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Travian. Your Advenure Awaits

AdvantagesFun and free to play

DisadvantagesCan be very time consuming

"I first discovered Travian about eight years ago after looking for something to do to alleviate my boredom. At that time I had never played an online game or even a browser based game but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got the hang of it. Three years ago the game had a complete overhaul adding new content and a re design of the website winning several awards along the way. A recent TV advertising campaign shows that they are serious about ..." Read review

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Diplomacy or War!

AdvantagesGreat fun and excellent interaction with other players, no pop-ups or banners.

DisadvantagesCan get repetitive and is very time consuming.

"Travian is a browser based war style game with thousands of members. It is set in medieval times and allows you to take control of either Romans, Gauls or Teutons, each have their specific stengths and weaknesses. You firstly have to pick which server you are going to play on, either server 1 - 6 or server 3x. Servers 1 to 6 are normal speed servers, and it takes longer to build yourself up. These servers last for over a year and are best suited ..." Read review

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Today --I'm taking over the world!



"Travian is an award-winning German massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by Travian Games GmbH . Its free to play,although there are some optional extras you can pay for. The object of the game is to grow your village, join an alliance, and compete against other alliances to construct and upgrade a World Wonder to level 100 and achieve a high population. The World Wonder requires millions of resources and takes a large ..." Read review

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Not for everyone - But it stands out

AdvantagesUse of images, there is a Motivational Factor to play.

DisadvantagesLong waiting times.

"Background Information --------------------------------- I have had 2 spells playing Travian. The first was 2 years ago, where I played for a considerable time and enjoyed my time. I was not able to spend a great deal of time playing a game, therefore the features of this game appealed to me. Eventually, I did tire of playing it, and left my account to die... I started to play again a few months previously. Now that I was able to invest more time ..." Read review

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Can you build an army?

Advantagesgood fun, and free

Disadvantagescan get a bit boring

"Now it does seem from my last few reviews that I am on sites a lot loll, well I do spend a lot of time on websites, as I work on the computer so I do this while working. I saw this site advertised, and I do always try anything once, I have been a member a few weeks now, and so far I have enjoyed it. When you first go to the site you will need to register, you can also view a quick 60 second tutorial, which will explain how the games works and ..." Read review

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The Natars are coming

AdvantagesFree and really good fun

DisadvantagesVery long construction times and unfair advantages for some players

"So first a brief introduction. Travian is a free online web based browser game, meaning nothing to install, you just sign up and start playing. There are currently 7 different servers running and all in different stages of the game. -----So what's it about?----- Well when you register you are given the oppurtunity to choose between one of three tribes. The gauls, romans and teutons. These all have the pro's and cons: Gauls - Their troops ..." Read review

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Travian Browser Game

AdvantagesFREE, Addictive

DisadvantagesCan be slow to start.

"Travian. I'm addicted! I first found Travian about a year ago and joined midgame and so I was at a major disadvantage! Now a new server has started (24/06/09) and I intend to get to know the game well, hence this review. Here goes... What is Travian? Travian is a browser game in which you build and expand a village and defend and/or attack your neighbours, aiming to be the biggest! There are many thousands of players all with their own village(s) ..." Read review

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Sad, pointless, never-ending, poor and quite frankly, stupid.

Advantagesit's free

DisadvantagesPoor graphic content, bad existing users, not 'newbie' friendly.

"Travian, 'the online multiplayer', well, there's not really a multiplayer, you get protection from better players for just over 100 hours, then they're free to ruin you experience as much as they like. Which they do, as i found out. After the television advertisement for it, i thought Travian to look like the old PC classic 'Seven Kingdoms', but as it happens, it's the worst thing i could have signed up for. Oh dear. That's how i would summarise ..." Read review

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Terrific Travian!



"Travian is a webbased game which involves you running a village. You must protect your village at all costs and make it grow to be strong. You start with a small village and begin growing wheat and harvesting iron, clay and wood. As your resources grow you can build more buildings and enhance your fields. Be warned - you need to start building an army as soon as you have roughly 100 population or you wont last long. The big boys group together ..." Read review

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Online Games may become a mania - don't start

Advantagesit is interesting, there are a lot of people

Disadvantagesyou loose your time

"Travian is an online game. There are installations in different languages. The idea is that you create your towns, take part in battles and you are a part of a virtual world. At the end after a months you may win the game ... but you lost your time. This is something like a Tamagochi - all the time you must do something in the game so that you go further. Even if you are in vacation you must have Internet so that you take care about your city... The ..." Read review

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Experiences on Travian.com

AdvantagesYou can enjoy a game on internet with something or other new everytime. Good for Creativity.

DisadvantagesYou get addicted to the game very much if you overplay it.

"One day I came across a wonderful website name travian.com. It was suggested to me by my brother. He used to play games there earlier and asked me to join as well. I should tell here that it is a very wonderful site which I have found. Unlike other sites for playing games, where we have to play a new game or an old one right from the beginning, the website allows us to continue from the last point where we had left. The concept of the game is to ..." Read review

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Advantagesmake friends


"hi there i have played travian for over 7 years and find it great, as i have made loads of new friends from the game, so all is good, and i will keep playing it till it ends, you only have to have duals to help you stay safe in the game and not get res or lose your troops to attackers, but some or most of your attackers can be spoken to and they will then stop attacking, and it is also about team work so you need to be good at keeping up with the ..." Read review

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