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"Some Great Twists In This Series That I Didn't See Coming."

Ripper Street Season 3

Ripper Street Season 3

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As some of you know I recently started watching the Ripper Street series and I did have a bit of a break in between watching them but I have now finished Series 3. Set in 1894, H Division's Detective Inspector Edmund Reid aided by the hard-boiled Sergeant Bennett Drake and American forensics expert Captain Homer Jackson, investigates more murders in Whitechapel including a serious train accident that claimed the lives of 55 civilians. Meanwhile there is information regarding Reid's long-lost daughter Matilda who was previously believed to have drowned. This series was aired in 2014.

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You can purchase this on DVD £6.48 or on Blu Ray for £10.03; how-ever I have Amazon Prime, so was able to watch this free through there.

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Main Cast
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• Matthew Macfadyen as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
• Jerome Flynn as Detective Inspector, Bennet Drake
• Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson
• MyAnna Buring as "Long" Susan Hart/Caitlin Swift Judge
• Charlene McKenna as Rose Erskine
• Damien Molony as Detective Constable Albert Flight
• Joseph Mawle as Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine
• Leanne Best as Jane Cobden
• Alicia Gerrard as Charity
• Frank Harper as Silas Duggan
• John Heffernan as Ronald Capshaw
• Louise Brealey as Dr Amelia Frayn
• Lydia Wilson as Hermione "Mimi" Morton
• Josh O'Connor as Police Constable Bobby Grace
• Anna Burnett as Mathilda Reid

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The Series
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Episode 1: “Whitechapel Terminus” – This first episode was not disappointing at all! There is a huge locomotive disaster right on Reid’s doorstep which brings some unexpected consequences for Whitechapel. This scene of the disaster is very tense and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Whilst Reid fights to restore peace to Whitechapel’s blood-stained streets, his former team is regrouping. Susan has now created a business out of her brothel, which inevitably brings her to the inspector’s attention. In this series, we meet a new character called Ronald Capshaw, right from the moment he appeared in this episode I didn’t like him. A familiar face also returns to Whitechapel. This episode does have some blood and gore scenes in it.

Episode 2: “The Beating of her Wings” – The start of this episode was again not a disappointment. From the very start of this episode we get to learn what kind of a man Ronald Capshaw is as a murder inquiry in a curiosity shop brings trouble to Reid’s and Susan’s doorstep with the discovery of a captive girl. The police have a tough time trying to figure out whom the murderer is and meanwhile Susan springs her own trap for the inspector. Although this is the only 2nd episode of this season, we are beginning to learn a little more about the women Susan is becoming and it’s not a very nice one!

Episode 3: “Ashes and Diamonds” – This series starts off a little sad as we learn of Reid’s disappearance, meaning that Drake has to step in to investigate the murder of a clairvoyant, whom is found dead at a local performance place. Rose goes to visit Drake and they finally share a very special moment together. Meanwhile Susan continues to care for the girl found in the basement of the curiosity shop in the previous episode and has plans to send her to Switzerland to start a new life.

Episode 4: “Your Father, My Friend” – When Drake discovers a dishevelled Reid hiding in a beach hut and gives him some very important information they both return to Whitechapel together. I don’t want to reveal as to what information Drake gives Reid, otherwise this will spoil some of this series for those whom haven’t watched it. Susan and Capshaw, try to come up with a plan to hide their involvement within the train robbery. Jackson thinks Susan in innocent, so points Reid towards Capshaw; how-ever when Reid visits Capshaw, Susan ends up shooting Reid from behind the curtains and kills Capshaw. This is yet another gripping series and one that has a fantastic and slightly twisted storyline.

Episode 5: “Heavy Boots” – After Susan shooting Reid, he now lays comatose in Obsidian’s hospital. As Jackson drinks to drown his sorrows and Drake wakes again with Rose by his side, Bobby Grace finds a barrel with a body stuffed inside so Fred Abberline rouses them to solve the murder. It’s quite obvious that Drake and Rose love each other and want to be together so Drake later confronts her at the music hall, demanding that she tells her fiancé about their relationship. There aren’t really any gory scenes during this episode.

Episode 6: “The Incontrovertible Truth” – A recovering Reid arrests the Countess Montacute (Lady Vera), whom has been found unconscious in Whitechapel lodging house next to the corpse of a flower seller. It seems as though both women were drugged. Although Lady Vera admits to the murder, the modern finger printing device proves that hers was not the hand upon the fatal weapon. Although this was still watchable, out of all the episodes so far this had to be one of the weakest.

Episode 7: “Live Free, Live True” – A local chemist is murdered and evidence shows that he was an abortionist whom treated his clients with dangerous lead compounds. His apprentice whom we see at the beginning of this series points the police to a deserted surgery, and evidence shows that the doctor whom owned the surgery was experimenting in sterilisation. For one women, how-ever it’s too late and mutilated by the chemist, this causes a fight between her boyfriend and her. There isn’t a great deal to say about this episode, how-ever I did think it was an interesting episode.

Episode 8: “The Peace of Edmund Reid” – In this last episode of the series one of the main characters whom has been in other episodes and the previous two series is tortured and killed off after meeting with Fred Best to discuss the trading’s of Theodore P. Swift. Jackson finds out something about Susan and confronts her about it to which she confirms his allegations and also tells Jackson something else that surprises him. This last episode was great, it had action, tense moments and happy moments. There were some violent and bloody scenes during this episode. I loved the way this episode ended and there were a few happy endings for a few of the characters. This episode was certainly a good episode to finish this series off with.

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Edmund Reid is still a very much strong character in this series, but you can’t help but feel sorry for him, when he learns more about his daughter Matilda. Drake is still by far my favourite character and it’s nice that Drake and Rose are finally sharing moments together and when watching the series, you want nothing but for Rose to leave her husband and for her to get with Drake. Susan is definitely becoming a dark person and she’s a character that although I once liked, I no longer do as she is starting to become very nasty and is doing things to ensure that she gets her own way, even if it means killing. Jackson is still pretty much the same as he was in the previous two series, with his drinking although in this series he does seem to have a new love interest and they seem to be rather besotted with each other in various episodes throughout this series; although it still comes across as though Jackson still has feelings for Susan.

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Overall Opinion
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Although I loved the first series of this TV series and I also liked the second series, now I have seen the third, I do think the third series so far is better than the second. This series has a lot more plots and twists to the series and it has some things that you don’t see coming so they come as quite a big surprise. You get to know the characters a little more in this series which makes you realise and see what some of the characters are really like and the lengths they are prepared to go to. Although there were a couple of weak episodes, the majority of the episodes held my attention throughout and overall, I enjoyed the series. There were some gory scenes and scenes of blood and violence although I don’t think there was as much of this as the previous series. I have read that some people couldn’t get on with this TV series and they lost interest; how-ever I am still really enjoying this series and I am looking forwards to starting the next series when I get the chance.

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Other Information
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Classification: 15
Running Time: Approximately 59mins (each episode)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama

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