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"Camping In Style"

Riber Towsure Directors Chair

Riber Towsure Directors Chair

~x~x~x~ Action! ~x~x~x~

For the past few years we've taken to camping, my partner has renovated a Transit High-Top into a camper van and while it's been a work in progress for several years now he's made it so that it can always be used despite the fact he's still working on it. We can all sleep in the van (the four of us who go - me, Mark and our two youngest children) but we still take a family size dome tent as well as an awning so everyone has the full range of options as to where they're going to sleep and there's a place to sit quietly if you want a few minutes of 'alone time' (not especially easy to get when four of you are squeezed into a van).

I bought Mark two Towsure Directors Chairs for Christmas four years ago, he'd recently had a huge change-around in the van which cut down an awful lot on free space - the need for comfortable seating outside was more urgent than ever, I hate lounging on those cruddy canvas 'fishing chairs' so his pressie that year was more to please me than him! At the time I purchased them the chairs were available in the deep green you can see in Ciao's stock photo and also a navy blue, I bought one of each at a cost of around £25 each (they are currently priced at £29.95 with a promotional offer where you can purchase two for £49).

~x~x~x~ A king amongst camping chairs ~x~x~x~

These chairs are crazily comfortable, they offer support both for my bum when I sit down and also for my back when I lean into the backrest of the chair to chill out and enjoy the campsite sun. The chairs are wider than an average fishing/camping chair, each one will easily hold an average adult's backside and Hollie and David (ten and six years respectively) can fit in one chair if that's the way they want to position themselves at breakfast/relaxation time.

Directors Chair is the right name for them as they both look and feel like the kind of chair you'd expect to see any of the big Hollywood perv... sorry, directors sitting in (usually with their names printed on the back, like any wannabe actor would ever forget the top guys name). The fabric is a very tough woven canvas type material which is seriously everlasting; our chairs were used for camping for three full summers (the first of which we were literally camping every week for a couple of months), then disaster struck and they were left on the driveway for nearly a week during a crazy icy spell - but although the fabric had faded and the table section collapsed the actual chairs themselves were still in such sturdy condition that Mark decided to just leave them in the garden open to the elements and see what happened. Result is, eighteen months later, the chairs look like battered old things but they're still in top notch physical condition.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. What table, I hear you ask? Well, the Towsure Directors Chair has not only an actual small table built into one arm but also a storage section in the form of a panel which has three pockets of varying sizes. It's clever the way this chair has been designed; I've lost count of the amount of glasses, cans and bottles that have been upended when we've been using fishing chairs to sit on while camping, those little holes cut into the arms just don't work for a) little kids or b) those of us who like to have a boozy drink at the camp site. The table on these chairs, however, is great. It closes against the side of the chair but all you need to do to open it out again is pull it upwards and make sure the stiff hinge is locked into a 'straight position' - then to close you push the hinge open again and push it down until it's flush with the chair.

The storage pockets hang off the other arm and are surprisingly handy, so handy in fact that when we started using the chairs as scruffy garden furniture Mark removed them and has used them in the camper van. It attaches to the arm of the chair with a thick piece of heavy duty Velcro which never once failed, the same method is still being used with the pockets as they're now hanging off a round pole in the van and the Velcro (like the fabric of the chairs themselves) is showing no signs of age or heavy-use.

~x~x~x~ Everlasting... ~x~x~x~

In terms of stability and strength the chairs are absolutely fantastic. The aluminium frame makes them lightweight to move around but the criss-cross build of the frame itself ensures the chair is never going to collapse or pitch you onto the floor in any of the myriad ways camping chairs sometimes do. Camp sites can be hit and miss when it comes to how level the ground is, obviously the hard standing pitches have a flat gravelly area but most people want their chairs on the grass where it's comfortable (or in our case where the awning is). We've never had an issue with the stability of these chairs even when the camp site is less than level, like any chairs you have to move them around a bit to get them into a comfortable position - but once you've found that position there's no more faffing around.

There's a cross bar built into each side of the chair running from front to back, this is to prevent the chair sinking into soft ground and it actually works surprisingly well and we've never had an problem even when we've camped in 'damp' (eugh...) weather. I can't find any information about a maximum weight for the chair so I'll have to give you the anecdotal detail that Mark's cousin, who weighs at a guess 20 stone, sat in one quite comfortably for hours a couple of days ago in the garden - the kids have jumped all over them and the one in the photo I've attached is often used as a work bench these days, proving the strength and longevity in more ways than one!

The only criticism I'd have is the table, which although exceptionally useful is very flimsy. It has the same aluminium frame as the chair itself but the actual tabletop is a very thin piece of MDF, this was fine (and unnoticed) for the first few camping trips as it was summertime and nicely dry - as soon as the weather turned for autumn though we noticed the tabletop starting to sag, this was on the first year though and to be fair the table 'lasted' until that fateful wintery period when the chairs were left outside (and then the tables on both chairs collapsed in on themselves). Mark did make noises about reinforcing the tables when we first spotted the weakness but never got round to it, looking at the empty frame now it does look a simple job to slide a new piece of stronger wood into the gap so might be worth doing if you're planning on taking better care of your chairs than we did in the end.

~x~x~x~ Keepers? ~x~x~x~

Well, duh, yes! They don't prettify the garden in any way and are absolutely grotty, stained and in pretty manky visual condition now - but they're clean (a blow over with the hose and occasional soapy wash sorts that out), comfortable (very, very comfortable - perfect for sitting outside in the evening and far more comfy than most 'patio furniture') and are in perfect physical health. I can't see any reason to get rid, and providing the survive the winter I think they'll do us for at least another year.

You can only buy these chairs from Towsure and unfortunately for most of the UK there are only two Towsure stores - one in tiny Halesowen (West Midlands) and the other in Sheffield. We live near to the Halesowen branch so have never had to use their online shopping facility - the chairs are worth ordering though as in my opinion they're absolutely excellent.

**The stain on the chair is not a bum cheek stain by the way, Mark also uses the chair as a 'table' to spray paint stuff. Well, I never said the chair was pretty...**

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