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Type Computers & Electronics
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 18/04/2008

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similar by Type (Computers & Electronics)
the cheapest for many electrical items, user friendly website, easy to buy things, good range, simple collection method. Easy to find.
could be confused with "Empire stores" (which are not the cheapest) All done over the internet (which might not suit some people) (*)
Wide product selection, low prices, easy to use site
Poor customer service, Show all products link (*)
See text.
See text. (*)
Good prices, good service and excellent updates of progress
Delivery slightly later than expected due to courier service (*)
Easy to operate, Quality Sound, Looks Good.
Honestly cannot think of any. (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Gave me back my Saturdays!
you can't choose your fresh produce (*)
Well put together site
None (*)
Fast delivery, easy to navigate, you can be a star (I know you are one)!
Some items are banned for outside UK delivery, you can spend way to much! (*)
In theory, appear to have impressive range of products at reasonable prices
DREADFUL customer service (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (R)
An excellently laid out website with excellent products and customer service!
They have some colours translated so it does not give the true colour's names (*)
Easy to use, effective effects
No Scratch facility (*)
Nice, stylish clothes
Veerrrrrryyyy sloooooooowwwww delllliiiivveerryyyy! (*)
Shop at Home, Good Choice, Easy to Use Site!
Expensive Delivery, Slow Loading Site! (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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