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Abamectin to Zygote!!

10.09.2013 Review of Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary - Edward Boden

"As a student of veterinary science, I rely on a LOT of books in my course. Many are textbooks, costing up to several hundred pounds each. However, there are also cheaper and less comprehensive books I need that are equally useful in my studies. This revie ..."

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Definitely not for the faint-hearted. . . . !

26.07.2009 Review of Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins

"''' ===- Introduction -=== ''' After starting at UCL to read Chemistry; I had to purchase the specified core textbooks needed for the course, this was one of them. There are three main branches in Chemistry; Organic, Inorganic and Physical. I would have t ..."

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A must for AS Chemistry!

19.02.2006 Review of Advanced Modular Sciences: Chemistry AS

"When I first chose my A-level subjects Chemistry was not one of them. In fact I wasn't even studying Chemistry at the beginning of this school year! I chose to do Religious Studies. After only 3 weeks of studying RS I knew there was no way I could put up ..."

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Just to clarify the scope of the material.

19.04.2004 Review of Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Paul A. Tipler

"...This is a golden compendium of in depth physics knowledge. It takes you from an all round understanding to a ground understanding of degree standard physics. It should stand as the foundation of any person who is studying Physics or even Engineering at un ..."

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