#Selfies And #SelfieSticks : Are You A Fan?

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#Selfies And #SelfieSticks : Are You A Fan?

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Review of "#Selfies And #SelfieSticks : Are You A Fan?"

published 03/02/2015 | Lily_AnnM
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Pro My face is fabulous and needs to be shown off, excuse me!
Cons Selfies took over my life
very helpful

"But first, let me review selfies!"

This is my selfie, also, my braids are fab. RIGHT?

This is my selfie, also, my braids are fab. RIGHT?

Now listen here; I am an 18 year old white girl who loves to go to starbucks, order a capuccino and pretend to enjoy it. And I take selfies while drinking it. C'mon guys, don't judge me, I love to take selfies! On the bus, on trains, at college, in class, at the library, with my dog... Everywhere! Why? Because I'm narcissistic like that, maybe.
Or not.


A "Selfie" is a self-portrait, typically taken with a camera or a smart phone.
Of course, these were usually just called pictures but kids have made it be trendy by calling it a selfie.

Who takes selfies?

Everyone. From people as average as me to the president of the United States, Mr Obama himself.
Selfies are fun to take, they are like memories. We all take pictures when we go on vacation or just go out with the lads or the girls. We take pictures of our pets, kids, houses, why not take pictures of our lovely faces? We must be able to admire the scenery of a beautiful sunset without being judged, well why on eart am I not allowed to admire Demi Lovato's lovely face on instagram? Huh?!

Social Media

Selfies are mostly known for social media, especially facebook and instagram. The thing is, we want people from all around the world to be our friends on Facebook, and so we add complete strangers. Now the thing is, they can't see us all the time so by taking pictures, we can let them know that we are still looking fabulous and we're still here. Also, it is to make haters jealous of how perfect you are.

My excuse for taking selfies everywhere? I have family on facebook that I only see once a year (My two older siblings). They can only see my face in selfies on facebook so I make the most of it.
Not only my family but my long distance relationship and my internet friends (I have friends in USA, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Spain, China, etc) and they get to see me having a wonderful time in the snow with my dog.
Selfies are a great way of letting people know what you're doing without actually having to mention what you are doing, as it's quite clear in the selfie itself.

All though, don't worry, sometimes I take a selfie of literally JUST my face because let's face it, my face is rather beautiful and I need to show off ;)

Selfie Sticks¿?

Apparently, technology has come so far, we have developed a stick with some sort of a crab leg at he end of it to hold on to our phone. (Not like I couldn't just stick my phone to a wooden spoon and click the timer...)

So people use selfie sticks because they are extendable, this meaning, they can go out further than what our arms can reach. So, let's say you're trying to take a selfie with 5 more people but your little short arm just can't reach out far enough to get you all in? Selfie stick! Can't take a photo of your full outfit? Selfie stick! Want that bag of cheetos but can't reach it? Sel- I mean... No! Get your lazy butt up!

But first, let me take a selfie!

No doubt about it, Selfie is the new #Yolo and we're all doing it. Heck, even my mother is learning to take selfies, and it isn't a bad thing. You shouldn't be ashamed of it!
Stop judging me while I'm trying to take a selfie in the library, because there is good lighting! Yes, I take selfies in the snow because, heck, I might not see snow anymore! Yes, I take selfies of how adorable my braids looked because I was proud! And YES, I TAKE SELFIES EVERYWHERE BECAUSE SNAPCHAT!!

So please, stop judging me. Because it makes me feel ashamed and I shouldn't be!!


It's pretty common for people to be taking selfies now a days, you should be doing it to. While reading this review. (Ayyy, that rhymed!)
Leave your selfie down below c: (or don't)

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  • Scotlass712 published 07/02/2015
    Well written :-)
  • rolandrat123 published 06/02/2015
    interesting point of view - good to keep in touch with relatives but not to impress strangers.
  • Listerbelle published 06/02/2015
    Very good
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