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Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Pastel

Make bath time more fun for little ones and easier for parents. The Swivel bath seat provides comfort to the baby and convenience to parents making ba...

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published 25/05/2016 | StazKilly
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"~Handy Seat For Hands Free Baby Bathing~"

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Pastel

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Pastel

Being a mum to three children, my youngest just 1, I know that bath seats are a very handy product to have in the home. This swivel bath seat is made by Safety1st, a rather new baby product brand, launching in 1987 with plug socket covers, they became well known for being the first company to launch the yellow baby on board signs for driving mums and dads. Over the last 30 years, they've expanded to all kinds of baby products, most of using on the safety of babies and toddlers.

This bath seat was bought nearly 12 years ago by my Mum for for my nephew after he grew out of his baby bath. It was one of those products she kept hold of, and 4 years later when I had my eldest daughter, she passed it to me. I have since used it on my second child, and my youngest child, who has just turned one, so I am still currently using the seat.

The seat is made of a sturdy blue plastic, which has space for the legs to fit through and baby to sit inside the seat. It's just like a baby swing but circular shape rather than square. The back of the seat is slightly higher so baby can rest their back against it. On the front is two little plastic sea horses that spin around to keep baby entertained whilst in the bath.

The seat is recommended for use from 6 months to 12 months, or 9kg to 18kg. This is because baby needs to be able to sit up by themselves whilst in the seat, otherwise, as you can imagine, they end up leaning over the front or slipping down and hurting themselves between their legs against the plastic bar. I have used the chair from 4 months with my eldest daughter as she could sit up unaided at this age, and she was over the 9kg as she was a very heavy baby, being 10lb at birth, so this was ideal for her at a younger age. However, my youngest daughter was 7lb at birth and is quite a petite baby, and a,though she could sit unaided at 5months, I tried her in the seat and as she was quite light, the water lifted her and made her slip down, so the weight recommendation is important, as with all Abby safety products.

The seat features 4 rubber suction discs underneath the seat to enable the seat to stick to your bathtub. It won't work on ridged, or textured baths, only on smooth baths, so usually the end away from the taps. The bath sticks really easy, once eyes a bit of water in the tub, just push the seat down and it will stick usually straight away. I always then try and pull the seat out to see if it's stuck down properly as sometimes one doesn't stick immediately and so will lift up so always make sure all four of them are stuck down. The bath is very hard to lift out of the water once stuck down, so if baby leans forward to reach for toys or gets excited and dancing side to side as babies do, the seat won't just come unstuck, just empty the bath and then the seat can be unstuck.

Once stuck down firmly the seat can turn all the way around. It says this is for parents to wash hard to reach places but no place is hard to reach on the baby in the bath especially sat in the seat, other than their bottom of course. Their is a water level mark on the back of the seat which shows you the advised maximum level to fill up your bath. This is around half way up. I have filled it higher than that when baby has bathed with my eldest daughter, and the water can lift baby up when above this level so again, can be quite dangerous not to follow the instructions.

All my children have loved sitting in their bath seat whilst bathing as it gives them a bit of independence and frees you up to use both hands, as it is really difficult to bath a baby one handed as most parents will know. They have all played with the little sea horses on the front which have also been chomped on. The only thing they have gotten frustrated with is not being able to reach floating toys, as the water level, isn't high enough for them to reach for them themselves.

Cleaning the seat is easy enough, once out of the bath obviously the water can cause grime underneath the seat if you don't clean it regularly. As the base can turn, it's really easy to clean underneath in all directions with a damp cloth.

I have noticed that Safety 1st have changed the toy on the front to a spinning ball, so if you search this seat it will look slightly different to the one on the pictures, but it's only the toy that's changed really. I think it is actually a good idea as the sea horses were quite boring in comparison to a spinning ball. All my kids have loved spinning balls around on toys and walker etc, so I know they would have preferred the ball to the sea horses. Plus the sea horses were in an awkward position for baby to chew on them. I know they weren't made for that but all 6 month old put thing in their mouths, so baby is sometimes hunched down chomping on the sea horses which I never saw a big problem with but I can see the changing them to the ball is a great idea.

I would definitely recommend the seat to any parent of a baby ready to move into the big bath or into a bigger seat. The seat really helps you out at bath time as you aren't hunched over the bath struggling to hold the baby up whilst they constantly slip down and trying to wash them at the same time. Although the the seat free you up to tidy round the bathroom and entertain baby properly whilst they are in the bath, it's important that babies aren't left alone in the seat, even if you think they are safe, they can still slip out, or climb out before you can blink. It is highly affordable compared to others on the market, and very durable as you can tell from it being in use for the best part of 12 years with 4 children, plus has been borrowed out to friends babies in between my own also. The seat is available in pink as well for girls and I think they now also do a green one too. It is important to follow all guidelines properly. My daughter turned 1 two weeks go and has now started to stand up in the seat so is obviously no longer ideal for her use, but she has reached the advised age limit so I have still had the full 6 months recommended use out of the seat, so I am happy with that.

The seat is available from most online popular baby stores such as Kiddicare, PreciousLittleOnes and Amazon, and ranges between £11 and £15.

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Make bath time more fun for little ones and easier for parents. The Swivel bath seat provides comfort to the baby and convenience to parents making bath time much easier The Swivel Bath Seat can help make bath time easier with its suction pads to hold it securely in place in the bath and its interactive toys to keep your little on still when washing them. Contoured seat and backrest 360 degree rotational seat unit Secures to the bath via suction pads Quick release tabs for easy removal Colourful play toy to keep baby amused Suitable from 6 ? 12 months

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