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In Love with a Serial Killer - Sandy Fawkes

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... As the book wore on, my dislike for Sandy continued, as it became clear that, far from being (as the title suggests) 'In love with a serial killer' she was simply hanging around with this admittedly rather odd follow in the hopes of scoring a major story. Even after he was tracked down by ... Read review
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Just a vain tart attempting to cash in!

AdvantagesSome interesting information

DisadvantagesIntense dislike for the way the author presents herself

"When Sandy Fawkes was in America pursuing a newspaper career, a failed assignment saw her drinking alone in a motel bar , where an attractive, smartly dressed stranger caught her eye . After several drinks and dinner, they returned to her room, where (thanks to his inability to have sex) they had an early night . Making up her mind to write this off as the latest in a string of one night stands, she nevertheless spent the day with him, and he bizarrely ..." Read review

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Author Sandy Fawkes
Edition Paperback
EAN 9781844544738
ISBN 1844544737


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