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... I have for the most part always used their 'Value' range washing up liquid at the amazing price of just 13p per litre! I've had no gripes at all concerning it's quality or performance, so it was purely by default that I became the recipient of a bottle of a Sainsbury's equivalent, but how? Quite ... Read review

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'Basic In-sinks.' Review with images

AdvantagesCracking value. Not animal tested. Great performance. A little goes a long way.

DisadvantagesOwn brand, therefore accessibility may be awkward for some.

"...of a bottle of a Sainsbury's equivalent, but how? Quite simply, a request to my hubby to purchase a bottle of Tesco Value washing up liquid was somehow misinterpreted into 'Sainsbury's 'basics' washing up liquid instead, and I admit to being less than friendly when duly delivered the wrong one. Reason being, I'd assumed that a Sainsburys product would be more expensive, but was greatly appeased when told that this too was only 13p! I thought, ..." Read review

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Basically Bubble-less!

AdvantagesDoes not irritate my skin.

DisadvantagesDisappointing results, need to use a large amount of the product.

" Review of Sainsbury's Basics Washing up liquid. ==The Product== As most people will know, the Basics range is Sainsbury's own label products aimed at the budget end of the market. These goods are simply packaged and presented and are designed to offer no frills, value for money. Some of the these products are very good, other are not! Had I been writing this review two or three years ago, this washing up liquid would have received a definite ..." Read review

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Affordable liquid.

AdvantagesCleans very well.


"...of the lower range from Sainsbury's and inside it is a green liquid, it is not quite as thick as some other lower priced liquids in my opinion but it has a very nice fragrance to it, it smells of a cheap perfume but it is very pleasant. The texture of the liquid is very smooth and soft and it pours from the bottle quite fast compared to some other brands and so it is wise to squeeze the bottle gently otherwise it shoots into the water it does however ..." Read review

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Sainsburys Basics Washing Up Liquid

AdvantagesCheap and cleans ok

DisadvantagesHarsh on hands, doesn't leave a shine behind

"When it comes to washing up liquid, I tend to just purchase the cheapest going as I have a dishwasher and don’t tend to wash up very often, and only wash up when I only have a few items that need washing and therefore a bottle of washing up liquid lasts me quite a while so I only buy cheap. The last bottle of washing up liquid I purchased was Sainsbury’s Basics Washing Up Liquid as the price was attractive to me. This washing up ..." Read review

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Thunderbirds are almost go!

AdvantagesExcellent value for money, comes in old fashioned rocket bottle

DisadvantagesNone, unless you are waiting for it to run out

"My boyfriend and I are both children of the 80's, and as children one of the highlights of our day was coming home and watching Blue Peter. I remember as a child begging my mum to finish the washing up liquid so I could steal the bottle to make something . My boyfriends mother fondly tells the tale of a Tracey Island that my boyfriends made as a child - and kept so long it actually went mouldy and had to be thrown out. In a fit of nostalgia, he ..." Read review

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