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Interested in science fiction programmes? Then this is the right place with a big selection. You will find these programmes on channels such as Sci-Fi, BBC, Sky among others. So find the science fiction programmes that you are looking for, here. You can also read the reviews, compare prices and find top quality ... more

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Fangs ain't what they used to be

30.12.2012 Review of TrueBlood

"Being a huge fan of True Blood, and noticing that Vampires seem to be 'The New Black', watching Vampire Diaries on ITV was added to the list for a series link on Sky plus! At first i thought, oh no, a show full of desirable young women about to be b ..."

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Stargate Continues

07.11.2012 Review of Stargate: Atlantis

"Spin-offs are usually hit or miss, and for the most parts they seem to flop. However its great to see that Stargate Atlantis is definitely a hit. I was a huge fan of the SG1 series, and went through a post Stargate depression, so I was very intrigued once ..."

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The Twilight Zone Revisited

25.05.2011 Review of BBC2 - X Files

"First aired in 1993, the X Files was essentially a modernised version of the old 50s/60s sci-fi/horror tv show the Twilight Zone, following the exploits of two FBI agents assigned to a variety of apparently paranormal cases, with a 'monster of the week' a ..."

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More Vampires

01.05.2011 Review of TrueBlood

"True blood at first was a bit much to get my head round it is full of violence and sex pretty much from the word go and it has Vinnie from Home and Away in which was also a little strange lol. I am a fan of Vampire related books and movies obviously e ..."

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