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published 27/07/2017 | kiss_me2070
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Pro exciting, good story-line, more great characters, gripping
Cons some may not like the gory scenes
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"Just like the First . . Another Gripping Series."

Ripper Street - Series 2 (Blu-ray)

Ripper Street - Series 2 (Blu-ray)

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After watching the first episode of Ripper Street that was set in 1889, I was hooked on this series and couldn’t wait to see the next one. The second season of Ripper Street is set in 1890 and this series is again quite gripping with various storylines and historical backdrops including Chinese Immigrations, The Cleveland Street Scandal, Joseph Merrick known as ‘The Elephant Man’ and the Electrical Ware of Currents. This series has a total of 8 episodes, and all the familiar characters from the first series appear again in the second series with some additional members added to the cast.

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Main Cast
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• Matthew Macfadyen as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
• Jerome Flynn as Detective Inspector, Bennet Drake
• Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson
• MyAnna Buring as "Long" Susan Hart/Caitlin Swift Judge
• Charlene McKenna as Rose Erskine
• Damien Molony as Detective Constable Albert Flight
• Joseph Mawle as Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine
• Leanne Best as Jane Cobden
• Alicia Gerrard as Charity
• Frank Harper as Silas Duggan

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The Series
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• Episode 1: “Pure as the Driven” – The start of this episode doesn’t disappoint as a sergeant from a neighbouring police district is hurled from a window onto the iron railings below. Needless to say, this isn’t pleasant as one of his legs gets impaled by one of the spokes from the railing. Sergeant Bennett Drake happens to know the sergeant that was earlier thrown from a window and tries to find out more information about why he may have been thrown out of the window and whom by. Meanwhile Reid finds himself thrown into the murky trade of legal Opium in Chinatown which is being converted in Whitechapel into a new opiate, heroin. This first episode didn’t disappoint and once again as soon as I saw the first episode of this series, I couldn’t wait to watch the next one. There wasn’t as much gore in this episode as there has been in others.

• Episode 2: “Am I Not Monstrous?” – This episode starts off with a woman (Stella Brooks) going into labour. She keeps screaming to get the evil thing out of her. She wakes up in the night shortly after having her baby and someone is chasing her and she begs for them not to take the baby away from her. The woman is murdered in the hospital and the baby is taken. The woman has an unusual deformity. As Reid investigates the murder him and Sergeant Drake are surprised to hear that she was good friends within someone whom they know. Merrick (The Elephant Man), knows something; how-ever he dies mysteriously in his sleep. This particular episode has quite a few twists and surprises to it but there are also some sad scenes in it as well, especially with Merrick.

• Episode 3: “Become Man” – At the start of this episode we see Rose where she now works as a waitress at the local music hall. Long Susan is also there watching the show and there seems to a woman there whom she recognises. As the lights in the music hall go off for a few seconds, a prominent member of the council is taken. Due to all the lights being off, of course, no-one see’s anything. Later on, at Tenter Street Brothel a lawyer is taken along with Long Susan. Drake is now married to Bella and she has to help Reid and Drake with the investigation by trying to help them work out whom the man in the Brothel was whom was taken. I liked this episode and it wasn’t as gory as some other episodes that I have seen.

• Episode 4: “Dynamite and a Woman” – As Irish Bomber, Aiden Galvin is being transported in a Prison Wagon the driver has a heart attack and someone frees Aiden from the Wagon. Reid seems to be getting very friendly with Jane Cobden whom is a local councillor. Aiden has a daughter that works in one of the local Pubs, so when someone is murdered and they think Aiden is responsible they get the Irish DC Flight undercover there to befriend her. It’s obvious that Jane very much likes Edmund Reid; how-ever when she asks him to join her for some wine, he refuses and tells her that he is married. Although this episode was quite relaxed the storyline was still good.

• Episode 5: “Threads of Silk and Gold” – This series starts off with a murder of a Telegraph boy whom has been strangled. There is a little more to the boy being murdered, when the murder lifts the lid on the telegraph boys prostituting themselves. Jackson and Long Susan are in debt and they are struggling to pay back the money they owe the money-lender. Jackson has an idea how to get more money to pay off the moneylender; how-ever this doesn’t go to plan and they end up in more trouble than what they were in before. One of the local bank employee’s kills themselves and this scene is a little bloody and messy. Whilst Drake and his wife (Bella) are in the street, somebody notices her but Bella denies knowledge of knowing whom she is. From this point in the series it’s obvious that Bella is clearly hiding something about her past. There is a fair bit of violence in this episode.

