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published 26/11/2009 | JAVER1967
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I will be writing about the airline company which took me on my last foreign trip, namely Ryanair.

There are times in life when there comes a moment that you have had enough, be it because of other people, work is becoming too stressed or studies are driving you mad … that you then decide to find some sort of outlet which will relieve those pressures and stresses.

To relieve all these pressures, there are many outlets and many different ways of doing things. If time is precious, you can go to the cinema, you can go out with friends, and if you have a little bit more time available, you can pack your suitcase and escape to some remote destination, which is what I did recently when I visited Santiago de Compostela, travelling with Ryanair from London Stansted.

To be quite honest, I believe that we live in one of the most beautiful countries, with lots of things to do and Britain does not have the reputation of being especially expensive when compared to the rest of the world. However, there are times when we feel we need to broaden our horizons, and that is when we decide, assuming that we can afford it, to travel abroad.

This is where Ryanair can help a little, as Ryanair is an airline whose main advantage is an attractive price. To give you an example, it costs me more to travel by train from Bristol to London, than it does to fly with Ryanair from London to Spain.


None of its planes appear to have suffered a history of defects or problems, and most of there aeroplanes appear to be fairly new and modern.

So how can they offer such cheap fares? Ryanair is predominantly an internet company. By this I mean that they sell their tickets through the internet www.ryanair.com. By doing this, the company saves literally millions of pounds by not having to employ personnel in travel agencies, shops in shopping centres etc and therefore their overheads are kept as low as possible. They also use airports which I would call as secondary airports. For example, if flying from London, you would be using Stansted or Luton, but not Heathrow. So although they may advertise a major city such as Barcelona, you may find that the actual flight arrival is at a smaller airport about one hours drive away from Barcelona. However, I imagine that Ryanair saves literally millions of pounds every year by being charged lower airport taxes.


To be quite honest, booking flights through the internet, although could be a bit frightening for some, is getting easier every day, but it makes the process far quicker, much more at ease, and being able to compare different options. I won’t go into the gritty detail of each tab to press on their internet site, because that will become boring to you as a reader of this, but basically you have the option of inputting your departure point, your arrival point and your preferred dates of travel. It will then give you the prices for the flights which will depend on when you travel and where from etc. You will quickly find out however that the price of your flight, if you have reserved it some time before your expected travelling date, if relatively cheap, as opposed to if you have left the booking until the last minute. That in itself may give you the impression that they are laughing at you but …

In the next stage, you will find out the airport taxes which tend to be more expensive, and then you have potential extras that may need to be added on such as how many suitcases you have. But that is all dependent on your own circumstances. When I was looking at booking my flights, I found that it is cheapest if you book your flights at least one month before your travelling date. Lastly you need to accept the terms and conditions and then you get to the payment stages, and once done, your tickets have been booked. Once booked, you do not actually check in at the airport. You have got to check in online which can be done from 15 days before the flight and up to 4 hours before the flight.


Ryanair is basically an airline which offers cheap air travel to important European cities. I believe that Ryanair started in 1985 with only one route between Ireland and London, and now they operate to and from 146 airports and more than 13 European countries, and fly more than 12 million passengers per year.

According to the company, it is successful and is one of the most ‘on time’ airlines in the world, loses less luggage than any other airline, and has the least amount of cancellations, and apart from that, as already mentioned, one of the cheapest airlines for travellers.

Ryanair has offered cheap travel since 1985, and not just when it started relying on the internet which was in 2000. It also offers a service to book cheap hotel rooms and also cheap car hire.

As you have read so far, it all looks good – cheapness, punctuality, ease etc, but what are the disadvantages?

Well, I believe there are some, and it is not all roses.

Once you have bought the tickets, the money cannot be returned, nor will it allow you to make alterations to your travel arrangements without further costs.

It uses a system called ‘Point to Point’ (or in other words, departure point to arrival point). Basically this means that it will not be held responsible for any losses that you may incur due to their flights being late ( which for example, if you are expecting to catch another plane at your arrival destination, but you miss it because your Ryanair flight is late). Ryanair only makes themselves responsible for their leg of the flight only.

