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Search back in time and who will you find.

AdvantagesWasy to navigate, easy to view pages, good choice of membership fees. Lots of information.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"I have been researching my family tree for many years and I first decided to search my tree after my dad died in 2001. When I first began researching online I didnít quite know where to begin and I came across this website which helped me find a few searches when I only wanted to test the site out and paid for just the searches I wanted at the time. Then I became hooked and decided to join the site and pay an annual payment. This is my review on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sweetiebum2


Ancestry helped me make my Grandma smile!

AdvantagesVast amount of records available

DisadvantagesSometimes unreliable

"...tried it. After numerous searches ancestry.co.uk was the website came up more than most. The site not only kept appearing in my searches, adverts kept popping up everywhere, even when I wasn't looking for them! However, I was initially really sceptical because of the simple fact that the site required either a monthly or annual subscription. As I didn't know whether the website would even help me in my search I kept delaying my registration. I naively ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lizamabug


Find your Ancestors without Leaving your Lounge

AdvantagesHolds a great deal of accurate information including original scans

DisadvantagesHigh prices

"I've been using Ancestry for some three years now without too much trouble. I pay a whopping £70 a year for my subscription to the site however if you consider how much it would cost me to travel to the national or even local archives once a month instead of using this site, I actually save money given how expensive this particular hobby can quickly become. I joined the site on the recommendation of several members from GenesReunited (see my older ..." Read review

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Family History at Your Fingertips

Advantageseasy to use, friendly members, good customer services

Disadvantagesexpensive, cost of certificates

"I have had an interest in my family history for many years and about a decade ago, started to quiz by only surviving Grandparent about her side of the family. After jotting down numerous notes, I didnít really know where to turn next. So for nearly 10 years, all my findings sat in a notepad, just gathering dust. Then, just over a year ago, I discovered ancestry.... ====What Is the Site?==== Ancestry is available around the World, so has people ..." Read review

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I trace my ancestry back to a primordial globule Review with images

AdvantagesA huge repository of genealogical information. A 'must' for the serious amateur family historian

DisadvantagesSome may baulk at the price but given what you get it's reasonable

"...family (Ancestry.com in the US; Ancestry.co.uk in the UK) is part of the MyFamily.com, Inc which also includes Rootsweb - a site offering search engines, genealogy forums, links to other family history resources, tutorials and training and a repository for your completed tree - and Genealogy.com - the parent of Family Treemaker [FTM] - the widely used family history database software. The 2006 version of [FTM] is currently available for $29.95 WHAT ..." Read review

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Creepy, kooky, mysterious and ooky Review with images

AdvantagesA very useful tool of investigation, Discover your family ancestry with over 4 billion names to choose from

DisadvantagesIt isnt free

"Well it isn't the Addams family... it is mine!! For those people who are interested in researching their family tree, you will find that there is no end of websites available online to help you with your search, whilst I don't imagine you can trace absolutely everyone on your families ancestry, you can certainly use these websites to double check and treble check the information you currently have and use the websites in conjunction with one ..." Read review

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Impressive content let down by fiddly site organisation

AdvantagesPlenty of records and access to origimal images is definitely a plus

DisadvantagesRules of transcribing and "over-tidy" organisation aren't very user-friendly

"Being an Ancestry user of four years or so, I've had plenty of time to get used to the site layout (although this has lately been modified - more on that later) and build up an impression of the service they offer. To begin with, the £84 a year subscription is pretty good value for money - it would easily cost me £7 a day to get to my nearest records office using public transport and get dinner, and that's assuming I only visited once a month. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Tansi53


Leaving a legacy.

AdvantagesSaves trips to Records Offices.

DisadvantagesCan become obsessive.

"...started a free trial to Ancestry.co.uk and was really excited to have found references to her (and my) ancestors. Well, if a 76 year old can do itÖ. So can I! I signed up about 4 weeks ago and have since upgraded to a three month subscription (which I am sure will be extended when the time comes). I now have 'the bug' and have spent many pleasurable hours searching Ancestry.co.uk. The programme is simple to use (if my mother can use it, anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 4laura2310


Who do you think you are?

AdvantagesFind long lost relatives, interesting hobby, etc

DisadvantagesCan be addictive!

"I had always thought about researching my family tree but had never really gotten around to it, until I saw a two week free trial at ancestry.co.uk. I thought I might as well have a go, so I signed up. You do have to register your card details as if you are really signing up but you are always able to cancel before the end of the trial period. You get a choice of three subscription packages: Essentials - 10.95 a month in which you can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chaney999




DisadvantagesYou have to pay annual fee in full

"Whilst we know who we are, surely you want to know where you come from. This site is great value for money when tracing your history. It cost £80 annual membership. Compared to other sites which make you buy credits. If you was to add up your credits you will soon find you have reached nearly £80 and thats probably in a week if you are keen. Ancestry allows access to all areas for this annual fee. It allows you to view/print/save any data such as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1History2011


Ancestry.co.uk, not as good as it once was and poor search

AdvantagesStill some unique databases such as the WW1 soldiers records

DisadvantagesLack of the 1911 census and a poor search facility

"Ancestry.co.uk used to be the clear market leader in online genealogical research. However it is now slipping in my opinion behind the rival service offered by Find My Past. My reasons for thinking this are as follows. Firstly there is the slow progress being made on adding the 1911 census. Secondly there is the recent pattern of putting on partial databases such as the recent railway workers database or the Irish parish record database and then failing ..." Read review

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Good and bad

AdvantagesEase of use

DisadvantagesProblems not ironed out

"Ancestry is easy to use though you have to be careful following their automatic hints, not always the person you're researching though, in 80% of cases it's correct. We have come across many instances where distant cousins have married, meaning families are interlinked. Unlike other Genealogy sites who, until recently didn't have the capacity to correctly record this, Ancestry has offered that option. I've been enjoying building our family tree ..." Read review

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Hyped up "Who do you think you are", certificates poor value!

Advantagescreate family tree and link to others also seaching the same family links

DisadvantagesIn my experience, poor value

"...to the same registers that ancestry.co.uk charge you for (after the free trial of course) and I found the certificates were £10 cheaper! When I went back to Ancestry.co.uk to cancel the order, they wouldn't allow it, even though the order wasn't going to be processed for 16 days, as it was "made to order" goods and exempt from their cancellation or returns policy. I really think this website has been hyped up because of the programme "Who do you think ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mayalld


The premier pay-to-use genealogy site

AdvantagesClearly the most comprehensive site going

DisadvantagesAt over £100 for a year, can prove expensive

"The first thing to say is that if you are considering a subscription to Ancestry, you should ensure that you have checked out all the free resources first. Ancestry has far and away the greatest concentration of records in one site, but there is just as much out there on free-to-use sites, and it makes sense to get as far as you can for free BEFORE the clock starts ticking on your subscription. GENUKI is the place to look for details of what ..." Read review

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DO NOT give this company your card details!!!



"...when researching your past, the ancestry.co.uk site offers nothing of any real substance at all. No useful tools whatsoever. (In fact, except for the fancy layout of the family tree page, all other additional features are worse than useless). MORE IMPORTANTLY: l also learned that all of the sources of information offered on ancestry.co.uk (for the price of the subscription)... are available on-line for free! I knew immediately that I intended to ..." Read review

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