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Review of "Shaka Zulu Lounge Bar, London"

published 13/03/2017 | NBCMad92
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"Ruined My Cousin's Hen Do"

The Statue

The Statue

Words honestly cannot begin to describe the experience that we had at this establishment but I will try to as constructively as possible.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu is London's largest South African restaurant since 2010 based in Camden. It is a lounge bar where you can have a meal and/or go downstairs to the club.

The place itself has amazing décor. The wood carvings on the walls and wooden statues are truly a marvel to look at.

I was quite easily to find as it is in the middle of Camden Market.

Why Did I Visit?

It was planned that for my cousin's hen do we would have a weekend trip round London. Shaka Zulu came up and we thought that it would be a fun and different place to go. What appealed to us was that we could have a meal and after go to the nightclub downstairs. My cousin does like a good nightclub.

What They Offer

- Food
Sunday lunch menu, A La Carte, Desserts, African food.

- Drink
Wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, other alcoholic drinks

- Nightclub downstairs
Popular music, club music.

My Experience

We paid for everything upfront which was a drinks on arrival, a three course meal and entry into the nightclub which came to around £55 pp, which we thought was a good deal.

There were a lot of rules and regulations that we had to abide by such as no hen do things (like blow up willies, sashes etc), arrive 15 minutes before our allotted slot, smartly dressed and a few others. Although my cousin isn't into the "tacky" hen do things like blow up willies and willy hairbands and stuff, we were disappointed that we couldn't wear our sashes but if those were the rules that is what we had to abide by.


We arrived 30 minutes before our slot and sat down at the bar. We didn't get our drinks on arrival so decided to get our own drinks. There were seven women in "the whip" (where a group of people take turns in buying everyone a drink) and it came to £70+. I know that London prices are more expensive than local prices but £10 a drink is far too much. There were around 20+ women on this hen do and almost all of them that had bought a drink with cola in it had to take it back because it tasted awful. The bar staff were good and redid the drinks at no cost.
I bought a non-alcoholic cocktail which was very nice. It was a mixed fruit drink and it cost £6.

One thing to note is we were told that we had our table for two hours and this goes for all tables. Our table was booked for 9:15pm. At 9:30pm we asked what was happening and the woman told us that she would be with us shortly. At 9:45pm we asked again and was told the same thing. 10pm and still nothing. It got to 10:15pm when we started to get annoyed. No one had come to speak to us, we did not get our drinks on arrival and we were still waiting over an hour later. The organiser of the hen do managed to get someone over and told her that we wasn't happy. We had two diabetics and a pregnant woman with us and no one had eaten since lunch time.
The staff brought us some prosecco to drink but for those of us who didn't drink this was completely pointless. We didn't want drinks, we wanted to eat. At 10:30pm, still nothing. Their excuse was something to do with the table before us and that their payment had not gone through and they were still at their table. I'm sorry but that isn't our problem, which we told them. If it is stated that you only have your table for two hours, then once two hours is over, you should be told to leave your table.

At around 11pm we finally sat down, almost two hours after our allotted time.


The starters were okay. They wasn't awful but not something to write home about. It was a mixed starter with smoked salmon, bread, dried beef, salad and some other things. To be honest, we had to guess what it was as they didn't actually tell us what the starters were.

We had a set menu and it was extra (about £10) to have the steak. We spoke to the management and it was agreed that we could have to steak at no extra charge including the sides, which I thought was kind of them to do for us. The steak again was okay but it wasn't the best steak I had. By the time we were eating our main, it was 11:30pm. I had the worst stomach pains ever which I think was because I had eaten so late.

I have to add that the waiting staff were extremely rude to us. When our starters came out to us, the man who brought it to us looked at the table and just said "well, I haven't got anywhere to put it". Now I am not one of those stuffy nosed people who think everyone is beneath her. I try and help as much as I can. I take empty glasses back to a bar just to help out the bar staff. I saw there was no room on the table and my bum fibres had not even lifted from the chair before he came out with that rude remark. If he would have given me a chance to get up I would have moved everything out the way so he could place the starters down on the table. I decided not to say anything to him as much as I thought "well give me a chance to move and I will help you".

One of our party became ill and we had to call the paramedics. One reason for this was because she had taken tablets expecting to be eating within the required time!

By this time it was midnight, we were all tired, annoyed and angry with the service we had been provided.

One of the waitresses asked someone if we wanted dessert to which she said "no we don't, it's past midnight now". I cannot believe what happened next. To be treated like this anyway, let alone staff at a restaurant, I cannot believe that Shaka Zulu think this is an acceptable way to treat their paying costumers.
The waitress stuck her hand in my friend's face and said "I've been trying to sort out your friend who is having a heart attack", my friend asked her to not put her hand in her face and the waitress walked away, slamming the door behind her. I'd like to add that my ill friend wasn't having a heart attack, she had taken tablets and had not eaten and felt ill. We were all worried about her and some of the staff (the manager on site) were very helpful and sat with her, trying to calm her down and make her feel comfortable. I understand it was a stressful time for everyone but there was no need for this waitress to treat my friend with such disrespectful and threatening behaviour.

We all left our table and went downstairs. By this time we were all angry and tired. My cousin was so deflated by everything she just wanted to go home.

We are currently in talks with them about what happened and it is an ongoing process. They easily got over £1000 from all of us and we done everything according to their terms and conditions. We wasn't loud and obnoxious, we dressed appropriately and in return we were rewarded with threatening behaviour, rudeness and completely and utter disrespect.

I'd like to add that there were customers in there that had hen do things on and were not dressed "smartly" but nothing was said to them.

The staff really let this place down. I've never been treated so rudely in all my life and it completely ruined my cousin's night. We were all out for her and everyone thinks that Shaka Zulu ruined her night for her.

I know I keep going on about how disappointed I am in Shaka Zulu but I am astounded and shocked that we were treated the way we were even though we did everything we were meant to do whilst other groups of people were not as respectable to the rules as we were.

Even though at first we thought we had got a good deal, in the end, it was totally not worth it. My cousin said she would have rather gone to a kebab van, gone back to the hotel and had a night there.

I would never visit this place again and I would never recommend it to anyone else.


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Comments on this review

  • DodoRabbit published 04/04/2017
    Well I suppose your incredible review is the silver lining to you poor experience :)
  • Silveryew published 31/03/2017
    E review, but unbelievable! What a sad way to celebrate your cousin's hen do! And to be kept waiting for TWO HOURS for your table? I would have self immolated at that point! (V good review, E from me, but good grief, I got worked up on your behalf just reading it!)
  • DanniiJ18 published 26/03/2017
    A very honest and helpful review. Im starting to plan my hen do and we are going to London, I definitely wont be visiting here!
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