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Savlon Antiseptic Skin Healing Cream

For first aid use. For the cleansing and prevention of infection inall types of lesions, ranging from minor skin disorder or blisters, to minor burns ...

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published 07/03/2012 | jojoborne
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Pro Soothing. Easy to apply. Kids seem to trust it.
Cons Strong antiseptic smell. Can be dangerous in the hands of children or those with mental disabilities
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"Let's Sav it! Soothe me with Savlon antiseptic creme"

Savlon Antiseptic creme

Savlon Antiseptic creme

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Using Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Ever since I was a little lad, going back over thirty years, one of the constant sources of comfort for me when I have cut or grazed myself, has been Savlon antiseptic cream. Ok it was in a different form at the time but by the time Novartis took over the product and its packaging it was already planted in my head with a nostalgic devotion of sorts.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing that a thick wad of butter, daubed onto a cartoon bump on a crying child's head, cannot sort out, but sometimes as a child you want something so miraculous and so marvellously magical that a lump of stork will not suffice.

Savlon was that magical something in my childhood. With it being an antiseptic cream it has that hospital smell to it that I thought made it important. If it smells like the inside of a hospital then it must be good for me. Quite a twisted sort of logic seeing as when I was a child I was terrified of hospitals and hated the smell. Maybe because Savlon smelled like it did it meant I could soothe away the pain without actually visiting the prison like building and the man in the white coat with the 'Thingy' hanging around his neck.

I have many memories of my Mother rushing down the path to the back garden with the tube of magic gunk. I don't think there are many people who do not recognise the blue tube emblazoned with the white Savlon letters. My cut or graze would feel better already as the placeboesque magic of the tube started before the top was even off.

Savlon is a smooth white cream with a distinctive antiseptic smell and is rubbed into a cut or graze after the area in question has been cleaned. You can actually get Savlon antiseptic wipes to clean the wound first. Failing that, just a wash and dry will suffice.

A small amount of cream should be squeezed onto a finger and then rubbed into the wound. Using too much cream will make it more difficult to rub in and you could end up irritating or reopening the cut. A lot of people will then place a plaster or dressing over the cut or graze. I prefer to let the cut get some air as it heals faster. I suppose it all depends on the size of the cut and some cuts will indeed need a plaster or dressing. Savlon themselves do advise you covering the wound with a plaster or dressing after application of the cream, but then they would seeing as they make a range of plaster and dressing just for that purpose.

Savlon can also be used for insect bites and stings. It is also very soothing for nettle stings or minor sunburn. It can be used to soothe the damage that has been left by a burst blister but obvious care should be taken when rubbing in the cream in this instance.

Savlon should not be used on larger cuts that may need stitches. a visit to the prison like building would be a better bet. If you have a serious burn or large gash or opening that is bleeding profusely, then an obvious nine nine nine call is in order as there is nothing that a creme will do not even from the magic little blue bottle.

Savlon Sizes and Price

Savlon comes in various sizes. It starts with a mini 15g carry-tube, which is handy to take in a handbag or holdall. It also comes in 30, 60 and 100g tubes. The prices vary depending on which shop you buy it from, whether it be in the high street or online. The 15g tube costs between one pound fifty and one seventy-five. The 30g two pounds to two twenty-five. The 75g tube ranges between three pounds and three fifty, while the 100g tube costs between four fifty and four ninety-five.

These are the most common tubes available but in some drug stores other sizes are available and here is the complete list: 15, 30, 33, 34.5, 36, 40, 60, 66, 100 and 120g.

You can now also purchase a Savlon 'No Touch' antiseptic spray for those of you that are fussy about infection or for the child that does not want that cut or graze touched in no way, shape or form.

Savlon produced a Special Edition package in 2005. The bottle and box where all white in colour with blue writing as opposed to the recognisable blue with white writing.

Savlon Information

You can purchase Savlon at any pharmacy and any pharmaceutical outlet. It is a non-prescription cream and can be purchased at the cash checkout.

You can check on prices and there links along with application techniques and queries at

Savlon is manufactured in the UK by NCH or Novartis Consumer Health to give it its full name and is also produced by Johnson and Johnson in other forms such as liquid antiseptic and gels.

Savlon Ingredients

The main ingredients in Savlon are Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Centrimide and Povodine Iodine.

Centrimide or Cenrimodium Bromide and a number of other components is the main component of Savlon and is used for all sorts of other products, including many hair conditioning products. It gives Savlon that distinct antiseptic smell.

Povodine Iodine is a germicidal agent and acts with the other ingrediants in Savlon to fight against infection and fungal growths. It also negates any growing viruses or bacteria.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate is a chemical antiseptic. Surprisingly it is more commonly used in mouthwashes and is better known to Brits as Corsodyl. Savlon also contains Strong cetrimide solution eq. to Cetrimide I.P. 3.0% w/v. I.P. 1.5% v/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution and B.P.

Savlon Side Effects

The Povodine and Chlorhexidne when combined are known as Povodine Gluconate. In large doses this combination has been known to cause Kidney problems. it is also known to cause skin irritation amongst some users of Savlon. Only a very small percentage, which is actually lower than one percent, are prone to this irritation. If you have a skin problem then it is best not to use Savlon just as it probably is every other creme, until you have tested it on a small hidden area of your skin.

As with any pharmaceutical brand the list of possible side-effects is varied and sizeable. The company has to do this by law and also to cover itself should any legal matters arise .

Also, as with other similar products, if you are pregnant or have any medical ailments or conditions, you should always contact your Doctor before use.

And as always, keep out of your eyes and ears and above all keep away from children when it is not being applied to there cuts and scrapes.

Savlon Storage and Precautions

Savlon should be stored in a cool dry place with a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees centigrade. It has a shelf life of two years and you should always check the date first.

The Savlon tube is made from lacquered Aluminium and has a screw cap that seals it tightly. The lacquered Aluminium tube, along with an internal ionomer prevents the cream from hardening inside and keeps it fresh.

Final Thoughts

I will always have a soft spot for Savlon and still use it today. I live in Holland and always ask my Mother to send me over a tube from England every two years. I still use it now and would recommend it to anyone for soothing and healing minor cuts, burns, bites or rashes.

©Lee Billingham

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Product Information : Savlon Antiseptic Skin Healing Cream

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For first aid use. For the cleansing and prevention of infection inall types of lesions, ranging from minor skin disorder or blisters, to minor burns and small wounds.

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Long Name: Antiseptic Skin Healing Cream

EAN: 5051562006509; 5010518663203; 5051562006400

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