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STV The Buzz Jaw Fly Trap

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published 30/08/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro It REALLY works!!!
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"A buzzing good trap - entice those flies into the jaws of death!"

STV The Buzz Jaw Fly Trap

STV The Buzz Jaw Fly Trap

STV The Buzz Jaw Fly Trap


My family will tell you I am rather obsessed with my chickens!!
My presents all tend to be poultry related and I get told off by my son for taking ‘chuck bags’ home from restaurants for treats for my girls!!

Chickens are a real pleasure to own, they each have their own personality, they provide me with delicious eggs and they are not TOO much trouble to look after; but, in the warmer weather one of the problems is the flies that congregate around the coops and runs, despite keeping the chicken poop down and cleaning the area.
We have enough problems with the dastardly flies anyway as we live on a dairy farm, although we have an electric zapper in the house and stickers on the windows we still do get some in the house – but they can be a real pain around my girl’s patch!

A month ago, while shopping in JTF Warehouse in Preston, I spotted these STV Buzz Jaw Fly Trap’s for just £1.50 – I have seen people talking about these on chicken keepers’ forums and I know that they are usually about £5 each. So, four of them went in my trolley – more or less 4 for the price of one!!

What are they?

There is nothing high-tech about these flycatchers.
They are part of ‘The Buzz’ range of non-chemical and poison free fly traps and repellents from the Norfolk based supplier of pest controls – STV.
It is basically a plastic bottle with a super- effective soluble fly attractant that is made from non-toxic food grade ingredients, when this product is mixed with water it attracts flies from up to a 10 m radius
The orange inverted cone shaped entrance allows the aroma from the mixture to escape and a bigger hole at the bottom of the cone is where they actually crawl in but cannot get back out through.

The bottle is around 8” tall and 3” in diameter, it is designed to be hung up outdoors and will last for around 4 weeks.
When full you just simply throw it in the bin.

Manufacturer’s Details

• Super-effective disposable fly trap contains water activated bait - flies love it
• Just add water to fly catcher to activate effective bug attractant - attracts flies up to 10 m radius
• Disposable fly trap - flies get in, but can't get out, simply fill it and bin it
• Proven effective fly catcher - keeps working for over four weeks
• Hang fly trap in outdoor, garden areas that receive sunlight but minimal wind

How to Use

These are very easy to use and also very clean to use; just twist the lid to unlock it and pull up the plastic orange fly trap entry point. Pour 300 ml of water into the bottle and hang it in an outdoor position that receives sunlight and minimal wind. Allow 24 hours before attractant starts to work
When the trap is full, push down lid and twist lock closed and place it in a plastic bag and dispose of in the household refuse.
You can keep topping it up with water until the trap is full of the corpses of the dreaded insects.

I must add that the bit about this being in direct sunshine for part of the day really IS an important factor in the effectiveness of this product. Do not give up on it if you don’t attract flies straight away
I must also emphasise the 24-hour period that it CAN take to work, then again it may work quicker – this all depends on where you position it and the weather conditions.
time scale that is given. Put this up near the back door in full sun, 2 weeks late nothing but more flies Pick a good fairly sheltered place in the sun, and you will see results.

My Experience

I HATE FLIES!!!! And my lovely chickens really do attract a lot of them unfortunately
I’ve tried everything, from fly squatters (the flies are too quick for me to catch), an electric tennis racquet thing (too much of a temptation for my son to try to zap me!), umpteen aerosols of fly spray, (cough, cough), a door curtain (there’s still the windows) the plastic bag of water with pennies in (a complete waste of time – just an old wives’ tale!) and my trusty electric fly catcher (which IS wonderful and does a great – albeit noisy – job) in an attempt to get rid of Jeff Goldblum’s pesky relatives.
However, I have to say that this Buzz fly trap really is very effective.

I was convinced that this latest attempt at getting rid of flies wouldn’t work but I was desperate enough to give it a try, and boy did it work?
Of course, to begin with I didn’t realise this, I hadn’t taken in the the part where it says it takes 24 hours to activate. I hung one up at the end of the chicken coop and kept waiting for the disgusting flying creatures to disappear and initially, I thought what a waste of money. Next morning there were about an inch worth of dead flies in the bottle, after a week the water inside was almost solid with flies!
I am pleased to say that this does NOT trap bees, although it has trapped the odd slug (HOORAY!!)

I have just hung up a newly trap as I filled the first with horrid flies in around 3 weeks! This was a very satisfying process, I just unscrewed the top and out popped the lid, I put in the correct amount of tap water indicated and, hung it up with a feeling of gleeful anticipation! This time, maybe because of the sunny weather, within a few hours I was able to watch with delight several flies were enticed into the trap and began to sink to a much-deserved death.

I had read that these things stink something awful, hence the reason they were for outdoor use: however, I honestly didn’t think they were that bad. When you add the water, there is a yeasty smell, a bit like stale beer, but once it was hung up I couldn’t smell it at all – and I live surrounded by cows so the air isn’t that sweet anyway!


As I said I only paid £1.50 for my fly traps from the JTF Warehouse; there are branches of this company around the country (store locator here:; however, I imagine that these will sell out very quickly, and I am not hopeful there will be any left on my next visit!
They can be bought from garden centres and hardware shops and you can buy them from Amazon or E Bay.
Despite the STV website giving a RRP of £3.99 for this product (you cannot buy it direct from them online) currently the cheapest on Amazon is £4.29 and on E Bay £5.68.

These are disposable fly catchers but STV also make refillable ones; you can buy a 2 pack of these off Amazon for £9.90 and 3 packs of the refills for in them cost £4.09.

Do I Recommend?

OH YES!!!!
This product comes with a HUGE Sellerleygirl recommendation!
If you have a fly problem in your garden or house, if you keep horses, chickens, rabbits etc that attract flies, if the area around your wheelie bin is a fly heaven then the STV Buzz Jaw Fly Trap is ideal!
It's not the prettiest thing to look at (especially when full of dead flies!) but it DOES do the job!

1. The fly trap in the chicken coop
2. Close up
3. The corpses
4. Who me? Attract flies?
5. One of my new rescue hens who is fascinated with my granddaughter

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