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Samsung WW80J5355MW

Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A+++ - Max Capacity: 8 kg

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published 29/11/2017 | RICHADA
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++ "RICHADA" possibly looking for a new outlet - suggestions in a GB please! ++ Looks like the operation is to go ahead on Tuesday, I'll be away for a spell then. ++
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Older and wiser, Lord Frederick is quite partial to spam, but not on this site thank you.

Older and wiser, Lord Frederick is quite partial to spam, but not on this site thank you.


Firstly a sincere apology to any genuine consumer looking to buy what I am sure is a mighty fine kitchen appliance - this really isn't the review you've been looking for, and......

.......also with apologies to my fellow Ciao members for the spoiler in the title, but after all my years writing on this once great site it occurred to me that I have received every other rate apart from an Off Topic one. What is more, my stats can stand 19 or so Off Topic rates at this late stage in the game, even if it damages my credibility as a reviewer, it looks as though it no longer matters anyway......

.......If, as many of my friends predict, this is indeed the bitter end here for Ciao! then I might just as well go out with the bitterest of bangs - in the drum of a washing machine crying out for a first review, after all if I don't seize the opportunity - and why not? I hear you ask!


As Ciao in its current form is finished, and, in all honesty few of us should really be surprised by that, saddened, shocked even, but come on folks, the writing's been on the wall since Lexy (Bollinger28) left us to our own devices. As unofficial, yet, very effective guardian of the site she saw this day coming and, presumably, had no wish to be a part of the death throes.

Other luminaries such as torr, expert writers, were aware of what I wasn't, in that if you were an outside reader / consumer i.e. a non-Ciao writer - the site looked a total mess, the formatting has been terrible for a year now, this, mostly, explaining the drastic fall off in "outsider" reads - the very life blood of this site.

Dewy eyed I look back over the years here, remembering few specific reviews - "foreskins" stick in my my mind, ejkingham having long left us for a stratospheric career, in a sense ironic that should be her lasting legacy in my mind, on the other hand remembering so many of the reviewers that wrote them.

In my very early days here, I as good as accused the lovely sallysmith of being a footballers' wife, due to the fact that she reviewed her Jeep Grand Cherokee, sorry Sal, but my goodness did we pass some hours together - and have a damned good laugh about it afterwards!

One of the very first Ciao members I actually met in the flesh, a B&B owner on the Blackpool "strip", turned out to be a distant relative - hanging in her lounge were pictures of her ancestors from the late 19th century, they all had one thing in common - THE family nose! Her maiden surname was simply mine in the singular, what a small world it has been here on Ciao!

Like the sunny, long, hot, never ending summers of our romantically remembered youth, Ciao! used to be SO much more enjoyable a place than it has now become. Few of the real "characters" good or bad still frequent these pages - far, far more good than bad, although some of the good characters, on occasion, sometimes became drawn into bad episodes which left the vulnerable exposed and those who should have been supported cut adrift.

In truth I have probably never taken this site as seriously as most. I am truly fortunate in life in that I have never needed the extra income that the site has brought in over the years, I used to joke that it was sheer vanity that kept me doing what I do here and yes, there is an element of truth in that, but I mainly do it because I love writing and in Ciao found a great outlet for it in a community of partially like minded enthusiasts.

Having become drawn into the site, I then discovered it a fantastic vehicle on which to become educated on all sorts of subjects that nominally I had no interest in at all....I am left wondering now how I keep up with the latest trends in technology, gaming and washing up liquids.....

.....and yes secre and SnowSurprise, you'll probably not believe this, but S'no joke, I will even miss pegging my nose, yawning at, and then poking fun at your beloved LUSH products, but I would never dream at making fun of your world class reviewing talents, talents which deserve to live on way beyond the scope of this site.

Silverback and ColonelJohn, I sincerely hope you are both well, but fear the worst in the latter's case, you sir were someone I truly looked up to on this site an will always remember, your values were admirable and if I have half the spirit if I ever reach that age.......

.......the number of virtual cups of tea I have shared in danielalong's kitchen, my best wishes go to you, and your long absent friend in that same kitchen, the name of whom, regrettably, now escapes me.

