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Publisher Black Library
Title Shaman Slayer
Author Nathan Long
Type Fiction
ISBN 1844167720
Genre Fantasy fiction
Edition Paperback
EAN 9781844167722


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similar by Price (less than 5 GBP)
Fantastic story; superb characterisation; unpredictable; epic
The plot develops more slowly than in earlier books in the series (*)
Vampires. Addictive reading.
Took a little while to get into the story. (*)
Written by J K Rowling - she knows how to tell a story
Why did it take me so long to get around to reading it? (*)
If you like Terry Brooks and Robert Jordan you'll like this
If you think George RR Martin is the king of fantasy then avoid this (*)
Vivid style of writing, Tyrion Lannister wit and back to the game
None (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (S)
Enjoyable story, recognisable folklore influences
The ending - but it does lead on to the sequel (*)
Fun story, enjoyable to read, Harry loved it
None (*)
Excellent story, good character descriptions, author has the ability to immerse you in his world
Maybe a little predictable, leaves you yearning for more (*)
Great plot, setting
No circus (*)
Great protagonist
Romance was a bit lacking (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (L)
An enchanting fairytale with a dash of adventure, and a sprinkling of romance
An easy read (*)
Interesting Story, An introduction to Narnia
A little to simplistic and repetitve for adults (*)
Same characters, same superb writing
None (*)
Original story and quirky interesting characters
Main characters are teenagers so may not appeal to more mature readers (*)
Very cleverly constructed story lines, which challenge the reader to keep up.
It's not the kind of novel you read on the beach while you're on holiday, you have to love readin (*)
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