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published 15/10/2006 | CRAFTYDONNA
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Pro Education, fun, see animals you haven't seen before.
Cons Tired feet.
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"Seaworld - Orlando, Florida"

Shamu Show

Shamu Show

My review is based on our 3 Trips to Seaworld, Twice in June 2004 and Once in Nov 2005.

What is Seaworld:

Seaworld is like a Zoo/theme park but with a Sea life theme where you can learn and experience the life of the living sea.

This seaworld is located in Orlando Florida close to International Drive.

Getting to Seaworld:
Interstate 4 is the best road to come off to get to seaworld as there is excellent directions from this road.

You can use the I-Tram which runs all the way along International drive if your staying in a hotel there as the stop is right outside seaworld.

We used a Taxi on our last visit as we were on Disney Property, this is the easier and quickest method. On the way back get dropped off at Down town Disney and use the free Disney transport back to your hotel, that way you save money.

We always has ours including with our holidays so have never really known how much we have paid for a ticket but I know you can get several deals on the market which includes other parks too like bush Gardens.

Opening times:
Seaworld is open all year round
Opening times vary according to the time of year and events taking place. Please check out the seaworld website which has an excellent calendar with times. On our trip in Nov park opened at 9am and close at 6pm.

As you arrive at the entrance you will see several ticket booths, if you need a ticket you must line up and queues do get very long at opening times so maybe arrive a bit early.
If you already have your ticket this is the easy option as you just bypass the ticket booths and head over to the security check, here they will look in your bags to make sure your not carrying anything you should not be I.e. weapons, have your bag ready open for them. You then simply put your ticket in the machine and you will be in. If you do have any problems with the ticket machines someone is always there to sort any problems out.

Park attractions:
Kraken - This is a roller coaster ride, this is the tallest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. With speeds of up to 65mph and 7 times up side its only for the brave. I got dragged on by my 11 year old son and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought and we both then when on another 6 times. This ride does have a high restriction which is 54". Queue for this ride can get very long so be prepared to wait, on our last visit we had no waiting time what so ever.

Journey to Atlantis - Wow what a water ride, this is one of the best log flume type ride I have been on, I have never laughed so much in my life. Warning the drop is very steep but that adds to the excitement, you will find many hidden surprises on route. Be prepared to get very wet, oh sorry I mean soaked, WE DID. An idea would be a very good rain mac or spare clothes, I ended up buying a new top as mine was not going to dry out. Waiting times for this ride are average about 15 minutes.

Wild Artic - This is a motion-based flight simulator, your in a helicopter and a snow storm in approaching and it's a race against time to get your safely to the research centre. When you finish this ride you end up in a building which is like a winter wonderland, you can also get here with out going on the ride. This indoor area is very cold which is needed for the animals it houses including Polar bears, Seals, beluga whales, walrus's and lots of fish. Plus in this area is many hand on things to do and includes plenty of education information. We saw the walrus's being fed which was great experience. The polar bears spend most of the time sleeping, we have only seen one of them playing.

Manatee Rescue - Here you will see the Manatee, until going to seaworld I had never heard of these animals and so glad that I got to see them as they are just so cute. This area helps educate people about this animal and how they rescue them and care for them until they release them back into the wild. You can see these animals above and below the water.

Pacific Point Preserve - This area is where you will find sea lions and harbour seals. You can attend feeding sessions here but for some reason we always missed them.

Penguin Encounter - This is one of my favourite places, I am not a huge penguin fan but just loved watching them, you will find many different types of penguins hear all living happily together. The large area the penguins are in is indoors and has tons of ice for them to play in.

Shark Encounter - This is a typical under water tunnel which you find in most sealife centres. You walk through and see sharks and other types of fish swimming above you. This walkway does get very crowded, try and go at a quitter time of day.

Dolphin Nursery - This is another of my favourite locations in the park, this is not always open as its for baby dolphins and their mums and depending if they have any new babies depends on if this is open. It really is lovely to see the baby dolphins play and interacting with their mums.

Dolphin Cove - This is an area we spend probably about 25% of our day. Just watching dolphins play in the water is so wonderful but getting to touch them is even better. The dolphins have their own minds and are not forced to come to you unless they wish to. Most of the time they tease you by coming close and slashing you. At set times through out the day you can buy fish to feed the dolphins, this is very popular. Be quick as they only have a set amount of fish per feeding slot as not to over feed the dolphins. You can also see the dolphins in an underwater environment. You will see life guards at all times in this area to protect the dolphins as well as you falling in.

