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Every day I'm Tumblr'in...

AdvantagesEasy to use, excellent layout

DisadvantagesA few moany blogs, but that's not Tumblr's makers fault...

"I remember when I was in year 9, 10 and 11 at school (so around 2003 to 2006), there became this new craze which, as crazes often do, hit my group of friends like there was no tomorrow - the art of online blogging. These websites popped up in their hundreds, with one key idea in mind - the capability of posting online, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and goings on for every day life, such as boyfriend/girlfriend dramas, GCSE worries, afterschool ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Tumblr.com - Lightweight Blogging Review with images



"== Intro == Tumblr is described by Wiki as a 'microblogging platform', which basically means it's a lightweight blogging website. There's no faffing around and an account can be made within seconds. == A step by step guide to tumblr == === STEP 1 === Type www.tumblr.com into your browser. You should be greeted by a blue page with tumblr in a large white font. If you're not sure that you want to join tumblr, click on '30 reasons you'll love Tumblr'. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3carolynla


Blogging site

AdvantagesGood choice of template, simple sign up

DisadvantagesNot an advanced blogging system

"This is one of the most trendiest blogging sites online at current. Although it is a blogging site, many people choose to use it to reblog posts found on the site which are categorised by subject. You can choose from art, photography etc for example and find all posts with related tags. You can also make searches and find images which have been uploaded on site. I think this site is very easy to use and fun. When you sign up you get your own subdomain ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Regus


Great for business blogging

AdvantagesFree to use, Simple interface, Requires little or no technical knowledge, Well presented themes

DisadvantagesIt sometimes crashes, It sometimes goes down

"Tumblr is a simple yet-effective tool for creating and maintaining a blog. It's fantastic for integrating rich media - videos, photos, sound clips, etc. Its themes are reasonably easy to adapt and with a small amount of technical knowledge, one can add widgets such as buttons to share the page via social media websites. It's easy to post to Tumblr when on-the-go via a mobile such as an iPhone (there's an app for that). The best thing about it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ninjabandg...


Tumblr, the best blogging site

AdvantagesEnjoyable, funny, touching

DisadvantagesTroll blogs, goes down sometimes

"In my opinion Tumblr is the most enjoyable blogging website. There are minimal restrictions on what you are able to post, and many of the people on the website are friendly and accepting. There are people who wish to bash others, as all websites have, but when a person is taking this to an extreme the friendly community normally tries to get that person removed. With the format of the website navigation is easy. There are features to customize your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1roberto94


A great blogging site

Advantagesgreat blogging website

Disadvantagescan do as much as otehr social sites.

"Tumblr is a great blogging site I have found and many of my friends have started to use. its seems to be gaining popularity rather quick and has only been founded in 2007. the website is simple to use and allows you to have your own page where you can customise to have different themes play music of your choice and upload; pictures, audio, text and videos. You can also message people on tumblr to keep in contact but mainly is used to express your ..." Read review

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