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Scamming, Spamming…..and Sugging! Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesMaybe be possible to make a lot of money if you're very careful?

DisadvantagesSpam. Personal outlay may be far greater than any reward you may receive.

"Vindale Research bills itself as an online survey site…and therein lies the first problem. They're not really a survey site, nor are they a genuine market research company. They say they'll pay you to complete surveys and review products for them. Indeed their flashy website blurbs _"Would you like to join the finest minds in research? Share your opinion? Get paid between $5 to $75 for each survey you complete? You've come to the right place!"_……………… ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MarkKerr


Another cash paying survey site

AdvantagesStraighforward, well structured no frills website

DisadvantagesNot such a nice little earner

"The first thing I have to say is that it is possible to make money on this research site - I haven't done to any great extent but I'll tell you why later in this review. I was invited to invite Vindale Research via email - looking for consumers to test websites/products and to be paid for doing so. I clicked the link provided and arrived at the home page and had a quick look around the site - very 'clean' looking, well-structured and easy to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5frankiefro...


Is all the hassle worth it?

AdvantagesGood rewards, pay out successfully, get to test products and services

DisadvantagesSpam emails, have to give credit/debit card details, often have to pay small fees

"When I first saw an advertisement for Vindale Research I was astounded by the rewards they offer and thought the site must be too good to be true. It is a site where you test products and services, evaluate them by completing surveys and then you are paid for your opinions. They offer amazing rewards for taking part which range between $5 to $75! I know, amazing right? Well, believe it or not, there are a few catches. I will firstly say that Vindale ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gunner_mel


VINDALE - Data spying and financial rip-off


DisadvantagesSelling personal data, no rewards, financial disadvantages

"I am currently member of another GENUINE market research agency which actually keeps what it promises and pays you for surveys. VINDALE unfortunately is NOT! I was invited per email to join and having had a good experience with Pinecone Research, I thought, why not? The promise of up to $75 per week sounded to tempting. Once I had registered my details with Vindale, I was immediately taken to the next page asking me whether I was member of ..." Read review

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$1.80 away from a $50 payout but will I get it any time soon?

AdvantagesLow payout amount so can get money out quite quickly. Good pay for evaluations/surveys.

DisadvantagesYou often have to pay out up front to complete the evaluations and surveys.

"I have recently become a member of Vindale Research which is a market research company whose aim is to get feed back from the consumer on various products and/or services. You receive $2 to get your account up and running on registration. They are a little bit different from most survey sites in that quite often as well as filling out a simple survey you first have to evaluate a particular product or service, often gaming sites, bingo sites, loan ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adilink23


Potential good money earner.

AdvantagesCan earn up to $25 per task/evaluation/review.

DisadvantagesHave to complete tasks set before new tasks are allocated.

"Hi all, now I have search many sites looking for easy hassle free ways to earn money online and I hope to let you guys know which are the good ones to save you having to waste your time. So, I'm going to start by giving you my views of Vindale Research. If you don't know, Vindale Research is one of the many online websites that offer a way to earn a little extra cash - much like this one. As you may have read on other reviews of this site Vindale ..." Read review

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