Stingray Lagoon - This area is a pool just for stingrays, you can also buy food to feed them at set times. With help of staff they help teach you the proper way to feed and touch these animals. This is one of my sons favourite areas of the park. There is a separate area for baby Stingrays, you must not touch these.

Turtle Point - Here you can meet different types of sea turtles as well as be taught about them by the staff who are always on hand to share their experiences.

Clydesdale Hamlet - This is an area I did not expect to see at seaworld. Here you will meet SeaWorld's world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales (Horses). They have daily petting sessions and you will also see them on parade around the park.

Shamu show - These change often, the first year we went in June 2004 we saw the Shamu show which was just excellent, this is a show about killer whales. In Nov 2005 their was no show due to a baby killer whale being born but instead a small screening of the actual birth and then they brought the mum and baby whale in for a small glimpse it was something special as apparently this is very rare. The new show now is called Believe which we hope to see on our next trip.

Odyssea - This is a musical circus type show acted out by people with an animal theme, we did not see this show for some reason.

Blue Horizons - This is a breath taking dolphin show, I have never seen such a wonderful show in my life. This show also includes other animals likes birds. You really have to see this its not to be missed.

Pets Ahoy - This is a funny show with different types of animals showing off including dogs, pigs, rats birds, skunks and many more. Some guests also have the opportunity to meet these animals up close.

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island - This is another very funny show including a Sea lion and many other friends. Don't miss the pre-show as this is just as entertaining as the show its self.

The Oyster's Secret - This is an excellent idea, here you can shop for pearls. You pick a diver send them down and they will pick several Oyster's for you, you then pick out one and take it to the desk. You then do the Oyster ceremony and open the oysters to see what you have. My son got twin white pearls in is and my daughter got a gold pearl. You do not have to buy your pearls but if you do you just take them in the shop and get the valued, you buy these pearls as less that market price. Don't worry I have checked as I got ours valued when we got home. We got my daughters made into a necklace and my son is just keeping his safe in my jewellery box, he didn't like the idea of matching ear-rings, lol.

Eating at Seaworld:

You will find several place to eat at seaworld some are quit expensive and some are quit cheap but do expect to pay more than outside the parks. There is also several dinner shows including dine with Shamu and the Makahiki Luna show, its better if you book the dinner shows in advance to get a place.
We have only ate at Mango Joes as we liked it so much, here you can get Fajitas and Sandwiches they are more filling and tasty than you would think. They also did excellent children's meals which included a Shamu cup for them to take home.

Around the park is plenty of shops for you to visit, they all have plenty of seaworld items to buy and take home to your family and friends. I have a lovely dolphin t-shirt with seaworld on which cost me around £10.
Some of the shops have expensive items, please don't take your children in these, I was having kittens with mine on our first trip as I was waiting for something to get broken. We avoided them on our next trip.

Other interesting info:
When you enter the park and while at dolphin cove you will see photographers taking pictures of everyone, if your photo is taken you will get given a ticket to take and look at your photo. Its up to you if you buy or not.

Take a water proof camera when taking pictures of the dolphins as they will splash you and you don't want to ruin an expensive Camera.

Shamu's Happy Harbour is a play area where the children can play and the adults can rest.

During the day you will see several characters throughout the park don't forget to bring an autograph book and a big pen for them to use.

Make sure if your going to a show that you get there early, we normally arrive at least 30 minutes before but Shamu shows I would suggest 45 minutes or as soon as they open the arena.

If you don't want to get wet during the shows avoid the splash zones which are clearly marked.

Strollers can be hired for your little ones if they get tired.

My overall Opinion is:
This park was a great getaway away from the Disneyparks which can sometimes get too much. Seaworld is alot quiter and is an ideal break inbetween the Disney Days. Both my children learnt so much going to seaworld as they got to see animals they have never seen before like the Manatees, Polar Bears. Around the park they have many hands on educational things for the children to try out, this seemed to go down well, even though i got a little bored.

You really need to spend a whole day here or more, it took us about 3 visits to really experience everything the park has to offer. We will be going on our next trip in 2007 as we want to take my parents just to show them how wonderful the place is.

So make this one of your visits if your ever in Orlando, you will not be disappointed.

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  • purplifried published 04/01/2007
    Loved Seaworld, especially the dolphins. One point you forget to mention is that there are skins with soap at most locations to wash your hands after touching the animals, this is great as the stingray pool is a bit smelly. This is a great thing, especially if you want to go eat afterwards. Great review though, covered everything :)
  • Bekler21 published 01/11/2006
    Excellent review, definately on my list of places to go!!!
  • bumbleball published 22/10/2006
    Excellent review. Donna
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