Nothing virtual about the Ciao meets and recent wedding, this site has brought together thousands of people over the years, both online and in the flesh, people that would otherwise never have met - ultimately, whatever our individual interests may be, we are all consumers and here I have formed, on the face of it, what may appear to be the unlikeliest of friendships, many of whom I hope to take through life with me - way beyond the demise of this site.


What now?

What indeed.........

.....requests for "alternative outlets" on my "about me" have seen a few forthcoming, maybe promising, but I am not big on life "across the pond" and I do not really see my reviews as geared for an American market. I guess I am a more stick in the mud Englishman than maybe I considered myself to be, I value our language too highly for a start.....


Is RICHADA clutching at straws here or is there a validity to the idea that Ciao! could position itself as a "premium" non-paid consumer review site?

Not wishing to ruffle any feathers here, but we all were reading an awful lot of dross each day on this site. Copied work, spammed rubbish, (my favourite this one.....) utterly hilarious auto-translated mobile phone reviews, incentivised reviews of different kinds - much of this dross was simply poorly handled by Ciao!. We voted it "NH" or "OT" (rather like like this very review indeed) yet it was left here, cluttering up the site, no use to man nor beast, let alone a genuine consumer, but most importantly it lowered the whole image and appeal of the site to those actively seeking decent consumer reviews on all sorts of subjects.

I suspect that 90% of this dross will simply stop when there is not the promise of great riches, no riches at all in truth, on offer. Once the streets are no longer paved with gold and all that......

.......OK, sites such as Amazon and Tripadvisor do not have the quality of review often found here, they feed on streams of SH and H type reviews, entirely non-paid.

Of great interest to myself, having now given this a couple of days thought - and several other very long standing members - is just what and who is going to be left here after the payments stop on Friday 1st December.

Are there going to be enough of us left here, reading and writing, to make this site a worthwhile place to continue hanging out? Or am I just barking up a tree that has already toppled over......possibly.

I would urge you actually NOT to rate this particular, off topic, review, but, as ever, I eagerly anticipate your honest comments on it - not to, at the twelfth hour massage my vanity, but to aid my own "purchasing decision" as to investing further time and effort in this site as it transforms into something different entirely.

In a nutshell, if I remain here, how many of YOU are going to say around to keep me company?


(Lord Frederick is asleep and was thus not harmed in the production of this review)

(c) RICHADA / CIAO! 29.11.17

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Comments on this review

  • torr published 04/12/2017
    How could I begrudge you the requisite rate. Thanks for the mention, and yes, the ill-formatted writing has been on the Ciao wall for a year or more. Enjoyed your reminiscing about some of the Ciao luminaries of the past - alas, it seems there will be none of the future.
  • rolandrat123 published 02/12/2017
    Grt article and the best 'off topic' one I have read! Yes sad that this has now gone the same as Dooyoo - that was great while it lasted too - but at least we can keep in touch via Facebook etc which is different to Dooyoo where I lost touch with some. I shall still be logging in, for the time being anyway - though it logs me out daily. Not sure how much I shall be writing though - I know we didn't earn much but it did feel like a slight remuneration - better than going to effort for nothing. Good luck to you all anyway.
  • 1st2thebar published 02/12/2017
    Enjoyable Saturday morning read Sir :) --- rumuneration for me wasn't important, this last week was about getting decent members up to the fiver cash out total who did post reviews for an income. Im truth, it showed the spirit of the community coming together to aid each other... many members hit their target. You often find when the chips are down immense strength comes from unlikely quarters. I'm proud to be part of this community.
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Product Information : Samsung WW80J5355MW

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Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A+++ - Max Capacity: 8 kg

Product Details

Long Name: WW80J5355MW

EAN: 8806088752211

MPN: WW80J5355MW

Energy Efficiency Class (EU): A+++

Type of Loading: Front Loading

Construction: Freestanding

Maximum Loading Capacity in kg: 8

Revolutions per Minute: 1200

Manufacturer: Samsung


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