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Community Level 7flashpointz



Advantagesexcellent quality articles, well laid out site, good pay rates

Disadvantagesunderfunded and the greedy few milked the coffers dry

"The sudden closure of popular US Writing site Themestream on Friday (the 13th – how apt is that?) should come as a wake up call to us all. No two ways about it – GREED killed Themestream, pure Greed! For those of you that know nothing about Themestream let me tell you the story. It opened up around a year ago as ‘www.oscarnet.com’. A site which would enable the writer and non-writer alike to publish on-line a variety ..." Read review

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Community Level 7TheChocola...


Not perfect but they did pay me

AdvantagesPays quarterly anywhere in the world for minimum of $25 earnings

DisadvantagesThe 150 word minimum is practically impossible for poets to comply with

"There are two major reasons I joined up with Themestream: Money Ciao isn't set up to send me the money I earn to where I live (in Israel). This was probably the first reason I became interested in Themestream. Since I joined, I have received two checks from them, and I will soon receive a third one. Themestream pays quarterly for any earnings in that quarter that are are $25 or more. In addition to this, when I joined Themestream they were ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Simoncook1


Interesting article based site

AdvantagesVery rich content

DisadvantagesNot a product oriented site

"Themestream is a site that in principle is similar to CIAO.com and Epinions.com. However the only real similarity is that they pay you for writing articles. (I have received one payment of $102 so far.) Themestream is essentially a forum for budding writers to post their editorials or articles to a wider audience and gives them the ability of being paid. The articles you can write range from spiritual/religion to sports and art. Themestream ..." Read review

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Community Level 6GR-Design


not for opinions

AdvantagesPeople are passionate about what they contribute

Disadvantagesquite hard to understand the site

"If your thinking of using Themestream.com as another place to air your opinions, then think again. They are not after opinions, they are after articles, and writers can get paid for people viewing their articles. They do not get paid for actually publishing their articles to the website either, just 2 cents for each time its viewed. Your obviously not gonna get rich using this resource, but thats not what themestreams about, its aimed at passionate ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mechanima


A Mecca For Readers and Writers

AdvantagesSelf Publish, little content control, 10c per page view, some GREAT writing to actually READ!!

DisadvantagesOh dem beta periods :o((((

"In September the Preview Period on Themestream Ends. With it the 10c per page view that is now paid quarterly. The overall assumption, throughout the commercial web, seems to be that people are most drawn to extended soundbytes on bland topics. Pretty much the equivalent of the PR Features that ensure there are no empty holes to doodle on in the pages of our daily papers. I used to actually READ those pieces, when I was studying public relations ..." Read review

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