The airports that are used are secondary airport and tend to be quite far away from the actual cities themselves, so alternative travel may be required in the form of taxis, buses or hire cars.

Your suitcases should not weigh more than 15 kg in weight, as anything over that will be charged for every kg over.

My experience with Ryanair was good. I am one of those people which considers it to be less important on how to get somewhere, but more considers it more important to get there. In other words, I do not look for luxury or look to pay for extras, but at the same time, do not expect to be taken granted of.

I arrived at Stansted airport, and at first, it looked fairly hectic with literally hundreds of travellers waiting to travel. However, once a deep breath was taken, I simply needed to find out what gate to go to from the big notice boards, and then simply joined the correct queues.

When the time came to get on the airplane, it was simply joining another queue to get on the plane itself. The airplane left on time, the flight itself was good without any problems, and arrived on time, with the return journey being the same.

On getting on the plane, you simply find a free seat. The seats themselves are not numbered, and the plane seemed fairly large, and the seats are quite comfortable. The only observation which I found, which I feel I should mention, it that most customers appeared to have hand baggage to try and save on the costs of heavy luggage and there did not appear to be enough room in the overhead lockers.

At the front of you, you will find a price list of the products you can buy on board, and they have a wide variety of things, but I feel that the prices are quite expensive, and I noticed that most people bought things on the flight.

On going to the on board toilet, I had the good luck of confronting the catering trolley and had to return to my seat and wait for the trolley to go past my seat before I could visit the toilet. I noticed that the trolley had things like after shave, perfumes, alcohol, sandwiches and other similar items. I must admit I found myself being curious as to what sort of people would buy particular items. They even sold specific Ryanair lottery tickets from which you could win a car.

One thing that was free was that you could read the onboard Ryanair magazine, although it was not that interesting, but most people were reading to overcome being bored.


Luggage, I feel, is worth mentioning. There are many travellers that are shocked when they check in their luggage and get cross when they are not allowed to take certain items in their hand luggage.

Hand luggage cannot weigh more than 10 kg, but there are some people that try to take on hand luggage certain oversized items such as sports bags, and there are size limits for hand luggage to try and overcome this. If your hand luggage is oversized, you may not have any option but to book it on as cargo with quite a hefty cost being involved.

In your hand luggage there are items (for security reasons), which you are not allowed to take with you, such as articles with sharp blades, inflammable items, toy guns, certain liquids.

Cargo luggage as already mentioned, should not exceed 15 kg in weight. Anything above this weight, you will need to pay quite a lot for each and every kg over the 15 kg weight limit. The per kg price is so excessive, that I saw some people who decided at the airport to fly and leave their luggage behind, so be warned. The maximum amount of cargo luggage you can take, irrespective of whether you pay or not is 32 kg.


I could be really boring here and list each destination that Ryanair flies to, but I imagine you would find that fairly boring, and you can access the Ryanair website yourselves to get more information. I will say however, that it appears that London Stansted appears to be the largest airport that Ryanair operates from, and appears to be its main home base, having routes from there to most countries and the most used airport. It does fly to over 140 destinations and over 15 counties. On the Ryanair website you can see all the destinations and routes it uses on an interactive map.

I would definitely say to travel with Ryanair. Ryanair offers us something that we are always looking for – namely flights with prices that the normal people can afford to pay.

Apart from the inconvenient areas that I have mentioned above, Ryanair is a competent company offering quick flights which are cheap and punctual. If you are looking for luxury and willing to pay lots more, there are other companies available.

So if you are thinking of travelling, give Ryanair a go on www.ryanair.com and realise that getting to know foreign countries is wonderful, and at cheaper prices, even more so.

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  • Alyson29 published 08/05/2011
    A thoroughly enjoyable read and well covered. E from me x
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    Fantastic review, really well covered :) xx
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    Back with the. Apologies for the delay.
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