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Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle

Damaged nails that won't grow? Nailgrowth miracle helps them grow visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days! With soya protein, collagen and multi-vit...

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Review of "Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle"

published 21/09/2011 | Nar2
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Pro Does what it says, easy to apply, fast drying, can be used on existing nail colours, quick growth.
Cons Slightly strong scent, expensive price, feminine bottle.
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Value for Money

"Finally a Nail Growth Product That Actually Works!"

I have a terrible confession; I'm a nail biter and this is a long review based on my experience with this product..

I have been biting my nails since I was little and I remember why I did it from the initial response to when I first discovered I could do it! I remember as a child scratching my dad by accident and it caused a scratch that bled on his face. I was horrified that I could hurt someone by my nails and started to chew them to make them less sharp. Of course at the age of five one doesn't know very much but I certainly did from the fuss my parents made when it happened. From that day onwards I became compulsive in biting my nails, and it led to scenes in the living room when watching a horror film or a fast action packed adventure film that the hands would slowly reach the face, and a finger inserted in the mouth for comfort. As such my nails are probably the worst feature of when playing the piano. I've seen my pupils look away sometimes as they look down and see half a nail here, or a reddened thumb nail looking like its been hit by a hammer. That was many years ago and I tried the anti-nail bite formulas but found that I could eat through them despite the nasty, bitter taste. Enter Sally Hansen...

The Product, The Promise & The Price

Sally Hansen has been one of those brands where I know very little about other than supplying the trade with nail treatments. My mother discovered the brand years ago and from time to time has bought many of the firm's many ranges of nail varnish although it seems they do a whole range for beauty addicts even as afar as feet care and hair removers. One day she brought home a clear pink liquid that proved to be a clear nail varnish as well as protecting and growing/supporting nail growth. She offered it to me then but I didn't feel that confident in putting the stuff on, not just because it was pink clear liquid but imagine having to show my mates my shinny, glistening fingers! Then the clear glass bottles were replaced with a thin tonic blue bottle - another derivative and also goes under the name of "Growth Activator," which clearly did what it suggested albeit being a thin watery like acidic tonic that burnt open wounds on contact and left cuticles icy cold.

The packaging couldn't be any more feminine if it tried however, and it certainly won't win many male admirers in the process; dressed in a matt gold finish with a matching gold top that holds the brush in, this could well pass for a gold nail polish. However if it wasn't for the clear peel able Sally Hansen label on the front and back, you could in theory hide the fact that this is a conditioning, nail growth varnish or simply put, a clear nail varnish if applied to existing painted nails.

The bottle suggests that you paint your nails with this stuff every day but then at £8-95 to £13-99 for such a small 13ml bottle, there are obvious marketing clues there to buy more of the product if you run out.

I finally tried the Nail Growth Miracle nail varnish two years ago, finally banishing myself from ever chewing my fingernails to such a bad state again and citing a new change in health direction. This was following being a teacher in the classroom and my hands and fingers constantly on a drum kit, guitar or keyboard being on view not just to me but to the pupils and other teachers.

Whilst essentially this is a nail growth solution, Nail Growth Miracle "Salon Strength," (in smaller letters, there) can be used on painted nails, although Sally Hansen go to the trouble of suggesting that the polish can be used if you paint your nails with two coats before applying this varnish on. And despite the fact that the directions are easy to read off the website, once you throwaway the cardboard packaging that the bottle sits in from purchase, the directions on the back of the bottle may well need a microscope because the wording is very small, and much smaller than anything I've ever had to read before.

Contents & Scent

The ingredients of this solution seem simple enough, although it would appear that whilst Keratin has been added to protect nails from cracking, splitting or breaking, the basic content is a Soy protein that reacts with air and water to strengthen and moisturise the nail as well as Collagen and (and as far as Sally Hansen's website goes onto suggest) multi-vitamins to stimulate healthy growth of nails. The product has also been dermatologically tested. Being packed with all these ingredients it also has toxic and flammable warnings so if it's used around children, children's nails should be painted solely by responsible parents and guardians.

