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In our finance section we have lots of advice and information to offer you for all your financial needs. If you are searching for the best or most efficient services such as financial services, legal services, postal services, property and real estate services and other utilities then look no further. Read our users' ... more

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Financial Services
Accountants (4)
Credit Rating (5)
Independent Financial Advisers (23)
Stock Exchanges (10)
Legal Services
Barristers & Chambers (0)
Legal Advisors & Solicitors (22)
Legal Sites (5)
Postal Services
Courier Services (33)
Postal & Express Delivery (22)
Post Office Services (5)
Property & Real Estate
Estate Agents (61)
Mortgage Advisors (3)
Property Sites (15)
Removal & Storage (18)
Surveyors & Valuers (1)
Electricity & Gas Suppliers (56)
Regulators (2)
Water Suppliers (22)

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Happy about my decision

22.05.2017 Review of SolidCFD

"I'm a relatively new customer of Solidcfd, only signed up little over a month ago. I wanted to write this review a week after I signed up, I wanted to wait for a full month so that I could give a more rounded review. When I first signed up I used their ed ..."

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I'm happy about the change

22.05.2017 Review of SolidCFD

"I’ve been with tradesolid, now solidCFD, for some time now. I registered with them when I was a complete beginner and started trading on the financial market using binary options. (back then they were binary options only brokerage), I was quite happy with ..."

Read full review by Lena.Kovacevic

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Best CFD's broker

28.04.2017 Review of SolidCFD

"I've been trading on the financial market on and off for almost 3 years now, mostly binary though. I made a switch to CFDs about 6 months ago and I'm very pleased with my decision. The basics are the same but there are some major differences too between B ..."

Read full review by Sallstrom82

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Reliable company

21.04.2017 Review of SolidCFD

"...I've been trading online for some time now but SolidCFD was the first company I started trading CFDs with. Contract for difference is relatively new in UK but it's slowly gaining popularity, because of it there aren't that many companies that focus on CFD ..."

Read full review by Jamie.Robb

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