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Sappho: A New Translation - Mary Barnard

Sappho: A New Translation - Mary Barnard

These hundred poems and fragments constitute virtually all of Sappho that survives and ... more

effectively bring to life the woman whom the
Greeks consider to be their greatest lyric poet.

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EAN 9785202231285
Publisher University of California Press
Type Poetry
Title Sappho
All Authors Mary Barnard,Sappho,Dudley Fitts
Author Mary Barnard
ISBN 520223128


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Very good on the lives of the poets, during and after the conflict
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An education - highly informative - Orwellian styled anecdotes
Passionate to say it mildly (*)
selection of poems, variety in prose
No Countess! (*)
Totally new type of book, fascinating, intelligent, beautiful and amazing
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