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In our finance section we have lots of advice and information to offer you for all your financial needs. If you are searching for the best or most efficient services such as financial services, legal services, postal services, property and real estate services and other utilities then look no further. Read our users' ... more

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Financial Services
Accountants (4)
Credit Rating (5)
Independent Financial Advisers (23)
Stock Exchanges (10)
Legal Services
Barristers & Chambers (0)
Legal Advisors & Solicitors (22)
Legal Sites (5)
Postal Services
Courier Services (33)
Postal & Express Delivery (22)
Post Office Services (5)
Property & Real Estate
Estate Agents (61)
Mortgage Advisors (3)
Property Sites (15)
Removal & Storage (18)
Surveyors & Valuers (0)
Electricity & Gas Suppliers (57)
Regulators (2)
Water Suppliers (22)

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06.12.2017 Review of Bulb

"==WE’VE SEEN THE LIGHT== I recently reviewed EDF who, until two weeks ago, provided our energy needs and, following that review, an old Ciao mate of mine commented that: “Martin Lewis is forever going on about people who have stayed with the same utiliti ..."

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Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Liars and scsammers

21.11.2017 Review of myParcelDelivery.com

"Sent a parcel through them via parcel force and ticked options for compensation and paid extra for this. They accepted the payment for this service. The parcel arrived severely damaged. They refused to even discuss compensation. They made no attempt to in ..."

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Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful


15.11.2017 Review of EDF Energy

"==WHERE?== Those with elephantine memories, who flatter me by reading my reviews, may just remember that many years ago I had a rant about Southern Water, my “favourite” utility provider who, still to this day, live in a blissful, wasteful, 1970’s era of ..."

Read full review by RICHADA

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

After sending 30 parcels, had enough and going elsewhere

13.10.2017 Review of www.parcel2go.com

"I have sent 30 parcels by Parcel2go, over a one year period. Parcel2Go made it easy to get prices, and book. Sometimes though one pays but instead of a label, one gets a request to contact Customer Services. Parcel2Go Customer Services does not seem ..."

Read full review by AD_Ward9

Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

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