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published 05/05/2017 | SirJoseph
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With Pulse

With Pulse


Twenty-seven. Twenty-seven hit me hard. For twenty-six years on this earth, I've been a svelte, gazelle of a specimen. Always a single stone digit on the scales, a slightly fluctuating 28-30 waist size and ever a size small shirt wearer. I could eat what I wanted, sugary, fatty, no matter, couldn't put on a pound. Then it hit me. The big 27. Not exactly a milestone but for some reason, at the age when football pundits claim professional players hit their peak - the same cannot be said of a graphic designer, sitting in his office chair, hunched over a desk. No longer running around a playground playing ball games or on the move without ownership of a car had clearly taken its toll as well as mother nature. Joe was starting to get a spare tyre. To think the crippling numbers involved with moving out for the first time would have an effect on the amount of food (and therefore calories) consumed would keep me a bit of a stick-man. Foolish. No, no, the steady grind of 4 years in an office would contribute to a stomach slumping over what was previously the shadow of a washboard. The just considered healthy weight of 9 stone at a height of 5'7 would turn into a 10 and just be low enough not to be deemed overweight. No longer able to go on top for more than 5 minutes, ride a bike without cramping up or sprint without completely knackering myself. Sitting on my ass had taken it's toll, as had a sickening amount of microwavable, processed food in my belly. It was scary to think that I was growing up. Then again, I should've probably done that 9 years ago. Enter the exercise bike.
Exercise Bikes

I had always enjoyed the scarce physical education classes that utilised the gym equipment, mainly the treadmills as the bikes were normally girl territory. So when the mrs asked, if we should get a bit of kit to get 'us' back in shape again, I thought it were a brilliant idea. Looking around, there wasn't exactly a well known brand worth considering - especially as we had only been in our new place for barely one month. Once again, Argos was our port of call and as we scouted a few under the £100 mark and the review section. Naively believing that cheaping out on equipment that could theoretically put you in a better condition, we settled on the 'Roger Black' for £174.99 with supposedly £100 off RRP. Mmmyeah, doubt that very much. Guess Amazon isn't the only store to pull this crap! Ciao is actually missing the word 'Gold' from this products title - but I can't for the life of me figure out why that's included anyway as there is no colour other than blue and nothing gold standard about it. The site claims it has an iPad holder but really that's for the screen but I suppose you could remove it - sounds to me like they're trying to rope in saps willing to believe this can connect to an Apple product in some one - It doesn't. The screen has several programmes for you to have a go with (greater resistances, steadily tougher, frantic etc) but the solitary 'user' one is a nice touch. As are the pulse readers (metal segments on the hand rests) They're quite accurate but always start at around the 70 mark and go up if you break contact. The levels of resistance is more that enough for me as I started with the lowest possible setting being enough of a challenge! It's heavy so it won't rock about much, will mark the carpet despite the feet and needs to be plugged into the mains, so get closer to that wall.
General Information
  • Blue Bright LCD display
  • iPad holder on console
  • Water bottle holder.
  • Mains powered.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Hand grip pulse sensor.
  • 12 user programmes.
  • Programmes: 6 preset, 1 body fat, 1 target heart rate, 3 target control and 1 user program.
  • Console feedback including: Time, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, RMP, Program.
  • 16 level tension control.
  • 6kg flywheel.
  • Self levelling pedals with pedal straps.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Maximum user weight 125kg (19st 10lb).
  • Size H133.5, W54, D98.5cm.
  • Weight 26.5kg.
  • Transportation wheels.
  • Self-assembly.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

While my ankles, knees and thighs didn't appreciate getting a blitz of exercise every now and then, my overall well being and health certainly did. The first ride was a painfully pathetic journey of self discovery - with a break every minute as I couldn't pace myself properly. Heart-rate and breathing just fine, but legs gave out and lost feeling - that's what skipping a warm up can do! Half an hour on here, 2-3 times a week giving my all each time and suddenly my legs didn't ache as easily after a tough day on my feet, my ankles much stronger - I used to struggle with running because I used to be a sprinter and completely buggered my ankles and knees - but now I last much longer thanks to improving my core energy and as far as I'm aware, made my bones/joints/muscles more durable. Granted, I'm a bit injured right now with a sprain or something snapping in my neck/shoulder, rendering me next to useless and not able to turn my head without a sharp bugger of a pain cropping up, but I do look forward to getting back at it. I gripe about having to re-adjust the saddle and such each time I take to this bike but it is a timely reminder to take it slow initially and stretch, go at my own pace and make sure I get things perfect for an optimal performance as, researching brought to light, the slightest issue can mess your body up. So be warned, you should make it your personal responsibility (if you get one of these) to get your set up right - knees never fully straightened, nor too bent, back positioning comfortable etc. I did have 'Adjustable' as an advantage but frankly, all exercise bikes should be anyway, so I've ditched that. I will certainly return to this piece should my physical condition change, for better or worse - hopefully in better health though!

Right when it was through the door it was a pain in the arse. I don't normally balk at self-assembly, a bit of DIY but having been delivered on a Friday evening, it wasn't in my best interest to get back to work - especially after a beer or two.. So with all the parts out of the box, it rapidly becomes clear that this thing was made in China (so perhaps they should change 'Roger Black' to 'Xiao Shu' or something. Putting this together would've been a stress on any day of the week let alone a 'put your feet up friday' as the instructions were basic but used numbers for parts that made very little sense - namely skipping all of 20-66 and jumping straight to 67! One screw clearly didn't belong with the kit, the drink holder wasn't worth putting together (not just because the instructions were far too late in mentioning it) and worst of all, the materials used are substandard. Yes they're fairly sturdy but the readjustments that will always need to be made with 2 people of different body types using it, it's evidently meant for one position. The seat can be moved forward and back somewhat but the height is pure luck as to whether you've locked in properly - you'll find out when you get on with a sudden drop and a metallic clunk if not. The saddle is, to put it mildly, the bane of my existence. I thought the Chinese were a slightly smaller race so maybe they're assuming us westerners are all brick sh*t houses with ginormous butts - we must be if we're using this, right? It is way too big at the back and as the gf doesn't find fault with it, must be designed for those without any meat and veg between the legs. Once you start using the thing, your hands will stink like rubber mixed with cannabis oddly enough - IF you come into contact with the hand grips, which is likely.

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  • cr01 published 15/05/2017
    Thanks for the smiles.... there will come a point where you just give up and let gravity take its course. Trust me it's a lot easier lol
  • Secre published 09/05/2017
  • chrisandmark_is_here published 09/05/2017
    We had the Roger Black exercise bike that had a stair climber thingy built in (I can't remember the name of it...) which was absolutely rubbish, and cost a bloody fortune x
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