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Community Level 5jayandfoo



AdvantagesCheap, easy online booking process

DisadvantagesUnreliable, poor Customer Service

"Parcel2go….nowhere I first encountered Parcel2go when I needed to ship a large item that I had sold on ebay, but didn't want to pay a fortune. I did an internet search for 'cheap parcel delivery' and Parcel2go was one of the companies that was returned in the search. What immediately appealed to me was their surprising low price - £8.99 (excluding VAT at 17.5%) for Next Day UK delivery, for any item up weighing p to 25kg and 4 cubic feet in size. **WHO ..." Read review

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Returned to Sender

AdvantagesIt's cheap

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, failed deliveries, difficult to get in touch with, generally rubbish.

"Last week I was waiting for an important delivery to my work address in Newcastle, a laptop to replace the one I’ve been using the last five months which actually belongs to a lady about to return from maternity leave. The company who were meant to be delivering said laptop was parcel2go and things went far from smoothly. The economy UK collection and delivery with parcel2go is £8.49 plus VAT which is very good value. This provides a 2-4 day delivery ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kalliemaile


Low cost parcel delivery - an ebayers dream.

Advantagescheap tracked parcel delivery with automatic insurence.

DisadvantagesCant specify collection time.

"I have been selling on ebay over the past few months and found that some of the heavier items were costing alot to send via Royal Mail parcels, parcel force and the like, this meant that people were bidding lower amounts on my items, so it was the parcel cpmpanies making money while I was making a pittance, then I found Parcel 2 Go. I was very please to find that Parcel to go are able to carry upto 25kg for as little as £6.19 plus VAT . You ..." Read review

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parcel didnt go

Advantageseasy to use website, good customer service via webchat

Disadvantagesprice hiked during the booking process

"I have just had an interesting experience with Parcel2go.com and thought I would share it with you. I have had some household belongings packed up for some time ready to go to our holiday home in Spain, and as I am currently in Spain and my husband has stayed in sunny England we decided the timing was perfect to sort out delivery of these boxes. I had previously been recommended to this site by a friend, and had checked out prices via their "quick ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ZhooZhoo


Remind me never to use Parcel2Go again!


DisadvantagesThe quoted price may not be the price you pay, large re-delivery fees, no response to complaints

"Scenario: 54kg item to transport from the south coast to Wales. The only option with Parcel2Go: PalletForce. We opted for UK mainland 48hr delivery £60+VAT - this seemed reasonable....... until booking when all of a sudden mainland Wales (just north of Aberystwyth) ceased to be UK mainland and became "outside area", attracting a fee of £120+VAT = £132. Huge difference, but the recipient agreed to pay. We had to provide our own pallet. Husband waited ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alanray7788


Never again!



"Absolutely dreadful service! Unbelievable customer service, literally!! My parcel was picked up on a Thursday for next day delivery. My daughter, the recipient, stayed in all day in her ground floor room next to the front door in her University let to be sure of getting my parcel, her repaired laptop, but it did not arrive. I checked on TNT's tracking service which said they had tried to deliver but nobody was home, I then checked P2G tracking which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jfunky



AdvantagesNo advantages

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, out-of-date tracking systems, frankly don't care about the customer

"I concur with everyone on here advising the curious NOT to use Parcl2Go. I'm sure there are many horror stories banked up with using this company. I had 3 guitars packaged up, the right barcodes put on each individual one and the correct address - this was sent from London and was expected in Manchester within a few days. NOTE: I paid premium service to have this delivered promptly. The guitars never showed up, the tracking number was out-of-date ..." Read review

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Parcel2Go - 'where'? took 14 days London- France

AdvantagesCollect from you though may take a couple of days

DisadvantagesIt doesn't get there and they don't tell you why until you chase

"Oddly I'm not going with all these excellent reviews on the parcel2go website, my experience was abysmal - parcel took 14 days to get from London to South of France no contact - until I returned to London (having waited the whole stay for the parcel to arrive) I had no idea that the company in France wanted a phone number - parcel2go obviously have no interest once they have off loaded, I also thought it was going by Parcel Force as it said on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thegashman


Didn't even get off the blocks


Disadvantagesfailed collections, failed promises and lengthy resolution, if at all

"Parcel2Go.com are a big gamble. When things go OK for you, you've delivered your parcel to your customer on time and at a very competitive price. When it goes wrong, it goes very wrong and the very factor that exacerbates the whole experience is the reason they can keep their costs low - poor customer service. Bear this in mind when you book. Any other involvement with them other than booking your collection is most likely going to cause you much ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saxbadger


Excellent Service From Parcel2go

AdvantagesEasy to use online booking, great price, very helpful


"Well, I'm amazed to see so many negative comments about this company. I can only assume it's because we only notice a courier company when things go wrong. I've used them on a couple of occasions, most recently this week. I had an auction running on ebay, which ended on Sunday around lunchtime. By three o'clock payment had been made through Paypal by the winning bidder, so I set about arranging delivery. I logged on to parcel2go.com and filled ..." Read review

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Community Level 1midnightx1



AdvantagesCan be cheaper than going direct to main couriers

DisadvantagesCustomer sercvice non existant when you get a problem

"We have been a regular customer of Parcel2go for our business until last week. We had been spending hundreds per month with them shipping items by DHL. When things go well with the collections & deliveries then you have no problems, however when things do not go as plan then everything falls apart becuase they offer very poor customer service afterwards. This is where the likes of dealing direct with the main couriers pays for itself. My problem ..." Read review

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Community Level 1webafella


Parcel2go.com at your own risk!


DisadvantagesLiars, incompetent,poor customer service, rude online chat whi disconnect from chat sessions when

"I arranged collection on 4 January 2010 and according to the text message received from parcel2go.com, the item was supposed to be collected between 13:00-15:00 hours. The parcel was collected at 17:05 hours. The tracking process was a nightmare. Why,well, you view at the tracking information below and decide for yourself: Date/Time Event Extra Details 06/01/2010 09:48:54 Parcel delivered to customer Depot: CUSTOMER 06/01/2010 07:53:27 Loaded for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chill1707


Avoid - not worth 1 Star

AdvantagesGreat if you want to pay £100+ to send your parcel to yourself in 3 weeks

Disadvantagescustomer support is v v poor. Didn't deliver my parcel but still charged me.

"I recently sent a parcel to Australia, the price was good so I thought lets use Parcel2Go. They turned up and collected and everything looked good I checked the parcel status on line and everything appeared to be going well. After a week I noticed that the parcel still had not been delivered so I contacted Parcel2Go. They told me that the courier required a contact number to arrange delivery?? So I gave it to them and they promised me that the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1minniedog


Parcel2Go, dishonest,unable 2 communicate with their own couriers


DisadvantagesTracking data inaccurate, poor communication with couriers, evasive customer service

"I was given the total run-around by this company, lied to by customer services and misinformed by inaccurate tracking data. For several days tracking stated "out for delivery". Based on this information I waited in and, of course, no parcel arrived. This happened on 4 separate days. Each time I made enquiries I was fed misinfomation, told it was on a van, which it transpired it was not. At one point we were informed a delivery had been attempted. ..." Read review

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Parcel2Go the pro's and con's laid bare

AdvantagesEasy to use, best price, usually reliable, good help/chat line

Disadvantageswaiting in for collection, damage from certain couriers

"Have had my bad moments with this company but after a year now with them I can't really complain. The bad experiences came in the early days with Parcels to go. They contract out collections and deliveries to various companies. I used to use TNT, but after several items arrived broken I will now never use them again, avoid like the plague, they must drop parcels from a great height every time you send them.Back to parcels2go and had several ..." Read review

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