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Utility or ornament.

AdvantagesAn aid to mobility and a thing of beauty.

DisadvantagesGetting used to using it.

"The walking stick. This is such a prosaic article that most of us will take very little notice of it except that we will see some of our older citizens using them. But they can be so much more. You may have seen film or pictures of dandy's with their silver topped canes. These are being used as a fashion accessory. You may have seen such things for sale in antique shops or some web sites. For some it is the practice to decorate the stick with ..." Read review

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Don't Dis the Stick (Walking Sticks)

AdvantagesVery useful practical devices that can be decorative too.

DisadvantagesNot so nice to 'HAVE' to use one.

"~*~My own Walking Sticks~*~ I own three walking sticks. One of them I use daily – this is my every day walking stick. It’s very plain, made of wood, and was given to me 14 or so years ago by occupational therapy along with my wheelchair, when I was first struggling with the fibromyalgia. The second walking stick I own is highly decorative, not at all comfortable to use as a general purpose walking stick to lean on as the handle isn’t so comfy, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Marans


So Many Sticks To Choose From.

AdvantagesYou can stay upright.

DisadvantagesThere's never anywhere to put them.

"Walking sticks? What can there possibly be to say about walking sticks? Not much, I thought, until I realised that walking sticks seem to be a recurring theme throughout my life so far. My introduction to walking sticks came with my Grandpa. Thinking back I realised that I never saw him without it. Every memory, every photo has the stick in it. As we only travelled to visit him once or twice a year we were always on our best behaviour, but under ..." Read review

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Community Level 2The_Splatt...


The walking stick

AdvantagesCan take wieght of feet, easier to climb hills

DisadvantagesGeneral annoyance to carry around when finished using

"I'd never used a walking stick before because I had never generally needed to, but I had an expedition coming up so I decided to give them a go. I had my walking stick, I had my route ahead of me and so I set off. I decided to test out the walking stick on a variety of different terrains - Tarmac, a dirt path, grass and a hill. As I walked along each of these, with and without the walking stick I noticed that the walking stick really only made ..." Read review

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Community Level 2alli_beer


Hop-a-long the slow way

AdvantagesTakes the pain away

DisadvantagesGets in the way

"...with the aid of a walking stick. I began to suffer from sciatica in March 2004 and by July 2004 I was in such pain I could only hobble. I must say the tablets I was prescribed did help in the begining but after a very short period of time I was needing more of them to get the same pain relief. In the end my physio recommended I used a walking stick to try and get about and keep a little bit active. This was provided by the local hospital at no ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dreamscanc...


Sticks and stones broke hubbys bones

Advantagesdoes assist walking

Disadvantagesmake sure of the reason why your using one

"The Walking stick, I cannot believe I found a review on this item. I suppose there is an whole array of different walking sticks, with multiple uses, some people simply carry them as a gentle walking aid whilst taking a country stroll, where as others may have a much deeper problem, which the walking stick then becomes a general aid. My husband is one of these people, or I really should say was, 4 years ago on the morning of our family holiday ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Things of Beauty


Disadvantagesnone at all

"We have been collecting walking sticks in our house now since we were married and we have built up quite a good collection. We have them in all shapes and sizes and some of them are more collectable and attractive than others are. Cost varies according to how well made the stick is obviously and they also have have a practical use as an aid to mobility. We first became interested in walking sticks as a family when we visited walking stick museum ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maynestream



Advantagesgreat if you need one

Disadvantagesremembering to take it back with you

"...an whole selection of different walking sticks across the world, with multiple uses. For example - some people simply carry them as a light walking aid, where as others may have a much bigger problem (like good ol' grandad) , which the walking stick then becomes much more of a general aid. My grandad (like many others) is one of these people, along with a lot of other older members of my family. The cost is great - as you can get some decent ones ..." Read review

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