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Get your opinion heard with Valued Opinions Review with images

AdvantagesInteresting surveys that reward fairly well

DisadvantagesCredits to my account sometimes exceed the promised 28 days

"For those of you who have been following my reviews, you will be aware that over the last couple of weeks I have reviewed a couple of online survey sites where my experience has been considerably positive. As both of my previous reviews stated, I am a member of a few survey sites having previously joined as many as I could possibly find. However, I was soon to discover that many of them were absolutely useless and I weeded them down to just five. ..." Read review

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** Arrest me... I'm too Valuable **

AdvantagesEasy website, simple surveys, ear vouchers that can be used in many places.

DisadvantagesThe incentives take a while to be added to your account.

"Before I became completely addicted to review writing, my little way of making an extra penny or two was from completing online surveys. (Don't yawn just yet folks, they are not that bad!). I know many people think they don't have the time or the patience to sit and answer mundane question after mundane question, but for a maximum of 20 minutes or so a day you can make enough for a nice little treat. Valued Opinions is a market research site that ..." Read review

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Good Value? Review with images

AdvantagesEasy and quick surveys. Low minimum payout threshold for gift vouchers

DisadvantagesLots of surveys you won't qualify for. Pending credits take ages to become claimable.

"~~ UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007 ~~ Valued Opinions is yet another paid survey site I discovered through reading an online review. After a quick visit to their website (www.valuedopinions.co.uk) to see what was on offer, I decided to sign up. ~~~ RESEARCH NOW PLC ~~~ Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now Plc, a UK market research company, who claim to be one of the leading European online fieldwork and panel specialists. Research Now run lots ..." Read review

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Community Level 6tink-er-bell


Value For Money Review with images

AdvantagesThey have good rewards and plenty of surveys

DisadvantagesThe customer Service and waiting times

"This review is for www.valuedopinions.co.uk. === What is Valued Opinions? === Valued Opinions is a survey based website which is run by Research Now a huge research company which run many other survey sites as well. This website rewards people for taking their time to complete market research questions which are provided by huge companies who require some results. They offer people the chance to influence the development of products and ideas. They ..." Read review

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Worth while opinion site

AdvantagesGood reward with regular surveys

DisadvantagesTakes a while to be credited

"===Background:=== Over the years I have used many survey sites, but I have tended to find despite promising lots the rewards have been few and far between. I joined Valued Opinions about six months ago, as it sounded a little different from the rest and it sounded with a try. I found Value Opinions to be a very good convenient market research site. To begin with I found the web site easy to work my way round, it is clear and simple and after ..." Read review

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Paid for your opinions

AdvantagesSome surveys are interesting, and you can make some free cash!!!

DisadvantagesYou may not qualify for many surveys

"== A bit on the side? == Who wouldn't want to earn a few extra quid in their spare time? And what easier way to do it than clicking a few boxes on their computer screen? === What is it? === Valued Opinions is a company that offers members who have signed up the chance to take part in market research surveys. The surveys are all carried out online, and you get paid small amounts for completing the surveys. I generally get invited to around ..." Read review

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Nice to be Valued! www.valuedopinions.co.uk

AdvantagesReliable survey site who pay up!

DisadvantagesOther than a slightly dull website, none.

"Review of www.valuedopinions.co.uk. I have been a member of Valued Opinions for around three years and have accumulated many rewards. I generally chose to take my earnings in the form of paper Tesco vouchers, so far this year, I have received £40 in vouchers. The vouchers are sent by post in the form of a gift card, rather like a credit card, which can be redeemed in Tesco stores for goods. ==What is it all about?== Valued Opinions is an Internet ..." Read review

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Valued Opinions - A Cut Above "51p For 30 Minutes"

AdvantagesQuick straightforward payout

DisadvantagesJust about compares to national minimum wage on a good day

"On the one hand, market research survey sites can be much of a 'muchness', the basic premise being that you complete on-line surveys and amass some kind of reward, however slowly. However, the devil is in the detail; just how long and tedious are these surveys, and just how much (or little) do you get paid for doing them? We need look no further than Ciao's own recent offerings to see what the bottom end of these rewards can be. 10p for 30 minutes? ..." Read review

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Community Level 6char2011


Trade In Surveys Participation For Vouchers.

AdvantagesDecent payments per survey.

DisadvantagesSlow payment to go through

"Valued Opinions is a survey website that allows you to participate in surveys for a reward. At first when I started using this website I found it really hard to qualify for surveys and was getting very few invitations. Over time I have began to get more surveys and therefore earn more money. Currently i am getting about 5 surveys a week and qualifying for about 3. Surveys are listed on your dashboard when you log into the site and you get email notifications ..." Read review

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Your opinion can be valuable! Review with images

Advantagesfrequent surveys, good earning potential

Disadvantagessome surveys can be long

"== Valued Opinions == In this age of the online world, making money from the internet is becoming increasingly more popular. Let’s face it, many of us spend a considerable time online, whether it be for business purposes, social media activity or just for a general potter about. So when you have some spare time, why not put it to use making a little extra cash? Remember the days when you would walk into town only to be confronted by clipboard holders ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Nathan_Innit


Value for Money

AdvantagesRarely get locked out of surveys

DisadvantagesFew chances to make money

"Everyone has their own story for how they found Ciao, and I suppose my story starts back when I first discovered that loyalty and reward sites actually existed on the internet - and the first one I found was.. Valued Opinions. You have my brother to thank really (or blame) because it was using his laptop one day that I discovered the site in his site history and that inspired me to sign-up. Obviously since having good experiences with the site it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tompgrant


Gift vouchers for answering easy questions

AdvantagesEasy way to make little money.

DisadvantagesDon't always qualify for surveys

"...minimum of five pounds, valuedopinions.co.uk will send you an email to let you know that you can now redeem your reward. At this point you can decide 1. to redeem the e-voucher of you choice equivalent to the amount of cash you've earned. 2. or to leave it in your account for now until you have earned more money. Currently, valuedopinions.co.uk offer e-vouchers in £5.00 increments for Amazon, WHSmith, Boots, Tesco, HMV, Odeon cinema online ..." Read review

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Community Level 5The-ex-Raven


£10 voucher anyone ??? surveys that PAY...

Advantagesfair rewards, regular surveys....easy to use

Disadvantagespending....vouchers can take a while to get to you

"== Valued Opinions == Another site which sends out paid surveys, one of the better sites out there with a pretty decent reward system. The site itself is simple to use and well set out, registering is quick and painless, with the usual boxes to fill in. Maybe worth mentioning they will need your address so they can send your 'rewards'. I joined late last year and have received my fair share of surveys from them, normally at least one every other week ..." Read review

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My Opinion has Value :-)

AdvantagesEasy surveys, good rewards

DisadvantagesPending credits take a while to confirm

"~What is Valued Opinions?~ Valued Opinions is another survey site, which I am signed up to and it pays you to take part in surveys. This is one of my favourite sites as the surveys are easy to do and the rewards are fair. I first found out about this website last year as my sister uses it and told me that it was good so I decided to take a look. The rest as they say is history… ~How do I use it?~ The website is easy to use and there is a ..." Read review

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Got Something to Say? Review with images

AdvantagesLow payout threshold, straightforward surveys, clear member pages

Disadvantageslike all sites, you won't make a fortune!

"I have never been a huge participator in online money making schemes as generally I am too disorganised to remember if I need to go and do something daily. In the case of surveys, I often find that it isn't worth the effort because nothing is more annoying than getting screened out when you have spent precious time completing questions that are not always worded that well, or with answers that seem to take a different slant to what you actually want ..." Read review

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