Rock'n Roll'n Robbins [Compilation] - Marty Robbins

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Rock'n Roll'n Robbins [Compilation] - Marty Robbins

Two high school students from different social groups fall in love. He's the wealthy campus heart-throb and she's the bright girl from the wrong side ...

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Review of "Rock'n Roll'n Robbins [Compilation] - Marty Robbins"

published 19/09/2009 | danielleg1989
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Thanks for the reads and rates :) Not got much time for reviewing at the moment as I am currently in the process of training my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy but will return any rates, as always, asap. xx
Pro so many this is just brilliant i dare you to watch it and not like it i dont believe its possible
Cons none
very helpful

"amazing film captures the 80s and puts it on your tv"

photo of 3 of the films main stars

photo of 3 of the films main stars

What can i say i really want to do this film justice so this review is more than likely going to be very long.


Plays Andy Walsh a very intelligent girl she plays the role so well that you couldn't imagine someone else being Andy you could refer to her as a awkward rebel if you have seen not another teen movie you will know exactly what i am referring too. She doesn't want to fit in and does just about everything to make sure she doesn't shes poor in comparison to those who bully her in the film.
Benny a girl and a few others similar to her in the film who bully Andy are all well off and quite rich whereas Andy isn't .

However she tries to ignore it rather than stand up to them and even when her teacher sees what going on and punishes the girls who are doing it she is hesitant to allow for that she raises her hand and basically asks the teacher to let it slide so as to save herself the hassle she would get from them.
Andy,s mother walked out and left her and her dad when she was younger and now its just the both of them living together in the house her dad still hasn't moved on after her mother leaving them. He still loves her very much and this holds him back from many things including getting a job and because there poor Andy has to buy second hand clothes and redesign them with her sewing and fashion skills she looks very unique in them and different but it certainly doesn't help her fit in and she basically looks after her dad he likens her a lot looks wise to her mum and in the film she becomes sort of like a substitute til her she does everything she would of done if she hadn't left them.

As the movie progresses Andy grows in confidence and stands up to her bully's she is close friends with Lona whom she works with in a music store named trax in china town and shes also close friends with ducky she falls for a rich kid called Blane McDonough.


You may have seen him in a few other films such as st Elmo's,s fire and mannequin. In this he plays Blane McDonough hes also very well off but he falls for Andy regardless of the fact that shes poor. He really likes her and Andy likes him back but this is when the main problems in the film just begin because there is a great amount of people who Andy knows and a great amount Blane knows who just do not agree with it and they make it made very clear especially at the start.

Andy's friend ducky has very intense feelings for her and he is not one bit happy when she meets Blane despite all of the opposing opinions Andy and Blane decide what they have is strong enough and important to both of them and that they are going to fight for it. On there first date Blane arrives late and Andy gets flustered thinking he isn't going to show even her mate Lona reckons she has been stood up and just as Andy decides shes right Blane shows up and that ever so romantic music that comes on in films as if just to remind you its at a romantic part (as if we need reminded when its at romantic scenes begins) just as it does throughout the movie every time a similar scene unfolds before our eyes. Similar to in a horror film before something jumps out and nearly kills you with shock . There relationship gets harder throughout especially due to Benny the girl who bully's her and steff who are both a couple.

On the first date Blane takes Andy to a party thrown by them and asks on the way if she want to go and change outfits when unbeknown to him she already has shes in her best outfit .

I was curious how easy she went on him and the response here. i believe most people male or female would have threw a hissy at this point but never the less she went to the party.

When she got there she wasn't hardly through the door before the snobby rich kids started firing snide remarks her way. She already wanted to go by this stage but Blane asks her to go upstairs and she goes up with him. When they get there steff and Benny are in the room drunk and when Blane sees this he offers to leave but steff invites him in and asks inquisitively who is there and when he realizes its Andy he invites her in even though he holds a grudge against her for reasons ill explain later.

Andy is already extremely uncomfortable by this point and while steff and Benny are on the bed making out there left sitting on chairs by this point Benny hasn't even became aware of Andy,s presence but when she does notice she looks at her sort of like a dog does when its intrigued like when its ear flips up and head moves to the side and it has that puzzled expression on its face and then her expression moves to a shocked /disgusted expression clearly showing annoyance that she is in her presence.

