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Ripper Street Series 4 (DVD)

Ripper Street Series 4 (DVD)

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As some of you know, I have been watching the Ripper Street TV series and it has now been a fair while since I have watched anymore as I was losing a little interest in the programme as I didn’t feel as though some of the stories were as good as previous episodes, plus I also found that things started to get a little confusing as well. How-ever despite this I did want to continue watching every series, so recently I finally finished watching Series 4 which opens in 1897, the year of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. In this series we are still learning new things about the characters. For those of you whom watched the last series, you will know that Reid has now given up his work and is now living with his daughter; how-ever this is short lives when he is drawn back to Whitechapel. Drake is now head inspector of Whitechapel and we still see Jackson taking up his usual role as in the previous series. There is a total of 6 episodes in this series, all of which are around an hour long apart from the first episode which is around two hours.

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I am an Amazon Prime member, so I am able to watch this free through Amazon. You can purchase this on DVD for £9.95 and on Blu-ray for £12.99.

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• Matthew Macfadyen as Edmund Reid
• Jerome Flynn as Detective Inspector Bennet Drake
• Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson
• MyAnna Buring as "Long" Susan Hart/Caitlin Swift Judge
• Charlene McKenna as Rose Drake
• Killian Scott as Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove
• Matthew Lewis as Sergeant/Inspector Samuel
• Benjamin O'Mahony as Detective Sergeant/Sergeant Frank Thatcher
• Anna Koval as Rachel Castello
• David Threlfall as Abel Croker
• Jonas Armstrong as Nathaniel Dove
• Kahl and Kye Murphy as Connor Judge

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• Episode One and Two – ‘The Stranger Home’: This episode starts off with the Assistant Commissioner opening the new H division quarters. With only 10mins into this episode, Drake receives a phone call to say that they have found a body in Whitechapel docks, whom has had his throat slit. It’s not long in this episode that we meet a couple of new characters (Abel Croker and Nathaniel Judge), whom come across as slightly rough characters. It’s nice to see Jackson again in the series; although he still seems to be drinking and hiding it from inspector Drake, whom almost catches him swigging from the bottle early in the morning. Long Susan is in prison and she is looking very different to how she was in the last series. It took me a little while to get back into the series, but with this episode being 2hrs long, I was able to remember what happened in the last series and seeing the characters helped to refresh my memory. There are some scenes of blood in this episode but there is very little violence. There are scenes of people being hung for their crimes. I wouldn’t have said that the storyline was as gripping as previous episodes.

• Episode Two – ‘Some Conscience Lost’: This episode starts on a good but sad storyline. Matilda seems to be growing up very quickly now and wants more responsibility and to be able to help others more; how-ever her father isn’t too keen on her doing so. Drake and Rose now have the responsibility of looking after Susan’s and Jacksons son, Connor when they take custody of him. It’s nice to see Reid back at the Police station; although his return seems to be met with widespread disapproval. I like that we see more of Matilda in this episode. The storyline in this particular episode was really interesting. There are some slightly gory scenes, which is to be expected and something you get used to seeing with watching the Ripper Street Series.

• Episode Three – ‘A White World Made Red’: At the beginning of this episode, we see a very familiar face. Reid and Inspector Drake are led to a body in a meat store that has been drained of it’s blood. This sounds a lot gory than it is, and in fact there was very little gore and blood when showing this particular scene. Jackson is still very much like he was in the other series; although he doesn’t seem to be as drinking much now and although he was drinking in the first episode of this series, he now seems to have stopped. There is a lot more to the body drained of blood than meets the eye, when another body is found and Jackson works out what exactly is really going on. There are some scenes of violence in this episode. Abel Croker appears again in this episode and I think we can expect to see more of him as the series goes on. This episode has a rather surprising ending to it which I didn’t see coming.

• Episode Four – ‘Men of Iron, Men of Smoke’: This episode was a good one and during this episode we meet a character whom featured earlier on in the TV series. A footballer of London League side Thames Ironworks F.C is brutally murdered the suspects name comes across as very familiar to Reid and Drake. This was a good storyline and one that kept me glued to the TV screen. Rose struggles when Drake allows Thomas Gower into their house and finds him in the morning drunk. Rose also thinks she see’s someone from her past, but could she be imagining things? This particular episode doesn’t have much violence or blood in it.

• Episode Five – ‘No Wolves in Whitechapel’: This episode is quite a sad one and one that is also surprising as well. Drake is distraught when someone close to him is found stabbed in the streets of Whitechapel. Gower has similar injuries to that of another person earlier on in the series and Jackson, thinks he knows who the ‘Whitechapel Golem’ is. Rose is convinced that Susan managed to escape her fate and wasn’t really hung; how-ever Drake doesn’t believe her and neither does Matilda when she goes to help Rose look after the baby. This episode kept my glued to the screen and I couldn’t wait to watch the last episode in the series to see if we could find some answers to some of the things that has gone on in this series.

• Episode Six – “Edmund Reid Did This”: Drake and Reid, seem to be disagreeing on a lot of things, when Reid does something behind Drakes back. Reid turns to Rachel Costello for help in solving the ‘Whitechapel Golem’ case. This episode, pieces things together so we can get a real understand of some things that have happened in previous episodes. Augustus seems to becoming very friendly with Rose and they seem to becoming quite close to each other as he believes what she says about Susan still being alive. Jackson has now worked out whom the ‘Golem’ is Abel is up to something when Jackson threatens him. This episode has a big twist to it and a very sad end. There is a fair bit of violence towards the end of this episode. After watching this episode, I couldn’t wait to start the next series.

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Overall Opinion
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I have to be honest, that I didn’t really know what to expect from this series as although I have watched all the previous one’s I didn’t find series three, all that good and not as good as some of the others, that I have seen; how-ever they have done well with this series as the episodes have some great storylines and some fantastic twists and turns that you just don’t see coming. In some episodes there is more violence and blood than others; although I found the last episode most violent out of them all. The characters are great and it’s nice to see that Drake and Rose are now happy together and are helping to bring up Susan and Jackson’s child. Its nice to see that Jackson has stopped drinking in an effort to make things better for him and Susan; how-ever this doesn’t last long and things don’t go the way that he planned. I am glad I continued watching the series and now I have seen this series, I can’t wait to see the next one.

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