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... You'd think that, but if you are dealing with Servista, you'd be wrong. What follows is probably not a very balanced review of the service. Rather it is my impassioned rant against a company, which have caused me significant frustration over the last couple months, particularly in the ... Read review

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Community Level 5tartantribe


Hasta la vista Servista

AdvantagesOnline access to your bill

DisadvantagesDisastrous billing procedures

"...transferring all your services to Servista apparently generates excellent savings. I transferred my phone service from World Online to Servista earlier this summer. This was for reasons which seem too complicated to go into- suffice to say that after a myriad of transitions from LocalTel to World Online to Tiscali, there was a general transfer initiated by World Online. I spoke with a World Online customer service representative, who informed ..." Read review

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No Viva Servista

AdvantagesNone I can think of - they are as clueless as worldonline

Disadvantagespoor customer services, broken promises, inefficient billing process

"I was foisted onto Servista when Worldonline / Tiscali /whatevertheyarecalledthisweek quit the telecoms provision market. I thought I had seen the last of the incompetance and ignorance of some telecoms providers, I was so wrong. At first it all seemed straight forward even when the first month payment failed, that I could puit down to a break down in communication between us. However since then, Serrvista have cost me money in bank charges when ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ordy


Great Servista

AdvantagesNo Hastle, saves money

DisadvantagesSome people prefer paper bills

"I have been a customer of for over a year now. I get telephone, gas and electricity on one online bill - no paperwork, just a simple DD each month. Each service is cheaper than BT, British Gas and London Electricity. You can probably get slightly cheaper individually by shopping around, but this seems a real easy way of saving money with next to no effort. The telecom product keeps your existing BT line and phone number and you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pointbreak...


Don't be too hasty in ignoring Servista

AdvantagesAll done by email/online User Account

DisadvantagesNone known

"Servista is the best Telephone Provider I have ever been with. All their services are online/email and I find this so much better than receiving a bill in the post, some post does go astray - with email billing it always hits your inbox. Once you have activated your account, you have full control of which services you would like to be added to your account from your Control Panel. UK call charges are cheaper than BT and their WorldCall option ..." Read review

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