The scent of this polish is really strong, very similar to the acetone you'd find in any nail polish remover but after a minute or so the scent dies down and becomes understated before turning into a slight bubble gum like scent but not enough to tempt me to chew much. For the ladies (and perhaps Men who follow the Gothic route) the beauty of this product is that it can be applied to existing nail varnish without fear of the coat running in the process. It needs to be applied to clean nails though if you want the miracle of growth to occur but it's good that it can be used as an extra protective layer for other colours.

Results/In Use

Given that I have used Sally Hansen products in the past, upon applying to my nails, Nail Growth Miracle has the identical feeling as its latter "Growth Activator," counterpart liquid. If there's an open wound on your finger, just at the sides of your cuticles, you will experience stinging pain - let it be said that this is not an antiseptic nail polish and as such you need to make sure all your fingers have healed of any dry skin or an open wound where any previous biting has occurred! If not, then it's a very easy procedure to do. I find that whilst the brush mirrors most nail varnish brushes, one application can last two nails on one hand before dipping the brush in again. Although the directions point you towards starting in the middle, I tend to brush at the sides first especially if I have chunks of skin cracked before the cuticle.

For a more evenly growth it does make sense to put the brush on the cuticle and pull upwards, quite similar to painting your nails (or as I've seen watching my mum doing it). It only takes seconds for this solution to dry onto the nail, so you can do whatever you are doing straight after the solution has been painted on; a slight advantage over painting colours on. The solution dries into a hard and shiny thin like film, which I can tell you, if you bite off you'll get clean layers of plastic like film coming away and a lovely taste of plastic!

The beauty of this product is that it doesn't take months for the miracle of growth to appear. I've noticed after a week of one application that things truly start to grow! My cuticles however look whiter, healthier whilst nail growth can actually be seen forming under the protective film.; for once I have white arcs forming on top of my nails like normal people who don't bite their nails! The trick here is that whilst the directions tell you to paint every day, in order to have super protected finger nails, I apply this solution twice to three times a week. Then I can do whatever I'm doing and find if I paint over the top of the nail where the tops of my fingers are, the skin is further protected if, say gardening or coming into contact with dust. Scrubbing the solution off is easy but again you can also take the product off using acetone or nail varnish remover as you would normally.


The downsides are of course, the initial expense of this product but at what cost do you have to go to have nail treatments done particularly those who have no nails and have to go through pain and suffering as well as splashing out £30 to £40 on professional treatments? Save yourself the embarrassment and go the Sally Hansen route.

In use, if the product does fall onto a table or otherwise I've found its easy to loosen off flat surfaces with a blunt knife before getting white spirit out to rid the surface off. This product doesn't blemish or dye surfaces but it can be annoying if drops of it land on a table if you apply this in a rush. Talking about applying, I find that the nylon brush is a somewhat cheap item and could do with having extra layers on it as well as perhaps being of a better quality; the nylon spreads out easily but sometimes it clogs up which needs washing. The bottle too can get clogged or stuck down with escaping solution once the brush has been put down, so you have to watch out for that.

Final Thoughts

If you don't succumb to biting your nails, this is still a good product to consider for strengthening the nails or cuticles, whilst being easy to take off with nail varnish remover as you would do normally. Unless you are constantly using your hands all the time to avoid flaking off, the best way of getting this solution to work is to continually paint on another layer week by week, as it does come away easily when nails begin to get longer.

This is a product which does what it says and it does it without fuss and nonsense without having to buy anything else to go with it - unless of course you run out of it and have to buy it again. The website states that it guarantees 30% nail growth in five days and I truly believe that. Some of my pupils have even recognised the drastic improvement. Whatever it is, Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle is a miracle in itself and puts anti-bite polishes and solutions to shame but you'll have to whistle if you want to see a photo of my improved nails! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011

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  • catsholiday published 08/10/2011
    Good luck with giving up. I used to bit mine but managed to stop and they are looking good now!!
  • Amazingwoo published 06/10/2011
    My nails go through"grow so well they look false" phase and the "refuse to grow and go all flaky" phase. Currently in the flaky
  • siberian-queen published 23/09/2011
    luckily i don't have this problem :)
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Damaged nails that won't grow? Nailgrowth miracle helps them grow visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days! With soya protein, collagen and multi-vitamins.

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