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25.02.2008 (28.02.2008)

Stays on for ages, makes you look flawless, easy to apply

very expensive, some shades are hard to find,

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I must admit I do not normally buy Revlon products personally although I have known them for as long as I can remember. However, I started using Revlon colorstay make-up less than a year ago. It worked wonders on my face so I decided to carry on using the product.
What is it? Well it is actually a foundation which you apply evenly on your face so that it looks all soft and rather neat.
I was introduced to the Revlon colorstay make-up by my aunt (she didn't really introduce me to it, as I used it behind her back without her knowing).
Revlon make-up is manufactured in USA were the main headquaters of Revlon is situated.


The foundations do come in many shades, so it is best that you test it on your face before you buy it. The shades consist of caramel, nude, ivory (the lightest shade), natural beige, mahogany and many more.
I must say Revlon did a great job in providing all the colour shades suitable for all skins, because I know that there are some brands who only produce for lighter skins (white people) and I am not light (I'm black).
First time I bought the foundation for my self, I bought 'Mahogany' which is rather dark, and I mean very dark for my skin! Therefore I tried 'Caramel' a lighter shade, which perfectly suited my skin.
The Revlon make-up are also known in numbers e.g. the caramel make-up is also known as number 13, therefore I might go in a shop and ask for number 13 Revlon colorstay makeup instead on noting caramel vice versa.

How to Use

All you have to do is apply a few drops to your finger tips and rub evenly across your face. I use fingers because it gives me better results than when I use a cotton bud or pad. Therefore, you can use anything that you think suits you to put the foundation on your face. Of course, my hands do get dirty whenever I use my fingers to apply the foundation, but it's easy to clean off.
Moreover, it is crucial that you shake the bottle before you use it, so that it mixes properly to give you the best results.
I find it very easy to apply the foundation, it's rather thick therefore doesn't run down my fingers quickly, when I'm trying to apply it to my face.

Me and the Product

I must say that the Revlon colorstay make up is incredible. Whenever I use it my skin feels very soft and looks flawless. Believe me, I do have one or two spots on my face but when I use the Revlon make-up, the spots are hardly visible. This is possibly one of the main reasons why I still keep buying the product. Sometime I do put deep bronze powder after I apply the Revlon make-up for better results.

The Revlon make-up lasts very long and it surely does what is says on the bottle 'lasts up to 16hours' which is rather amazing. Whenever I wear the foundation in the morning at around 7.30 am before I go to my college and come back home around 6pm the foundation will still be on my face and looking good. Taking off the foundation is even easier than applying the make-up. The Revlon make-up comes off easily with a wet towel, even better if you use make-up removers. My skin is always smooth after removing the Revlon make-up and I get no reaction from it at all e.g. spots.

Whenever I open the make-up to apply it onto my face I can never smell anything. This is because the Revlon make-up doesn't have any perfumes. This is actually a good thing for the reason that perfume is bad for your skin. This also doesn't mean that the Revlon make-up smells, it doesn't really smell bad but it does have this weird smell which you can only smell if you put the bottle 1cm close to your nose. The smell of this product is never really an issue.

A huge problem I have with this product is not exactly the product itself but it's the getting hold of the product which is rather harsh. You might be able to find other shades in many shops such as Superdrug, boots, allureamour, market places etc but getting hold of the caramel is very hard.
I am not sure if it's because a lot of people use the caramel shade or Revlon just doesn't manufacture enough. Whenever I buy the foundation I always have to visit a few market places and shops before I find it.
I couldn't speak for other shades, but lighter shades and mahogany are always amongst the plenty on the shop shelves whenever I'm hunting for my caramel shade.

Another disadvantage I cam eacross whilst using the Revlon colorstay make-up is that it stains your clothes and it won't come off. I once dropped a little drop of the make-up on my white shirt and I couldn't clean it off at all, which was very disappointing.

Overall me and the product gets on very well, it blends onto my skin perfectly and my friends can't even tell im wearing the revlon make-up. I totally love it.

Price & Place

I must say that like any other Revlon products I've seen out there on the shelves, this Revlon make-up is rather expensive. A 35ml bottle as shown on the picture provided above cost around £11.99 if bought in major stores such as super drug or boots. However, I have noted that the Revlon make-up is actually cheap if bought on the market (local area markets) as they only cost £6.99 or £7.

When I went to Leicester (17 Feb. 2008) I spent about the whole week looking for the caramel shade, as you all now know it's the hard one to find. When I asked for the prices all the shopkeepers noted £7 therefore, however, to my luck I got to a certain shop were they were selling the Revlon make-up for £5. I must say it was a bargain and a real luck because I bought their last caramel shade.
Moreover, the prices do vary a lot on the Revlon colorstay make-up but you will either find it at £12 or £7 (if bought on the market).
Overall, I think the product is rather expensive, but still worth it!


I would definitely recommend the Revlon colorstay make-up to those who want their face to look flawless and hide those spots. This product is very good and does last quiet a long time. When I buy a 35ml bottle it lasts at least a month before I have to buy another one. Therefore, maybe it is expensive for a reason as you don't have to buy it too often.

The Revlon colorstay make-up does come in a thick bottle. It's thick enough not to break easily; since I've started using the make-up I have never broken the bottle. However I think they should change it to a plastic container just to give us (the consumers) a piece of mind, because it's an expensive product, therefore if it breaks and all leaks out, you are not only going to lose money but the item were the liquid lands, because it doesn't come off fabrics!

On the bottle of the Revlon make-up are also details and instruction about the make-up. These details are written in English and four other languages. How can all this be written on a small bottle? Well there is a sticker on the bottle which has details written in English. If you peel of this white sticker, it will reveal more details under it and more on the bottle (were it was stuck). This is rather impressive, however, the writing is rather small, and this could be a problem to those who have problems reading small wordings (make sure you have your reading glasses in hand).

Overall, yes, you should buy the product. It is oil free suggesting that you won't get spots from using the product (your face won't look greasy). It also takes less than a minute for it to set on your face, suggesting that you won't waste a lot of time putting on your make-up. Moreover, the Revlon make-up does not rub off easily so don't be scared when people try to touch your face. If you haven't tried this out its best you do it for the first time, you might like it.


---If you are going to put powder on top of the foundation, it is best you wait at least a minute so that the foundation gets time to dry up.

---The caramel shade is very hard to get hold of. However, lighter shades are always plenty on the shelves.

---The Revlon colorstay make-up is very easy to remove from your face but doesn't come off if you spill it on fabrics. Therefore make sure you avoid the make-up from touching your clothes whilst applying it.

---If you don't know which shade is suitable for you, it is best you visit Superdrug or other major shops that sells make-up so that you can try on a sample.

---If you want to know more about the product and the other shades available just go to
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erenthae 14.01.2010 18:24

Great review! I was contemplating buying this and I think I will test it out now.

kimbahop 25.08.2009 16:39

I was thinking of getting sounds good!

fixationonplastics 21.04.2009 00:12

great review :)

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