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published 19/09/2004 | Mickie26
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Pro Wonderful, beautiful voice of power. Operatic in quality.
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"The Beautiful Sarah Brightman"

I couldn’t believe it when searching through the Ciao archives that nothing had been written on this wonderful singer Sarah Brightman. Does this mean that nobody remembers her? I highly doubt it since today she is one of the world’s most successful superstars. Sarah Brightman’s success has gone on in leaps and bounds since her musical days on London’s West End.

This year Sarah Brightman celebrates 25 year since her first professional recording.

Born August 14, 1960 in Berkhampstead, England, Sarah Brightman stepped into the world of performing arts at the early age of thirteen. She made her theatrical debut by starring in I and Albert at London's Piccadilly Theatre, in 1973 and from then on has moved far and wide across the Country. At 16, she became the youngest member of the dance group Pan's People, which was featured on Britain's Top of the Pops television program in the 1960's and '70's. It wasn’t until 1986 that Sarah Brightman got the part of Christine in The Phantom.

I remember the first time I heard her sing the audience was silent you could hear a pin drop. Her voice carried through right to the back of the room. Sarah Brightman has a piercing, sweet and uplifting voice that is unique in quality. Clearly unique Sarah Brightman has had the strangest path in roads to success. Although starting in musicals Sarah went on to be a disco diva displaying a flexibility of vocal ranges.

Sarah Brightman has a certain vulnerability and worldly sophistication, in both voice and manner. This combined makes her absolutely unique you will never find another like her. Turning from an almost child like voice quality to that of a piercing soprano she is a delight to listen to. Whether you listen on radio, tape or cd a certain radiance shines through. To a certain extent I would say that Sarah Brightman needs an acquired taste in music. Though as I have already said she is extremely flexible and it is for this reason that I can see her appealing to most taste’s.

Dive, Time to Say Goodbye, Eden, La Luna and Sarah Brightman: Classics - have sold more than 15 million copies, and her dramatic and alluring concert performances have thrilled live audiences and hundreds of millions of TV viewers worldwide. The way she presents herself in such a sophisticated dress style she is an absolute feminine diva.

In her latest album, Harem Sarah displays more of her unique quality by singing a perfect blend of musical elements from India and the Middle East. Sarah easily adapts to any style of music she has the most fantastic of ranges. In various layers of Arabian-influenced orchestral strings, dramatic synthesized atmospheres and driving beats of various tempos, the album constructs an elaborate fantasy of faraway lands filled with mystery and wonder. The perfect album for any Sarah Brightman lover.

It was from the first time I heard Sarah Brightman singing I was transfixed. I couldn’t move I was so struck by the power in her voice and vocal techniques. There are few singers like Sarah Brightman few singer’s that you can truly boast about their singing quality. Sarah Brightman exceeds my expectations every time.

For me even though I am 27 I am very fond of good, quality music. I don’t like the music of today. The thud, thud, thud from the dance floor. Or the banging that hurts your head. I much prefer to sample the finer quality music the type of music that I personally think takes more taste and appreciation. Guaranteed it won’t be to everyone’s liking music is like that it’s a personal thing. Sarah Brightman appeals to my taste in music which is wide and varied. I have loved Sarah Brightman since day one and I love her today I can’t see that ever changing. Though Sarah Brightman sings much more varied songs today she still has that same quality that struck me all those years ago when she was in The Phantom. I expect this is where many will be able to trace her back to.

Since the days of Christine in Phantom Of The Opera when Sarah Brightman was actually the former Mrs. Andrew Lloyd Webber she has done so many things including the singing of pop-opera inspired songs. Her career has taken her down many roads which just goes to show her versatility. Sarah Brightman has a stage presence like no other. Not only does she come across as innocent, but she has a sophistication about her a persona that is absolutely magnetising. Sarah Brightman is elegant, pretty and very feminine. There are many who would like to be like her and many who idolise her. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think she is a fantastic singer and I really appreciate her singing abilities. In some ways I would like to be like Sarah Brightman well… I would certainly like to have the talent she portrays. Who wouldn’t?

Sarah Brightman flies the world over doing tours for different Countries one of her recent trips took her to her first ever performance in Beijing May 30, 2004. The fans that Sarah Brightman have are too numerous to count she is an incredible success story the world over. It is amazing when you think back to her Phantom days. I mean she was a success then, but she’s a superstar now and her success just carries on in leaps and bounds. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that successful? Though it must be difficult too. Always in the lime light always in the news. If you make one mistake you are sure to be found out.

Sarah Brightman has not just sung solo’s she has sung many duet’s including Time To Say Goodbye with Andrea Bocelli. This is just another one of her beautiful albums indeed there are many, too many to list.

"There is a smile, a smile upon your face
I wonder why, why you're full of grace
There was a time, my feeling was replaced
I wanna hide, hide in your embrace"

Part of Sarah Brightman’s charm is in her smile that is so child like, but sophisticated too she is one of the world’s most beautiful women stars. Enchanting and grand Sarah Brightman also knows how to put on a good concert. If you’ve ever seen Sarah in concert you will know that one of the great thing is in her costumes. They are so wonderfully made and it is nice to see the many changes and dress she puts on. You can expect to pay around $75 in America though when she comes to the UK your looking at a lot more and tickets go like gold dust. Sarah always puts on a spectacular concert and she knows how to appeal to the audience being a real show woman she knows what her audience wants and how to please them. Sarah Brightman is very aware of her audience which is another great thing about her you don’t see with many stars. The crowd certainly get absorbed by her and into the concert. Lots of costume changes, sets, dancers, and Sarah sometimes fly’s over the stage.

One of her more well known songs that you will probably have heard of is Scarborough Fair she sings in a clear voice and never sounds like she's forcing it. Hitting every high note sweetly, purely, effortlessly, and dead on perfect this is what makes Sarah Brightman a star.

With a voice that can shatter glass both silky, sensuous Sarah has also sang Orff's Carmina Burana, Puccini's "O mio babbino caro. As previously said I cannot list everything that Sarah has sung since there are too many to mention, but I am just giving you a taster of some more well known songs.

"Being varied is something I do instinctively and naturally. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Everything is in tune: the voice, the type of music, who I am and who people think I am."
-Sarah Brightman, on the diversity of her material.

Sarah Brightman also said: "I have a love-hate relationship with performing." and:
My fans want me with my hair.
I can't be a wife. I'm not that sort of person. Wives have to compromise all the time.
I think I've probably re-invented myself three or four times now, if that's what one calls it.
I love a challenge and the last four years it has all come to fruition and it has been wonderful.
You do have to be fairly selfish when you have a gift. You cannot afford to let too many outside things get in the way.
Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn't just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment.
Sarah Brightman

If you have never listened to Sarah Brightman before then you should go out and treat yourself to a cd of her’s especially if you like opera/pop type music. I think it makes a refreshing change from the norm. O.k. it might not please everybody, but it’s certainly pleases me and a lot of other people.

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  • the_evil_aku published 23/11/2004
    i like her singing time to say goodbye <<<pete>>>
  • fantasybeliever published 30/09/2004
    She certainly does have a stunning voice. Great review. Cheers. Christina ;-) x
  • Justine published 29/09/2004
    Very well written and researched article with some very interesting information. Doesn't change the fact I can't stand her though!!! She drives me round the bend! J xx
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