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Scissor Sisters 2004 Summer Tour

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published 13/01/2005 | x_helix_x
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"Music is the Victim!!"

dj sammy jo

dj sammy jo

What an amazing twelve months it has proved to be for the Scissor Sisters. They shot to fame with their critically acclaimed self titled album, and their crazy image. The Scissor Sisters first started when Jake Shears, the lead singer, met BabyDaddy, the guitar player. They soon discovered they had the same passion for music and a crazy sense of humour. They began penning songs together. The duo started playing clubs in New York hoping to gain more exposure. It was in NY that they met the only female in the group, Ana Matronic. She had been a cabaret hostess in a New York club as well as working a law firm. They played their first live show at the club where Ana worked, they all seemed to gel well together and soon they were joined by drummer, Patrick Seacor and guitarist Del Marquis. The rest they say is history.....

When I heard that the Scissor Sisters were playing Belfast I was really excited. I absolutely loved their album because it was totally different to any of the other music out there at the moment. They seem to fuse perfectly glam rock with fantastic ballads. For me their songs tell stories sometimes moving but more often with humour and wit. The concert was at the Kings Hall in Belfast just around 10minutes drive from the city centre. It has a huge capacity.

There were two support acts for the Scissor Sisters: Daddy's Little Princess and Mylo, there was also the Scissor Sisters' Dj: Sammy Jo. Daddy's Little Princess where first on stage, coming from Dublin, they have the same sort of vibe as the Scissor Sisters: opulent costumes, rocking tunes and general over the top behaviour. They played for around an 45mins. Usually at gigs I love listening to support bands but this band left me feeling a bit bored and uninterested. A few of their songs where good but after a while it all sounded a bit the same. I wouldn't really recommend this band, they are trying to hard to be like the Scissor Sisters.

In between support acts and the band the Dj spun some tracks. Sammy Jo, was great, he wasn't put on the stage so that left us a bit confused as to where he was but his tunes where great. It kept the crowd buzzing not to mention dancing as well. He played everything from underground house tunes to Kylie Minogue even some Dolly Parton! But for some reason it all fitted perfectly. Sammy Jo aka the seventh sister, helped the Scissor Sisters reach fame by playing their tracks in NY clubs. In New York he is a well known DJ holding residencies in some of their coolest clubs.

Mylo was next up on stage, I had no idea that he was supporting them and it was a very pleasant surprise. Mylo's album "Destroy Rock and Roll" was an unexpected hit in 2004. His edgy electro/house style beats have won him acclaim and even chart success with the single "Drop The Pressure". The set up on stage was interesting, there were two guitarists and then Mylo in the centre behind a pile of electical equipment that makes the beats and effects. It's quite hard to explain but a lot of dance bands use this sort of equipment for their live gigs. Mylo played most of the tracks off the album and "Drop The Pressure" went down a treat with the sell-out crowd. Thousands of people were bopping away, it was a pretty cool sight. His set was also brought to life by the unusual visuals on two large screens either side of the stage that flashed up what looked like old photos and the lyrics to his songs.

Finally after another blast from Sammy Jo, it was the time we had all been waiting for, everyone stood waiting in anticipation. Then finally the lights went up and the band ran on stage. The background of the stage was a huge red velvet curtain, it felt like a theatre and they were here to entertain us. Jake Shears ran on wearing a fantastically ridiculous outfit, tight trousers, a waistcoat and cowboy boots and Ana was wearing a cool dress.

They kicked off the concert with "Laura" which made the crowd go wild! Everyone knew the words and was singing away. The band play the song note perfect. Jake sang the song amazingly well, his doesn't differ very much from the album. He danced away on a platform on the stage, like the dance he does on the video for "Laura" where he dances on the bar.

After the song Ana Matronic says that this gig is the biggest they have played to so far and the crowd go wild. She speaks about how cool the place is and everyone recieves her well. She knows how to work a crowd and you can really notice how her experience on the cabaret scene has helped her.

The band go on to play "Better Luck", "Tits on the Radio" and "The Skins". Throughout these songs the crowd never once lost their enthusiasm and the band looked as if they were enjoying it as much as we were. After these songs followed "Magnifique" and "Rock My Spot" two of their songs I had never heard before. They were equally as good as the others.

Then they played my favourite song off the album "Mary". The lights go down slightly and the crowd stand and watch in amazement as Jake belts out the song in such a heartfelt and meaningful way. It was beautiful. After that the mood changed completely and it was back into the party mood as they played "Flithy Gorgeous", Ana and Jake sang superbly and danced across the stage with attitude. They said that this song was New York for them. Then they played "Comfortably Numb" and "Return to Oz".

After a short break and a costume change later, just BabyDaddy and Jake come back on stage. They performed a beautiful, version of "It Can't Come Quickly Enough." This song shows off their talent of song writing together and Jake's powerful vocals. Then as the rest of the band come back on stage, it's the song most people have been waiting for "Take Your Mama". The crowd goes wild and sings their hearts out. The band play it perfect yet again and Ana bounces up and down obviously enjoying the occasion and challenge of playing to such a huge crowd. After having went down a treat, the band opted to play an intersting cover version of "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. It was so weird to hear an anthem of 2004 being given the Scissor Sisters treatment, funky guitars and huge vocals.

Sadly the concert was nearly over and their song was another of my personal favourites was the last song: "Music is the Victim". This song is so much fun and everyone danced like mad. They performed the song down to a "t", with all of Jake and Ana's over the top dancing and only he could get away with singing:
"I left my man in Houston, Texas,
Just before he finished breakfast,
He said, "Oh honey fry some more eggs,
But I was running on my own two legs."

All too soon the concert was over and everyone leaving had a huge smile on their face. This was probably one of the best concerts I have been to, they put on such a good performance. It's more like a show or musical with the huge red curtain and Jake's numerous costume changes. He changed in total 3 times, from the waistcoat and trousers to another pair of trousers and a cape, then to a blue jumpsuit complete with a sequined belt to white jumpsuit with a cape and a hood. While Ana Matronic changed into some beautiful sexy dresses.

After seeing this performance I believe they can only go from strength to strength, they dance and strut about the stage with such a commanding presence but also have fun. Ana's interactions with the crowd make the whole experience feel personal and she says how she wants to bring people from all walks of life together in one hall to have some fun and that exactly what everyone had!

thanks for reading
helix xo

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  • trevorbrock published 03/05/2005
    Belfast does all right for music these days - doesn't it. Great op - Trevor
  • knight_of_the_soundtable published 04/04/2005
    "They seem to fuse perfectly glam rock with fantastic ballads." They do! And disco rhythms, and honky-tonk tunes, and camp housy bass-beats, and, and, and... | Ana is so cute. | "...and the sky has claws."
  • Misslongstocking published 11/03/2005
    Sounds like a great gig, you really brought the night to life! Pippa x
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