapfish.co.uk

"They ruined my baby's first Christmas. I was so excited when I ordered photocards from them with my newborn baby's pictures. I ordered cards on 3rd December and they processed on 2nd January. Today is 6th January and I still don't have the cards. I can't use them anyway cos my baby will be so different next year. I had to buy and send ordinary Xmas cards just two days before Christmas because they couldn't even let me know when they'd be processed. They sent an e-mail on 10 Dec saying they'd process my order in a few days with plenty of time for Xmas. Estimated delivery date was 10 December and their process+delivery time was 6-10 working days. I'll never use their service again.

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