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Same Trailer Different Park - Kacey Musgraves

1 CD(s) - Contemporary Country - Label: Mercury Nashville - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 15/04/2013 - 602537140961

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Review of "Same Trailer Different Park - Kacey Musgraves"

published 07/04/2015 | pumfster
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"Top album and I'm no country fan!"

Going slightly off kilter for me today I am going to review the album Same Trailer, Different Park by the young country music singer Kacey Musgraves.

Now I hadn’t heard of Kacey Musgraves until a couple of years ago – I went to Manchester to watch Lady Antebellum on their Own The Night tour and Kacey was the support act that night. Frankly she stole the show – I wasn’t and still am not a big country music fan, but there was something about the way this young girl owned the stage and belted out some really well written songs. I kept a sneaky eye peeled for an album and when said album came out around a year later I quickly bought myself a copy. That album was Same trailer, different park and went on to win a Grammy award for best country album.

Now for those who have not heard of young Kacey, then she is basically a new generation of country music singer/songwriter. Far departed from those stereotypical country music artists of yesteryear such as Dolly Parton or Merl Haggard, Kacey writes pop/country songs of the mid-tempo kind that are relevant in today’s world. Touching on subjects such as homosexuality, cannabis smoking and friends with benefits, she sings songs that mean something to her and of her generation and that is what is so superb about this debut mainstream album from her (She has had 3 other albums but released independently in the US only). She is by no means the most talented vocalist out there in either the country music genre or any other for that matter, but what she lacks in raw singing talent is more than made up for in her lyrical song writing ability.

There are 12 songs on the album and its running length is approximately 40 minutes, so an average length really. I should warn people before I go through the songs individually, if your idea of good country music is the Taylor Swift style poppy stuff, then this isn’t really the one for you, however if you appreciate well written tracks (sort of a country/pop version of Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith) then read on :-

1 - Silver Lining – A decent start to the album here, its slightly up-tempo pop song about someone having a really bad time of it and just can’t see a way out. Always looking at the negative aspect of everything, it’s a song that I’m sure many of us can relate to. Sung really well and quite toe tapping despite its downbeat lyrical meaning it sets the scene well for what follows. (8/10)

2 – My House – This starts off in far more traditional country music style and will probably appeal to more hardcore country fans than the opening one. A bit of harmonica always goes down well in country – its a lot more acoustic than the previous track and is about a couple together moving around a fair bit and that the only place that she feels at home is beside her partner. Its very well written, very romantic in a non-traditional sense of the word but is perhaps a little too country for me (6/10)

3 - Merry Go Round – This was her first official single in the US and again is quite acoustic especially at the beginning, with the main musicality coming from guitar and banjo – again very country! The song is a very critical and cynical look at life in rural America. Portraying a very dysfunctional family life and describing life like a merry go round, the use of various nursery rhymes to highlight different issues is very clever and it’s definitely what I would call a grower (8/10)

4 – Dandelion – A very melancholy track this one but very simplistic and effective. Analogising the way a dandelion clock blows in the wind to the way that a relationship that is built around disappointments can feel, it’s incredibly well written. This doesn’t feel very country, it wouldn’t be out of place on any good singer/songwriter album around at the moment and although not one of my favourites as it is a little too downbeat and depressing for me, it’s a cracking little song (7/10)

5 – Blowin’ Smoke – Another single taken off the album and with a cross between a country track and something that Bob Dylan would be proud of. It’s a song about the way in which a waitress keeps making plans to improve their lot in life but all of aspirations are just talk and they remain in the same downbeat life that they are used to. This is another one of those songs that a lot of people can relate to and is my favourite song on the album (10/10)

6 – I Miss You – Another downbeat song this one, the meaning being that someone who appears to have all the good fortune in the world and should be having a superb life just can’t because they don’t have the person they love in their life. Another song clearly written from the heart, it’s again a little bit too slow and low for my liking. (6/10)

7 – Step Off – This one starts off quite slowly but quickly gets into its groove. The song is about someone who thinks that they are much better than they actually are. It’s a song dedicated to those who like to make negative comments from the sidelines without really knowing all of the facts and because I can personally relate to people like this I find this song incredibly clever and I can even forgive the excessive banjo use! (8/10)

8 – Back on the Map – Kacey here is questioning whether a relationship has run its course. Both parties don’t have the trust of the other and negative feelings are building of one another. This one is not the most obvious of songs and not one of the best-written ones in my opinion and probably the weakest track on the album. (5/10)

9 – Keep it to Yourself – This is the most “country” song that we get on this album and is very personal to the artist. The song is about not wanting to hear about how an ex is getting on, as she doesn’t want to risk falling in love with him all over again after getting over the relationship. This one is also very clever and another one which will resonate with lots of people and for that reason I can overlook the overtly country nature of it. (8/10)

10 – Stupid – This almost feels as if its got a little R&B feel to it and again it sounds like a track that Bob Dylan would have been proud of. It’s a song basically speaking about how we do and feel stupid things when we are in love and the way that being in love can change us. It’s totally different to anything else on the album, shows off her voice and song writing skills on a different style of song and succeeds well. (9/10)

11 – Follow Your Arrow – A truly inspirational song this one. It marks a change in the course of country music, as it is positive in relation to drug use, homosexuality and other subjects that have generally been no-nos in the country music genre. It’s song that encourages all of us to follow our arrow – live your life on the course that you are comfortable with and that you will always attract criticism from someone as its impossible to please everyone – In short be true to yourself. Superbly written and sung really well too. (10/10)

12 – It Is What It Is – A song about a romance which has been loads of fun but has reached the stage where it has to change – whether it has run its course or whether it is becoming something more serious, it’s a song mourning that time when everything in the relationship was what it was! A little bit too slow for me but another decent track to end the album with. (7/10)

So to sum up Same Trailer Different Park by Kacey Musgraves I would have to say it’s a superb way to announce yourself onto the global stage. The songs are all very cleverly written and sung pretty well too and the versatility and subject matter addressed throughout this album show that Kacey is not just another run of the mill country music star. Showing a real understanding of many different issues and treating them all sympathetically, she clearly shows that she isn’t going to be forced into any musical direction or anything else in life for that matter. As a result I find this album quite inspirational and I really do hope that she receives the acclaim she deserves for this album from a much wider audience than the usual country music one in the USA. I would definitely encourage everyone to give this album a listen; I think that country music will make some new friends with this album and will hopefully be the first of many from Kacey Musgraves.

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  • jo-1976 published 15/06/2015
    Not my kind of music but well reviewed
  • AlexDa published 20/04/2015
    vh :)
  • hiker published 17/04/2015
    Modern country music is much underrated.
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