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"What would I do without Postwatch?"

OK, so I know it's easy to have a go at Royal Mail, the daily newspapers do it constantly but to be honest they do manage to deliver my mail most days in rain, snow & sunshine. However two little true stories do make you look at Royal Mail through a different light.

This time last year over a period of six weeks, six different items sent to my home went missing. Two replacement credit cards, one cheque book, £30 of gift vouchers & two items from work all went missing. I contacted Royal Mail with my concerns & they replied asking for information on when the items were sent, where from & who by. Easier said then done, but I got the information & posted it to them only to receive a reply stating that the information I gave them was no help to them as its impossible to track normal mail form the sender!!! Why ask then!!
Anyway, they apologised & stated that they didn't think anyone was stealing my mail, gave me the number of letters they deal with on an annual basis & tried to convince me things do go missing from time to time.
Not satisfied with that I contacted Postwatch who looked at the problem more seriously, they sent Royal mail a letter (copied to me) demanding to know why these particular items had gone missing, asked Royal Mail to monitor all my mail for 2 months & do an internal enquiry.
About three months later Royal mail concluded that no one had stolen my mail, it must have went missing & apologised. As far as I know nothing else has went missing since but I am still suspicious all the same.

No sooner had that little concern been resolved when I posted an item worth about £10.00 sold from Ebay to a lady in London. She had asked for the item to be sent to her office & gave me the complete address.
One month later it didn't arrive, I guessed it had been lost so to preserve my Ebay feedback rating I reimbursed the lady & filled in a compensation form to Royal Mail. One week later it arrived back rejected because I had used an incorrect postcode. I apparently had used a '7' instead of a '9' in the postcode. I contacted the lady in London who confirmed that I had used the correct postcode & duly supplied me with written confirmation from a headed letter.
I sent it to Royal Mail explaining the situation highlighting the company concerned is only a short distance form the sorting office & is well known in the area. Any postman/women with local knowledge & common sense would have known that.

The letter I got back was the most patronising letter I have ever read explaining how the postcodes work & the importance of using them!! The joke was the lady explained they get mail all the time from around the world without complete addresses or postcodes!!
To add insult to injury when I went onto Royal Mails web site for the correct postcode it wasn't even listed!!!

I got in touch with Postwatch again & they took my side stating that I had done everything within my power to obtain the right code & advised paying me compensation. A letter arrived a week later with a full refund.

Without Postwatch I would have never been able to resolve this simple complaint as Royal Mail just make any excuse to get out of paying for thier mistakes.

Despite all that & despite the grumpy postmen, (my young post lady is very sweet though!), the one delivery a day when it suits them & the lack of Sunday collections they do a reasonable good job. As there is no direct competition for the private individual, I can only recommend them. Pity the couldn't lose my junk mail!!!

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  • MissSharonLynette published 10/03/2008
    excellent review. I have so many problems with them as my flat is located in the garden so I always add The Garden Flat to my address, still my post is always going missing, recently a replacement credit card (like yourself) and the pin number! Luckily it hasn't been used but it's such a pain having to chase your mail. Also the postman tried to sue us claiming "our" dog bit him, I haven't even got a cat let alone a dog, I have fish but they aren't allowed outside of their fish tank. Luckily I knew someone that worked their, I asked him about and he told us he had been bitten by a dog, his friends dog months before and that he was just trying it on. This is down to the individuals but when you have to complain it's like an automated system with automatic responses. That bit about the postcode is ridiculous, they should just own up and say sorry, I think most people would prefer that. Great review highlighting the problems with the post system.
  • Catw0man published 08/01/2008
    A very informative and interesting review :o)
  • costas1234 published 22/12/2007
    That is excellent review, very informative something i didnt know about.
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