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Richard Iii - Charles Ross

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Richard III.  [ English Monarchs Series ]. - Charles Ross

Richard III. [ English Monarchs Series ]. - Charles Ross

Pages: 416, Edition: 1st, Hardcover, Eyre Methuen.

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An account of the life of Richard III. It studies the context of his violent age and addresses issues such as: why and how Richard Plantagenet usurped the throne the belief that he ordered the murder of the princes in the Tower and the events leading to the Battle of Bosworth.

Product details

Type Non-Fiction
Genre Biography
Subgenre Historical, Political & Military
Publisher Yale University Press
Release Date 01.06.1999
Author Charles Ross
Title Richard Iii
EAN 9780300079791
ISBN 0300079796


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Enjoyable read, some interesting anecdotes
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