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Community Level 5Saltire


Cream of the crop

AdvantagesGo on, relive those hours wasted in front of the TV when you could have been out playing....

DisadvantagesNot enough pictures or themes

"...a browser and trawl the tv.cream.org site for timeless gems. Either that, or spend half an hour looking for the 80's programme with Janet Ellis in that only ran for three series. It had an animated robot type thing in it, and an anagram at the end of every programme. No, don't tell me,.... Jigsaw!* *I spent almost an hour and a half looking for this one evening. How sad!! ..." Read review

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Community Level 6purdy


LEST WE FORGET..........

AdvantagesHours of fun - relive child hood classics

DisadvantagesI couldnt find the A Team!

"Tv.cream.org – what’s it all about eh? According to the home page it’s the best web site to find the low down on those programmes that time has forgotten and cult classics, which should never have been taken off the air. One can also find other icons of popular culture - old TV adverts, foodstuffs or magazines. When l fist came across the site (introduced by a work colleague) David (my other half) and l spent a Friday night ..." Read review

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Anyone fancy some SPACEDUST and ALPINE LEMMO

AdvantagesSuperb, Funny , great links and downloads


"Last night while browsing through various peoples opinions, I came across a very interesting opinion by “Saltire”, about a site called “TV cream.org”, so I went along to take a look, and was I impressed and actually spent over an hour on there. What is TV Gold? If you are in your mid-twenties or over, well you’ll love this site, as it’s a huge collection on nostalgia and fun, from your favourite TV shows and ..." Read review

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Blue Peter Star in Swedish Sex Romp

Advantagessatisfies your nostaglic trivia habit...


"I kid ye not! Although I will let you be sucked in by this site in the quest for the answer, rather than telling you who it is. According to the brilliant tv.cream.org, which is an authority on those television programmes that you can remember hazily from your youth and invariably are mentioned after the fourth pint in the Womble & Phoenix, when you are trying to detract attention at your failure to play pool well. Tv.cream.org is a site dedicated ..." Read review

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