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Review of "Sainsburys"

published 09/09/2005 |
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"Hello Sainsburys..... Goodbye Asda !"


A recent change has come about in my shopping habits, so spurring me to write this review about that weekly drudge all of us find ourselves having to do.
For me this is every 2 weeks, so any spare cash I thought I had is blasted on this nightmare task…Shopping… (Shudder!!)
The former, not applying to the woman of the house, as, all women love shopping!
If I have to be subjected to this horrendous soul destroying task, I do have certain requirements to ease my pain, these, I will list and explain a little later, speaking as a bloke of course.

My shopping history.
I know we all have to do this task, but, when I had to fend for myself and lived alone, and did as I pleased .… the, sigh… (Good old days!), my food shop consisted of…… make a list; get in there as quick as possible…. And get out!
No sniffing of the goods, cooing over the shape of the container and going backwards and forwards etc ….me, I just wanted to get in there , and get out ASAP away from those crowds, idiots wandering around in a dream world, long checkouts & and stress, lots of it!

Used to visit the nearest supermarket, and take no notice of the prices or description of the item, except for one time when in a local Co-Op I bought some very cheap mince beef (years ago mind) Woo …what a bargain! …till I cooked and ate it, crunching on the bits of bone, gristle & crap it contained…. Dug the label out of the bin, only to find it said "Pet mince" …or pet food!! , ewwweckk! Soon learned to look at the labels in more detail from then on!

As it is now.
I've been using the Asda / Wallmart experience for a while now, to satisfy me & the other halves shopping delights.
Though the place is cheap as chips, has a wide selection of bargain bits stacked a mile high, I feel the place has no soul, with its bright white light and George jeans at £3.00 a go, 2 pairs for work, I have purchased!
They try their best, I suppose, but the "meet and greet" lot on the door, not forgetting the man / woman on the mike doing the sales chat, you can always spot um, get a wide berth from me, (what's all that about?) … go away Mr. Nob, I need to get out of here & I need not to know about your special bargains, or where I can find the nearest great deal, … don't you know I hate shopping? And is not my calling in life, unlike yours… Oh by the way, since you're asking… where are the toilets?

There too is the Asda café, for your hungry belly, (you should never go shopping on an empty stomach... you know this!) always makes you buy more, and don't they know it, as, …the cafe has dried up food that has been under the heat lamps too long, but is edible and extremely cheap, as I've tried it, and soon feel full and buy less ha, suckers!
Most of the ingredients are from the "no frills" section of the store, so no Egon Ronay awards here.
Bland food & painful gums, being the special of the day!

This has been my Sunday afternoon drudge for too long now.
but one week, I thought I need to try somewhere else, If I've got to do this, then I want a different set up, a change, something different… enter,… Sainsburys, in Swindon.
Here we have 3 of them.

1) The town centre one that is old and boring, expensive and has no incentive to go there.
2) The massive Hyper,superdooper, cheapo wonder, that is on the outskirts of town… mmmm , wow! For me… parking problems, and car damaging crowds galore + the stress mentioned earlier, why do they always open their doors into my car, bash it & carry on regardless, well, now I park diagonally across 2 spaces and laugh at their protesting, while filling my boot with goods, "sorry, is there a problem?" haha …whatever!
3) The one I now use, is a bit in between the two, neither dead, nor too alive, in my way of thinking… forgotten about by most punters round here.

This one used to be the top Sainsburys round here, but as it's now in 2nd place because a bigger one has been built, meaning, all the crowds head for No 2 in my list… Like Lemmings, great stuff for me as the recent few visits has been bliss! And by this I mean … not packed (I hate crowds) and their mentality.

On entering the site, parking has never been a problem (tops!), next the correct size of trolley can be found, that steer in right direction and have better designed handles for better steerage…(Asda hide the medium sized ones in the hope that you'll buy more by only having the large deep trolleys in abundance) and, no, I wont ever buy more than I need… I'm too tight with my cash for that!
Upon entering Sainsburys, (no meters & greeters), cool, I'm faced with the organic range of veg… Ok I suppose if you like that sort of thing, but for me is over priced versions of the same thing for half the price (How do I know it's truly organic?)…but the choice is there for you.
An immediate difference here between Sainsburys and Asda is the range of weird shaped veg' on offer, I haven't tried half the stuff here but I'm sure it's great and would love to give some of it a go, when I work out what the hell to do with it !

Due to the lack of crowds, I find myself taking in the atmosphere of the place, looking at what is on offer and appreciating the stock more.
The range of stuff is amazing, and of very high quality, the stock is logically laid out and many deals abound.

I see that the cheap and cheerful is well mixed with the branded items, but find it easy to find my bargains, despite the other halves protesting ;-) … (Like water off a ducks back!) "No, it's just the same, but without the fancy labelling" I say, but don't think she believes me!
If you want to go for the top of the range quality stuff …all is there for your pleasure… and yes, I see Jamie Oliver's face dotted around the place too, fair enough, at least he gives a damn.
Could he be part of the new (old) way of things, when people in this country gave a damn?
I believe the tide is starting to change in this country where things will get better, and we'll find our heritage again. (Personal opinion)… got to be P.C, mustn't upset anyone, yeah right… like I give a damn!

The frozen section of Sainsburys is very good indeed, a huge range of stuff can be found for every occasion, future planned meals, or money saving ideas, got a large leg of lamb for half the price of the fresh version, the problem I have is buying loads of food and watching it go off, I hate to waste good food, so the frozen section is great for me, and comparable with my rare visits to "Iceland" and I think, better quality. Freeze it, and worry about it later I say !

I noticed toward the end of the store a large area devoted to clothing and other household requirements, again, quality and prices very competitive & a good selection, and even £3.00 jeans… for work, or best, if you're on a budget! Hehe, just like Asda. The Women & Blokes clothes are alright, but obviously if you have label lust, don't tell um where you bought it! … Horses for courses.

Well, I have to say that I enjoyed my new shopping drudge, courtesy of Sainsburys in Swindon (paah) … one more benefit I forgot to mention is the fact that if you wander up and down the check out area like an idiot (very easy as Joe public!) a nice man will show you to the nearest empty till, cool, I like this place!
Once at the checkout, the operative person will start packing your goods away without even asking, cool! , no, It's Ok, I do that, while me and the other half fight over who can pack the shopping away the quickest.
And do you know, one of my biggest and most stupid gripes with these places is the fact that I cannot open those damn carrier bags quick enough (in Asda) not so in Sainsburys, the bags are of a different deign and a piece of piss to get packed and get out quick ! even more cool, I get the distinct impression that Sainsburys care about it's customers and is the one for me now… well done !

If you're still here, then, thanks for reading !

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  • Theshield1000 published 29/05/2013
    Great read!
  • dbirse published 02/04/2007
    Very good. I love the way you write. Hope you keep doing reviews like this I love them.
  • BambiRockChick published 02/06/2006
    Very good review. I've never been in an Asda as we don't have one here, but we do have a Sainsbury's. Only been in there once, but there is this 'posher' element to the place. Have an 'E' on me :-)
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