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Salem's Lot - Stephen King

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... But if he were to show up in a sleepy little country town, what then? I decided I wanted to find out, so I wrote 'Salem's Lot, which was originally titled Second Coming." Stephen King February 24 1999 It's amazing really when you realise that Stephen King's massively ... Read review
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King Stephen : Salem'S Lot (Signet) - Stephen King

King Stephen : Salem'S Lot (Signet) - Stephen King

Mass Market Paperback, New American Library

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'salem's Lot By Stephen King (paperback, 2011)

'salem's Lot By Stephen King (paperback, 2011)

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El Misterio de Salem's Lot / Salem's Lot: 102 (Best Seller) - Stephen King

El Misterio de Salem's Lot / Salem's Lot: 102 (Best Seller) - Stephen King

Pages: 526, Edition: 2 Tra Mti, Paperback, Debolsillo

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Community Level 4bigcat


They only come out at night Review with images

AdvantagesTension built up beautifully, superb characterisation

DisadvantagesCan it withstand the test of time?

""One of my high school classes was Fantasy and Science Fiction, and one of the novels I taught was Dracula. I was surprised at how vital it had remained over the years; the kids liked it, and I liked it, too. One night over supper I wondered aloud what would happen if Dracula came back in the twentieth century, to America. "He'd probably be run over by a Yellow Cab on Park Avenue and killed," my wife said. That closed the discussion, but in the following ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 6markd_uk


Not A Lot New

AdvantagesClassic King

DisadvantagesBit long-winded in places, no need for the 'out-takes

"Originally written in 1975, `Salem's Lot was the second novel written by Stephen King and was undoubtedly the novel that stereotyped him as a writer of the horror genre. For the remainder of his career, King has been cast with that title, despite many of his novels not being directly horror but more thriller or drama. King, himself, has never typecast himself as a horror author, but the tag will remain with him forever, thanks to this one novel. In ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5nictastic


Salem's had its lot

Advantagescareful examination of characters, allows for intimacy

Disadvantagesperhaps predictable, gothic element may not appeal.

"Its rare that I can find myself sitting down to a book and actually reaching the ending, I love reading, but since A level English I have found myself taking time off from the reading into which I grew tired of, forced to read hoards of war literature. But Iím glad to say Iíve developed a taste for the books again, and whilst I was away in Chichester I wandered throughout waterstones promising myself to purchase the first book that caught my eye, ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5kitty17


Re-reading Early King


DisadvantagesNot very in depth characterisation

"...in my opinion, so in Salem's Lot we don't get the depth of character as in later works, like The Stand, or It, but they are still fascinating to read and remarkable in that you do remember them after finishing the novel, but I found that I didn't get as emotionally attached to them as I have done in other works by King. The plot was well-paced and thoughtfully written, I enjoyed the style, it was easy to read and the essential moodiness of the ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5RichardW


If only all vampire stories were this terrifying

AdvantagesAfter a long time of feeling sorry for the poor, watered down, lonely vampires, this novel made me genuinely bloody terrified of them again

DisadvantagesThis is a dense and complex novel, with a large cast of characters. you can't just switch off with this one, I'm afraid.

"'Salem's Lot' is King's second novel, and his second classic and enduring contribution to the horror genre. Jerusalem's Lot is a small town in Maine USA, and it is due for a very peculiar mode of extinction. Tired with the pickings in Europe, the ancient vampire Barlow has come to small-town America, his human servant Straker in tow. One vampire quickly becomes two, and then more, as further citizens are turned. In town at the time is Ben Mears, who ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

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When a writer returns to his Maine home town, he discovers that the peaceful hamlet is being overrun by vampires and sets out to curb this ancient evil before it can spread.

Product details

Type Fiction
Genre Horror
Title Salem's Lot
Author Stephen King
ISBN 0340770538; 0340921277; 0340951478; 0385007515; 0385516487; 0450031063; 067103975X


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As above. (*)
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