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published 19/10/2017 | chrisandmark_is_here
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Pro Fantastic brush, nice shade
Cons Doesn't dry in 60 seconds, thin nail varnish
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"Chipped in 60 Seconds..."



~x~x~x~ Limealicious! ~x~x~x~

So goes the name of the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish I'm reviewing today, having used it last night to paint the nails of two of my daughters. Ten year old Hollie received a coveted 'Gold Card' at school yesterday, the reward for this being she gets to wear her own clothes instead of her uniform today and tomorrow - she asked me to do her nails and I said she could pick the colour herself (providing she didn't go for hooker red or goth black, of course). Half an hour or so later she came out of the bathroom clutching Limealicious and sagely told me that she might as well get the last out of the summery colours as winter is practically here.

I've had this bottle for years and have no recollection of where I bought it, or how much I paid. I can't actually think why I'd buy a colour like this and I've never been a huge lover of the Rimmel brand, I assume it cost around £2.50 - £3 as that tends to be the price of most nail varnishes from this brand - it's lasted amazingly well to be honest and after a good shake the nail varnish was as good as new despite sitting ignored in my bathroom for (probably over) five years.

~x~x~x~ Applies like a dream ~x~x~x~

60 Seconds uses a trademarked 'Xpress Flat Brush' which is shaped more like a long eyeshadow brush than one you'd use for nail varnish. I absolutely love the brush, it means you can paint a nail in pretty much a single stroke (although obviously you will have to probably retouch the edges on your bigger/wider nails). Hollie's little tiny fingernails were all painted in one stroke, even her thumbnail which is obviously slightly wider. It was watching how easy it was to apply that had eighteen year old Alice requesting that I do her nails afterwards, being a bit of a tomboy Alice can't be bothered with the faff of sitting perfectly still to use a traditional nail varnish brush and she loved the idea of a simple couple of stokes using the flat brush.

Coverage with each brush stroke is reasonably good, this very pale lime does need three or four coats to build up the depth of shade but this isn't really a problem (although it is an annoyance...) as the brush is so easy and accurate to handle.

~x~x~x~ Not sure how they're allowed to make the '60 seconds' claim ~x~x~x~

As it's blatantly untrue! Each coat takes a minimum of two and a half minutes to dry, with even an extra 30 seconds added just to be sure. Like all nail varnishes the best result is when you leave the colour to dry thoroughly between each coat, and as this needs so many coats the Rimmel 60 Seconds is as time consuming as any other brand (although you do shave a few minutes off because of the excellent brush).

It's quite a thin nail varnish so I'm surprised it takes so long to dry, I had to remove the colour from one of Hollie's nails last night and start again when I tried to start the second coat too quickly - regardless of the 60 seconds claim I would have expected such a thin varnish to dry much quicker than it did.

~x~x~x~ Long lasting colour? ~x~x~x~

Well, Hollie got out of bed this morning to get ready for school and the nail on her little finger had already chipped at the end so I doubt it's going to be the kind of nail varnish she'll be able to keep on for days. Alice told me she's used this bottle before and it only lasts for a couple of days; this doesn't bother her at all as while she can wear nail varnish to college, she also has a part time job in a chippy and it's not allowed there - her shifts mean the longest she can wear her nail varnish for is two days anyway so longevity isn't really an issue for her.

~x~x~x~ Buy again? ~x~x~x~

Probably not, Rimmel never seem to be 'all that' and while the colour of this nail varnish is nice and the brush is excellent - well, it's just a bog standard nail varnish that doesn't last all that well and is nowhere near as bright on the nails as the colour looks in the bottle. I wouldn't call it insipid, but it's a boring lime which looks nice on Hollie (as a cutesy little girl colour) but not half as impressive on Alice's adult size hands.

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  • danielclark691 published 08/11/2017
    well covered
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    Sounds like one to avoid
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