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Bag some Swag! Review with images

AdvantagesMinimal effort required for gift vouchers or cash. No junk mail unless you want it.

DisadvantagesUS based site so many rewards or offers not available for UK residents.

"I joined Swagbucks.com approximately four months ago now, and Iíve been paid a total of four times by this site during that period, which is pretty impressive in my opinion. In case youíve never heard of Swagbucks, itís basically a rewards site. It offers cash/prizes in exchange for a currency called Swag Bucks which is earned through a combination of web searches, online shopping, polls and special offers. Before you back away in horror fearing a ..." Read review

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Bag some Swag

AdvantagesWorthwhile to use for the things you do anyway

DisadvantagesSurveys not tracking, vouchers primarily for US stores, can be time consuming for little reward.

"Swagbucks.com is a US based reward site which gives it's users a virtual currency called 'Swagbucks' for activity through the site, which can be saved up and converted into vouchers or used to enter Swagbucks competitions. The site has been going since 2008 and I hopped on the swagwagon around 6 months ago. ==Getting started and earning bucks== To start off with, you need to set up a Swagbucks account and pick a 'swagname', or username much like ..." Read review

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OK way to earn some extra 'pocket money'

AdvantagesDecent rewards, lots of ways to earn rewards

DisadvantagesCan be a bit repetative, surveys aren't reliable, some spam

"I discovered this website after reading a thread on the Digital Spy forums as a way to make money online. While I would say that you will never make a fortune, if you are about online a lot, you can make a few pounds extra a month. It is an American owned website, so a lot of the rewards are in dollars but there are some UK rewards as well, including Amazon and Paypal vouchers. I mainly convert mine into Amazon vouchers, as there is usually something ..." Read review

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The Website that will have you shouting Yaaay! Review with images

AdvantagesFun to use, easy to navigate, excellent site.

DisadvantagesNothing too bad that it needs mentioned here.

"== MY THOUGHTS ON THE WEBSITE == I love the Idea of getting free stuff! I doubt there is many people (if there actually are any) who don't. I mean you would have to be almost crazy not to, right?. Due to my love for getting freebies. I have probably now signed up to every freebie site on the face of the earth. After the redemption on lockerz, redeeming my points for a prize and receiving my confirmation email a few days later. I was more than happy ..." Read review

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A great way to earn Amazon vouchers

AdvantagesLots of ways to earn rewards

DisadvantagesYou can only claim 5 of the same reward each month

"Swag bucks are described as a reward program for doing things you would usually do online anyway. These include searching the web, shopping and watching videos although there is many different ways you can win swag bucks and these points can be exchanged for vouchers. Why would they do this? Well they collect the information like what types of products we search for and purchase. Also it works with other companies to in effect refer us to them to ..." Read review

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All Swagger

AdvantagesOpportunities to earn money or gift cards

DisadvantagesErrors and spam

"I feel like the time has come to write a review on Swagbucks. All of the information in this review is correct as I understand it as of March 2013, but like many reviews on Internet sites, certain data, such as the price of a voucher, may not be correct in the future, so please be aware. Swagbucks is an American subsidiary of Prodege LLC, a multi-million-dollar Internet company. Swagbucks is a site where you can earn points (inventively called ..." Read review

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Expanding in the UK

AdvantagesVaried activities

DisadvantagesSpecial offers don't always credit automatically

"Swagbucks is a reward site which has been around in the UK for a while, and I see there are already a number of reviews on this site, but I thought I would add my two pence worth as some changes have recently taken place, and more are on the way. Just so you have an idea of my experience on the site, I joined on 30/08/11 and since being a member, I have earned over 52000 Swagbucks (the site's currency) which at today's prices could get me about £300 ..." Read review

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Earn some amazon vouchers :)

