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published 15/06/2013 | tb240904
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Cons Gets repetitive quickly, soundtrack wasn't for me, poor value for money
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Value for Money
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"Rio: The Video Game"

As I mentioned in my review of Brave yesterday, I recently signed up for a games package with LOVEFiLM. Rio is another of the games I rented from them. Again, I didn't see the film before I played the game but in this case I still haven't seen the film. Rio is a children's party game and I realised that pretty quickly after putting it in the Xbox, but I kept playing regardless because I wanted to get some of the achievements from the game. This is a mainly multiplayer game but can be played alone. Of course, it's going to be much more fun if you play with other people.


Unlike most games, Rio follows no real storyline. It is a collection of minigames set in various places featured in the film. The minigames are somewhat varied, with the games including one in which you have to avoid snowballs hurtling towards you and another in which you have to jump over a chain and collect fruit at the same time. There are around 40 different games but even with that variety of games the game can get a bit samey after a while. Some of the games are identical to others with the only difference being the scenery and others are very similar to others with just minor changes to the rules.

There are various ways to play the games. You can go for story mode in which three random games from each of the ten different regions are played back to back (so thirty minigames in all) and you have to get the top score at the end of each region to progress (when playing single player, I don't know about multiplayer. There's party mode, where you can either get a random amount of games or select the ones you want to play yourself and can also opt for a quiz which alternates between questions about the film and questions about Brazil. The final way to play is carnival, where either you spin a wheel to select the minigame to play or have a random minigame selected for you. Each of the different game styles has its advantages and all are fun to play but, again, get a bit samey after a while. The quiz in particular is rather repetitious after just a few dozen games - there's a rather limited number of questions.

Overall, I did enjoy the game for the most part but I had to give the gameplay quite a low rating because it gets extremely repetitious quite quickly. The quizzes were also rather fun to begin with, because I liked learning about Brazil which is a fascinating country and I liked finding out a bit about the film, but I have a feeling it may impair my enjoyment of the film when it comes to watching it.


The game is essentially a multiplayer game. You can play it alone but the computer just plays the other three characters for you. I don't have many people over so never had the opportunity to play with other people. I believe you can play over Xbox Live (although don't quote me on that) but I never played it. Regardless of this, it seems like multiplayer would be rather fun and would definitely have been better than playing alone.


Like the majority of Xbox 360 games, the graphics are brilliant - a million times better than the animations you'd find in a Mega Drive game but not quite as good as some of the more advanced games like Call of Duty and Halo that make millions of pounds. From what I've seen of the film (commercials and screenshots), the designs of the scenery and characters are identical to in the film.


The soundtrack is okay but not really for me. I'm not really sure how to describe it but I think it's a cross between samba and latin music. It's okay but not for me, but I'm sure others would like it. The character voices are rather annoying, too - quite exaggerated and far too comical for my liking.

Difficulty & Complexity

The various minigames can be played on varying difficulties, but easy makes the AI players far too easy to beat and the hardest difficulty makes the game just a little too hard. I didn't play on the medium setting, but I'm guessing it would be a reasonable difficulty. None of the minigames are at all complex and can easily be played by anyone.


I got a good six or seven hours of gameplay out of Rio over a few days before I sent it back. I'd completed a lot of the achievements - I believe I have about 660 gamerscore for this game - so I got a lot of the important stuff played. I believe I played every aspect of the game other than the multiplayer features. I'm just guessing, but I think kids playing together would be able to keep coming back to this game over and over again, especially if they loved the film, but I don't think I'll be playing again.

Value for Money

The Xbox 360 version of the game is currently £17.99 for a used version, plus £2.03 postage, or £23.98 for a new version, plus £4.47 postage. I think this is a rather substantial amount of money for this kind of game - at least £20 for a used copy. It may be worth renting it but I definitely cannot recommend buying it at that price. A vague look at the Amazon prices for other platforms (Wii, PS3 and NDS) would suggest that it is available at a much lower price on all three platforms (as low as £6.80 for a used copy on the Wii) and may be better value for money on those platforms.


In conclusion, the game is reasonably fun to play but does not last long and isn't too much fun to play alone. The soundtrack wasn't for me and the graphics were really good. It is also not good value for money on the Xbox 360 but may be worth renting rather than buying. It gets two stars from me, I'm afraid.

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