Then comes the insults were Benny imply s they had just let anyone in with her very stuck up attitude and she throws insults at Blane too because he brought Andy there then steff tells her there leaving and they exit the room after this Andy wants to go home but asks Blane not to leave her home and he is confused as to why this is. He thinks shes no longer interested but really she is ashamed of were she lives and doesn't want him to see it.

Andy is let down by Blane later after steff threatens him with losing there friendship and says a lot of mean things in regards to Andy and there is a rather unforgettable scene when Andy approaches him and quizzes him as to why he hasn't contacted her or answered her phone calls and that's all i will say about him so as not to give the whole film away lol.


Lona is played by Annie Potts she is Andy s friend she is older than Andy she has a really cool dress sense and is a very delightful character in the film she is nostalgic often speaking about before when she was younger and dressing that way too her outfits are extremely cool and she always has really funky hairdos and makeup she continues to dress like this until she meets a man she really likes and then she starts to dress very conservative which she refers to as looking like a mum. Its interesting to see her transformation in the film and she is funny in the scene were she sees someone trying to steal from her and lifts a stapler resulting in a very funny scene where she shoots a staple at his head and although its great to see how she changes and matures and be come all reserved and polite later on in the film i fought she was great with all of her outfits and wacky personality.


plays ducky who is a very decent kind hearted guy he is head over heels for his best friend who is Andy .He has very intense feelings for her and you cant help but find him endearing to watch he does everything he can to impress Andy even wildly and rather hilariously dancing and miming to a song in front of her and Lona but Andy sees him as nothing more than a friend. Blane is considered the hottie of the film and yes Andrew McCarthy is hot but there's something so lovable about ducky and you sorta wish she could like him. For him to be the one whose love is unrequited by the person he likes in the film is sorta strange to see and hard to understand how she couldn't like him. I found it quite surprising really after all hes a lot more down to earth and not snobby like Blane he would never tell her to change outfits and he respects her for who she is he would do anything for her.
He is left heart broken when he finds out she is seeing Blane god bless him he loves her so much and wants to spend every second with her but she only goes to clubs she knows he cant get into and even when he approaches a friend and asks him about her and asks what he thinks and his friend points out the fact that she only goes to clubs he cant get into and the poor besotted dude just doesn't see it. He even asked her dads permission to marry her at one point . His life revolved around her . When he eventually does get into the club shes in its only because Lona pretends to be his mother and that happens to be the same night Andy goes with Blane to it after her rather terrible experience at steffs party.

When ducky see them both together he is very defensive and acts like a fool in front of her and Blane to a point where Andy and Blane have to leave. Even though hes angry at her and says he wont be her friend when she needs him most hes still there when she goes to prom alone he shows up and when he spy's on a conversation between steff and Blane in which steff is being very mean about Andy he waits til its over and until Blane's out of the picture and confronts him standing up for her in another very memorable dramatic scene.
When he first heard about Blane he warned Andy off and said he would just use her and she would be making a fool out of herself being with someone like Blane ducky was also poor and he said he was no longer going to be there for her when she needed him but he was anyways.


James played steff the mean rich kid who tries to split Andy and Blane up he does everything to put Blane off her but unbeknown to Blane steff tried it on with her for years and she knew his intentions and that he was only after sex and she was aware of what a jerk he was and didn't like him. He asked why she wouldn't be with him and it was quite funny when she replied that it was because she had taste to which he replied bitch. He couldn't handle her rejecting him and then when his mate liked her and she liked him back he was jealous even though he had Benny the girl who bully's Andy he didn't overly care about her which he made obvious by still trying to get with Andy at the start of the film and seemed to only be with her cos they had richness in common and looked down there noses at those who weren't like them.


The soundtrack is brilliant especially the title song pretty in pink by psychedelic furs which was actually were the inspiration for the film came from. It includes great 80s hits such as try a little tenderness which was also used in the comedy film clueless starring Alecia silver-stone and Stacey dash and the fabulous Nick Kershaws song wouldn't it be good and many more great 80s tunes.


this films amazing it takes you into the 80s watching it i myself wasn't around in the 80s well not unless you count 89 which i don't lol but this makes me wish i was.

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