AdvantagesQuick payout, easy to use

DisadvantagesCan get addicted to watching your points build up lol

"Swagbucks is a site i'd heard a lot about recently. The idea behind it is to get rewarded for doing things you most likely do on the computer anyway - search the web, watch tv, play games. I was hesitant to join the site as 1) it's an American site and I wasn't sure if I could trust it or that it would be beneficial and 2) I wasn't sure if it was a scam! But being a member of the Money Saving Expert forum it was a site that had been mentioned ..." Read review

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Simply The Best

AdvantagesFast earning, fun to use, pays out relatively quickly

DisadvantagesVery occasionally rewards don't come through, surveys can reject you after you've answered afew qs

"There are a wealth of sites available now that offer rewards for clicking on pages, searching the web, entering contests, purchasing online, watching videos, surveys and other tasks and other ways to earn. Of the many that I have tried, far and away the best, and the least waste of time, is Swagbucks. Within a month of using the site I have genuinely already received 5 x £5 Amazon vouchers and this is through light use and not making a single online ..." Read review

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Congratulations you have won

Advantagesget paid for searching and vote, esay to navigate and quickly paid

Disadvantagesnone for me.

"Three months ago I was on a review website and read an article about swagbucks.com. It was my first time to be aware of the site. Then I looked at it and did a few searches using its search engine. Subsequently I decided to give it a go. What is swagbucks.com? Swagbucks is a rewards site, which mixes paid to search, paid to shop, paid to vote and other activities, such as phone recycling and completing special offers in one. Itís based in USA ..." Read review

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Come and fill your swag bags

AdvantagesGood chance to earn vouchers and complete special offers

DisadvantagesErrors, offers don't credit, often no surveys

"I have been using Swagbucks since December 2012 and I have found it a good experience overall but it does have problems, I have found that after I had used up most of the high point offers there was nothing left apart surveys, games and Swag bucks TV. On Swag bucks they have a daily goal for you to try and meet which usually varies between 60-120sb, there is also a bonus for completing 7, 14, 21 and the full month for a bonus (up to 300SB for the ..." Read review

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Swagbucks - Search & Win Without Too Much Effort

AdvantagesEarn money for simple Internet searches. PayPal is an option to redeem.

DisadvantagesA little US biased. Some gifts are available to US users only.

"Yet another search engine you may say, haven't we got enough. Well yes there are certainly plenty of options already out there however, they don't all reward you for using them, this is where Swagbucks comes into the equation. Swagbucks is powered by Google and Ask so you cannot go too wrong there. Being a regular Google user it is natural to compare Swagbucks with that in terms of depth of information available. My only disappointment here is ..." Read review

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Advantagesearn while you have fun


"...toolbar as well as the swagbucks.com website), sadly you donít get awarded every search you make, but every so often you will get awarded on a random search any value of Swagbucks between 1 - 1000 Swagbucks (although I have never got 1000 Swagbucks from a search as of yet), which is brilliant if you usually look up loads of websites through Google, one little change could make you loads of Swagbucks. There are also tasks and special offers that can ..." Read review

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Make money in your spare time swagbucks.com

Advantagesearn extra cash every month. Easy and fun to do.


"I have been signed up with Swagbucks for 5 months and I have earned £110 in paypal vouchers. So an average of £20 a month which comes in handy with paying the bills. For people who use amazon a lot you would have got much more as you need less points for amazon vouchers than you do paypal. 849 swagbucks is £5 amazon ... 1049 swagbucks is £5 paypal so you need an extra 200 points for paypal for every £5. There are many ways to earn money on swagbucks ..." Read review

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Don't believe the hype - it's practically impossible to earn here

AdvantagesFancy design, if you waste lots of time online anyway you might earn a fair bit

DisadvantagesOften don't get paid and they do nothing, could earn faster picking dropped pennies off the floor

"...online" recently, I noticed that Swagbucks.com was at the top of almost every list of "ways to do so" I read. I'm starting to think that they pay those sites to feature them and give them glowing recommendations, because, in my experience, it is practically impossible to earn even a pound on this site. The way Swagbucks works is that you earn "Swagbucks" (a glorified word for points) by doing things like watching videos online, giving your details ..." Read review

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