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Russell Hobbs 2001

Kettle - Plastic - Cordless - with Anticalc Filter - with Automatic Shut Off - Max Capacity:0 - Max Wattage:3000

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published 30/08/2002 | sdwill
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Pro Boils super quick, resists limescale, attractive appearance
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"Who's going to buy a gimmicky thing like that..."

Oh. Ahhhh, mmmmmm, well, me. Obviously.

Well, there we were, 18 months ago, in need of a new kettle. We seem to be in this position every couple of years or so. I get fed up of chewing on chunks of limescale in my coffee and my husband hates oily slicks on his tea. In the past we’d had white or light coloured kettles and found that they discolour soooo quickly as well as attracting lime to the element and taking about 10 years to boil. So we were off to buy a new one.

Between my husband and I we had some fairly strict criteria. This new addition to our household had to be a jug kettle. It had to be cordless. It had to boil faster than warp speed and it would be a bonus if it had some sort of filter system. We paid a visit to our two local electrical appliance retailers, browsed around and then I saw THE ONE!!

The Russell Hobbs Thermocolour 2001 Pink Kettle. It was sitting there, brazen faced, in all it’s pink and blue glory. I could see other customers strolling past and thinking exactly what you probably thought…....’it’s a gimmick, why on earth would someone pay all that money for a gimmicky kettle like that’. Weeeell, yes. I can see your point. But not only is it a bit gimmicky, it is a very, very good kettle. Just look past the showmanship and consider the facts.

The Russell Hobbs Thermocolour Kettle is a cordless, jug kettle. It holds about 1.7l of water, which is comparable to similar models by other well-known manufacturers. It stands roughly 26cm tall, including the base and is about 14cm in diameter at the bottom of the jug. It is very stable and has full 360-degree swivel, with a large easy to grab handle. There’s no problem at all reconnecting the kettle to its base because there’s just a central circular connection point and the jug slots on and off very easily. The base can sit quite happily on your worktop continuously plugged in, or you can store the rather short cable into the bottom. The cable is about 60cm long and comes with a plug (and 13A fuse) already fitted, it’s sturdy but pretty flexible so won’t become easily tangled or behave badly unless you try to twist it.

There are 2 water level indicators on either side of the body of the jug…..these don’t rely on a little ball of plastic which tends to get stuck and deceive you, oh no, you see the actual level of water. The maximum indicator is also well below the top of the kettle, which is an important safety feature. You don’t need to worry too much about slopping boiling water everywhere when you pick it up and it doesn’t spit at you either. This dual level indicator is a good feature for all you left handed people out there as well and is also fairly standard on most jug kettles nowadays. However, there is no ‘minimum’ indicator on this kettle for the very simple reason that you don’t need one.

The Russell Hobbs Thermocolour kettle has a very clever patented 3kW OPTEC disc in the bottom of the jug, no elements or prongs, just a flat grey circle. Optec actually stands for discOptimised Printed Element Technology…..I wasn’t any the wiser after reading this either! What it actually means in practise is that you can put in just enough water to fill a coffee cup and it will boil it, or you can fill ‘er up to the top and it will boil the water incredibly quickly. I believe that it is one of the fastest kettles you will find. I’ve just now filled it up to capacity and timed it and the water boiled in less than 2 minutes….and this kettle is 18 months old! That probably gives you about enough time to get out the mugs, find the teabags and fetch the milk! Definitely fulfilling one of our criteria. You can’t boil the kettle empty either, there’s a safety cut out to prevent this happening.

Now to the ‘gimmicky’ bit. This is unique to Russell Hobbs kettles. There is a neon band above the handle indicating when the kettle is turned on, but with the colour change technology, this really isn’t necessary unless you’re reboiling. What happens is this… the water heats up the kettle changes colour, from dark blue to pink. Starting at the bottom of the jug, the colour creeps up around the water. As the water becomes hotter and starts to form steam, so the colour seeps up the sides of the kettle until the whole body becomes vibrant pink! The only thing that doesn’t change is the handle (thank goodness) and the top (also a good feature), the lid and handle remain cool. I used to find myself boiling water ad infinitum just to see how it worked! Fascinating!

I suppose it’s similar technology to those mugs and T-shirts that you can buy, where the pictures or messages change when they’re heated. Anyway, this is what sold the kettle to me, not my levelheaded husband, I might add, who was far more interested in the technical specifications. As the kettle cools, the colour changes back to blue again but you can gauge the temperature of the water inside by looking at the outside of the jug……if it’s still pink, then you might get another cup out of it!

So, what else? The Russell Hobbs Thermocolour kettle also comes with an integral filter, designed to forever end those nasty, oily, slimy slicks on your morning beverage. This worked very well for a few months until it finally parted company with the jug on a permanent basis. We switched to a filter jug and used filtered water and solved the problem that way. I’m sure that with a little effort we could fix it back on, but it doesn’t seem worth the trouble. It was just a little bit of triangular plastic with some very small holes in that fitted on the spout.

I do have a couple of gripes about the kettle. The lid isn’t very substantial and a bit flexible which means it can be awkward to open and close properly. I have found myself boiling the kettle up when the lid wasn’t closed fully and getting scalded for my pains. If you fill it up through the spout then you wouldn’t get that problem, though. Also the cable doesn’t always emerge from the base in the right position so the kettle doesn’t sit level. Again, this is pretty easy to fix and a very minor whinge.

Overall the kettle does everything we wanted. It’s a fast boiling, non-scaling, easy to clean, trouble free appliance.

Russell Hobbs have always been a bit innovative when it comes to kettles. Did you know that they were the first manufacturer to include printed designs on their kettles?

The Thermocolour kettle comes with a 12 month guarantee. It also comes in three variations - blue/pink, green/light green and black/silver. You can buy it from most of the well-known retailers who stock electrical goods. Today, it costs anywhere from £19.99 to £38.99, so it’s worth shopping around. I have a feeling we paid a bit more for it than the latter price but we certainly think we’ve got our money’s worth.

I thoroughly recommend it!

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  • SweetTooth93 published 13/04/2009
    Congrats on the diamond xx
  • tarara published 16/05/2003
    I have the Black/white one of these! Ours cost £17.99 last year from Currys
  • hlcloud published 22/11/2002
    btw - congrats on winning the prize - well deserved I would say!
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Product Information : Russell Hobbs 2001

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Kettle - Plastic - Cordless - with Anticalc Filter - with Automatic Shut Off - Max Capacity:0 - Max Wattage:3000

Product Details

EAN: 5038061002614

Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs

Travel Kettle: No

Concealed Heating Elements: Yes

Housing Material: Plastic

Shape: Jug

Automatic Shut Off: with Automatic Shut Off

Maximum Capacity in Litres:

Cordless: Cordless

Maximum Wattage: 3000

Different Temperature Settings: No

Anticalc Filter: with Anticalc Filter

Boil Dry Protection: Yes

Type: Kettle

Cool Wall: No

Teamaker Option: No

Water Filter Cartridge: No

Boiling Signal: Yes

Keep Warm Function: No

Re-Boil Function: No

360° Cordless Connection: No


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