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published 04/08/2001 | thegr8one
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"The Most Electrifying man in all of sport"

The Rock

The Most Electric man in all of showbiz.
well you are damn right he is the peoples champion
he is a great asset to the sports entertainment industry listen to his title background

wwf champion 6 times
intercontinental champion 2 times
tag team champion 3 times

The rock has held the wwf title 6 times in all which is a wwf record and
he won his first title beating the undertaker,mankind and i forget who the other one is he battled through all of them to become the champ and he did deserve it.

he has been the intercontinental champion 2 times and this was once before he won his first wwf title and after he lost his wwf title at wrestlemania where he did not win the title back until no way out 2001.

he was also one part of the tag team champions with two different people
the first time he bacame tag team champion was against the new age outlaws which were at that time the one billy gun and he road dogg
he was the tag team champion with mankind and they made the rock and sock connection then they lost the titles to the new age outlaws the following night on raw.the rock and sock connection once again beat the new age outlaws to become two time tag team champions.
the third time he won the title was on wwf raw when he was with the undertaker and they were an unstoppable force until they got cheated out of the titles by rikishi and haku.

In 1999 the rock got voted the peoples champion and from then on was known around the world for being the most electryfying man in all of sports entertainment.That is when the move the smack down become the peoples elbow and if now one of the rocks classic finishing moves.

the rocks other finishing moves are the rock bottom and the rock uses the sharp shooter as a submission move.

the rock won the title at no way out 2001 and in january 2001 at the royal rumble stone cold steve austin won the 30 man royal rumble which automatically made austin the number one contender for the wwf title at wrestlemania.

as we went into the match we found out it got turned into a no dq which means anything goes and the crowd came to a stand still until you heard the glass smash then everyone went wild for the texas rattlesnake stone cold when austin entered the ring things started to cool down until if you smell what the rock is cookin then everyone went mad again.

towards the end of the match the owner of the wwf vince mcmahon came out to ring side.and threw the chair into austin then he battered the rock to a bloddy pulp finally to win and the rock lost his title.

the following night on raw the rock demanded a rematch and put the sharpshooter on vince mcmahon until he said you got the match as the rock walked away vince said it would be in a cage.

towards the end of the cage match vince took out the ref and he and stone cold started to beat the hell out of the rock until the games musci come on the game run down to the ring furious and he had a sledgehammer in his hand he stood in the ring staring austin in the face when he turned and hit the rock with the hammer.

the rock got unfairly suspended for no reason and just tonight he has come back to the wwf with his new music which is brilliant.he rock bottomed vince mcmahon and shane mcmahon and then said finally the rock has come the ......w..w..f.
as the broadcast went off air.

all i can say

if you smell what this opinion is cookin then comment on it

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  • Karnage published 26/04/2002
    Great might want to update it slightly now though to talk about the Rock vs Hulk Hogan match at Wrestlemania, and his current success as the star of the Scorpion King movie. Keep em coming! -Karnage
  • dchurch published 18/12/2001
    A good op on the Great One but would have been improved if the sentences were more clearly defined.
  • TYoung published 04/08/2001
    Finally TYoung has written yet another comment....The Rock is without a doubt a great sports entertainer. He has it all, the moves, the music, the fans - however the one thing i think he could improve is follow Kurt Angles 3 i's - Intensity, Integrity and Intellegance. (soz about ppl who have no idea wat im on about but watch wwf if u want to know). Good Opinion.....If u smellllllllllllllll wat TYoung comment is cooking...bacon i think :) hehe
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