• Episode 6: “A Stronger Loving World” – This episode starts off with Bennet purchasing flowers for his wife. He spots Rose upset outside down an alley and sits with her to find out what is wrong. Rose has had enough and wants to leave her job at the music hall. When Bennet gets home, Bella isn’t there and he wonders where she is. There are attacks on churches and synagogues in the area which threaten to break the fragile peace between the religious communities. Jackson and Bennett visit Long Susan in the hope that they mind find out some more information about where Bella may have gone; how-ever she doesn’t have any information to give them. Gabriel Cain (Bella’s Uncle) turns up unannounced, he is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and has a group of fanatical followers of his unorthodox occult beliefs of astrologer ‘John Dee’. Rose gets friendly with a lady called Maggi whom she meets in the local pub. Maggi offers her a place to stay for the night but she has other intentions for Rose. There is a particularly gory scene in this episode where you will see a fair bit of blood. This episode has quite a few surprises in store which is why this is probably my favourite episode out of them all.

• Episode 7: “Our Betrayal – Part One” – This episode starts off in South Africa. It then goes forwards to 7 weeks later when a man whom we saw in Africa turns up looking for Jackson. This man is Jacksons brother. Inspector Bennet Drake has gone missing and Rose is desperate to find him. In this episode, we learn that Drake has been missing for a month, which is when he handed in his badge to Inspector Reid. It’s obvious that Rose clearly cares for Bennett and is worried about his whereabouts. This episode was a little sad and I felt very sorry for Rose in this particular episode. She is trying her hardest to make Bennet see that he is a good man and that he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and continue with his life and his job that he is very good at.

• Episode 8: “Our Betrayal – Part Two” – This episode starts off where the previous episode ended. In this series Reid and Bennet struggle to see eye to eye on some things. Jackson’s brother is still hanging around and he seems to be attracting the wrong type of people to him when some men come looking for something that they think he is hiding somewhere. Long Susan is still struggling to forgive Jackson and Jackson is still determined to make it up to her and for her to take him back, but she has problems of her own. Jackson, how-ever has a plan to try to help her problems. Three corpses are found in a slum tenement murdered and they have been murdered in a similar way to another corpse recently found. The last episode in this series certainly did not disappoint.

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In this series, we learn much more about some of the main characters that were in the previous series. We learn a lot more about Bennet and I have to admit that he becomes one of my favourite characters. Bennet is a lovely, kind caring man and you can’t help but feel sorry for some of the things that he goes through in this series. He’s one of the characters that certainly doesn’t have a very easy life. Rose is another one of my favourite characters as we learn more about her in this series. We learn just how loving and caring she really is and you can’t help but want the best for her as she deserves it. Although Inspector Reid was in every episode of this series with him being one of the main characters, we didn’t really learn anymore about his personal life; although I think that’s because we learnt a fair bit about him in the first series. The main characters play their parts well again, just like they did in the first series and the additional characters in this series seem to play their parts very well too. Detective Constable Albert Flight is not a character I like. He comes across as a bit of a nasty character and also comes across as a violent man. I like Jackson, I love his character, he’s very good at his job and he’s also a little bit cocky as well.

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Overall Opinion
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I didn’t expect this series to be disappointing and it certainly wasn’t. I enjoyed every single episode, although id di find some episodes a little better than others and I like the twists in episode six, where some secrets and truths came out about a couple of the characters. I like how they add events which have happened at that time into the series, which means you sometimes learn a little something from watching these as well. Although I expected the same amount of violence and blood in this series as the first, I don’t think it was as violent or as gory as the first series was. There were some twists in this series that you don’t expect and this adds to the excitement of the storylines. When comparing this series with the first, I think it’s probably on the same wave-length. I was as gripped with this series as I was the first series. You do really need to watch the first series, before watching this as some of the storylines carry on through the different episodes, so if you don’t watch the series from series one then you may get left being a little confused. I can’t really think of any downsides to this series; although some may not like the violence. I don’t really know what series three has in store but again I am looking forwards to seeing the next series.

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Other Information
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Certificate: 15
Running Time: 59mins (each episode)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama

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